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Charley can be seen portraying Debbie Dingle in ITV Soap "Emmerdale".
Has Andy Finally Made A Breakthrough?

It looks like Andy could finally be getting back to normal in next week's Emmerdale, after he realises how crazy he's been acting recently....

When Debbie sees him with arrive wth Tracy at Sarah's school play she is shocked, but when Tracy storms off after an argument, Andy is left horrifie. And it's not long before he sees how messed up he's been since Katie's death.

So, will Andy get his life back on track, or will there be another setback on the horizon?

Andy and Tracy?

Debbie and Chas are shocked to discover that Andy is seeing Tracy in next week's Emmerdale...

Only week's after Katie's death, Andy starts seeing village troublemaker Tracy. What's worse, is that he moves her into Tug Ghyll, changes the locks and tells Vanessa and Leyla to move out!

Will Debbie and Chas be able to make Andy see what a big mistake he's making or will he ignore their advice?

Also this week, Charley wasat the 2015 Tesco Mom of the Year awards at the weekend, you can see a selection of pictures from the event in the Gallery.

Happy Birthday Charley!

Today is Charley's 27th Birthday, so lets all wish her a massive happy birthday from all of her fans!

Will Andy Be Alright?

Debbie realises just how badly Andy is coping in next week's Emmerdale, when she lets him spend some time with the kids...

Both Debbie and Robert are concerned about how Andy is dealing with Katie's death, she suggests that he spends more time with Jack and Sarah. But when Andy comes around to see them, his visit doesn't go very well and upsets Sarah.

Later, Debbie and Victoria decide to confront him over the way he has been behaving, but Victoria accidently ruins his wedding photo album, causing Andy to throw the pair out.

Will Andy ever be able to move on with his life, or will he continue to cause upset for his kids.

Debbie Gives Ross Some Advice

Debbie sees that Ross is in need of some advice in next week's Emmerdale...

When she discovers that Ross has spent the night in the garage, and that he is clearly troubled about what Emma did, Debbie suggests that he forgives her and gives her another chance, but will the rest of his family agree.

Also this week, Debbie lets Andy have the kids after the recent events. But when Sarah questions Andy about what happened, he breaks down and asks Debbie to take them back again.

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