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Charley can be seen portraying Debbie Dingle in ITV Soap "Emmerdale".
Introducing Bowie Grey Wolfenden

The latest issue of OK! magazine is out today and features an extensive interview with Charley and Matthew and the first details of their new baby boy, who they have named Bowie Grey Wolfenden.

Over ten pages the couple talk about the birth, from the trip to the hospital when Charley's waters broke, to the reason they chose his name.

Pick up your copy now to read the full interview, and I'll try to get it all on the site during the week.

Happy Birthday Charley, 28 Today!

Lets all wish Charley a very happy birthday as she turns 28 today!

It's been very quiet here on the site since the new year, but in the coming months while Charley is away from Emmerdale I'll be adding more new content and maybe even a redesign.

Even though Debbie is away from the Dales, there's still plenty going on as Charity will be making her big return in a couple of weeks.

Happy New Year, and a Happy New Baby!

Happy New Year Everyone! Tonight will be the last we see of Debbie for some time as Charley leaves Emmerdale for a few months to take time off for her maternity leave after gving birth to her second child; a boy on the 19th of December. Congratulations Charley and Matthew!

In last night's Emmerdale, we watched as Ross' plan to propose to Debbie ended in disaster after Robert discovered it was Ross that shot him. Debbie ended her relationship with him and kicked him out. He makes a last ditch attempt to win her back tonight after learning that she plans to leave the village, but his efforts are in vein as she leaves anyway.

Debbie Leaves The Village!

The time has finally come for Debbie to leave the village, after the truth about Ross pushes her over the edge...

When Ross promises Debbie he had nothing to do with Robert's shooting she decides to believe him and agrees to give him a false alibi when the police start asking questions. The truth however, is soon revealed when Robert shows up in Debbie's house and threatens Ross with a gun!

Debbie decides to visit Charity in prison, where her mother tells her that her relationship with Ross is no different to her and Cain's, causing Debbie to make a big decision.

Debbie reveals to Cain and Andy that she's leaving the village and taking all of the kids with her. Later, when she's saying her goodbyes, Ross sees her and tries to get her to stay, but will he be able to convince her?

Bathtime Panic!

Debbie and Emma's fued puts Moses in danger in next week's Emmerdale when he gets left in the bath alone...

Emma remains determined to spend more time with Moses and is willing to do anything to keep him away from Debbie. She makes a deal with Ross to let her look after him behind Debbie's back, Pete finds out but Emma begs him not to tell Debbie.

Pete reveals to Debbie that Ross is keeping his arrangement from her and Debbie confronts Emma over her deception. Emma decides to visit Charity in prison to make her an offer, she tells her she wants full custody of Moses and will help her in exchange.

Later, after returing to the village Emma starts to hassle Debbie again, interupting her while she giving Moses a bath, Emma comes in to Debbie's house prompting Debbie to come down stairs to have it out with her. However panic sets in when they hear Sarah scream upstairs - Moses has had an accident in the bath while Debbie left him alone!

So, will Moses be OK, and will Emma use the incident against her?

In other news this week, some details about Debbie's exit storyline have emerged. She will leave in early 2016 after discovering more about Ross' involvement in Robert's shooting! So there's only a couple more weeks to go before Debbie disappears from our screens for quite some time.

Sarah Wants Ross To Bake Off!

Debbie and Ross' relationship hits another hurdle in next week's Emmerdale when a spot of cake baking goes very wrong...

Debbie leaves Ross looking after the kids in the hope that Sarah will get used to him being around. It all goes to plan until Sarah gets Ross to go to the shops to get some more ingredients. But while he's gone she puts the cakes back in the oven so they burn. Debbie returns to a smoke filled house and is furious that Ross left them alone.

Will Debbie realise that Sarah was really to blame, and will the couple stay together?

Also this week, Charley's baby shower was featured in the the latest issue of OK! Magazine she talked about getting ready for her new arrival and takig time off from Emmerdale.You can read the full interview here and see the pictures from the magazine in the Gallery.

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Nikhil's Return Brings Trouble For Debbie

Nikhil's return to the village causes sparks to fly in next week's Emmerdale when Ross steps in to defend Debbie...

In the pub, Debbie aproaches Nikhil and tries to say sorry for her involvment in Gennie's death, however he doesn't want to hear what she has to say. It all goes wrong when Ross interveens and ends up punching him in front of everyone.

The following day, Debbie gets in an argument with Nikhil once again, but the pair decide it's best if they stay away from each other. Nikhil tells Debbie that he hates her for what she did and will never forgive her.

Ross Moves In With Debbie

Debbie is back on our screens in next week's Emmerdale when she returns from her holiday to find Ross back in the village...

She calls him in the hope of them getting back together, but he warns her that he will probably end up hurting her yet again. Debbie asks him to move in with her permanently, and he reveals the truth about what he did to Pete. It's not long before the police come looking for Ross to ask him about what happened between him and his brother.

Also this week, Nikhil returns to the village to help Jai after his recent behaviour, but it's clear he still has issues with Debbie's involvment in Gennie's death.

In other news this week, Charley and Matthew were interviewed again in OK! Magazine while on thier holiday in Disney World. You can read the full interview here and see the pictures in the Gallery.

Emmerdale Wins 8 Awards at the Inside Soap Awards

The 2015 Inside Soap Awards took place last night in London, and Emmerdale took home a massive eight awards!

Michael Parr got the awards for Best Actor, Best Bad Boy, Sexiest Male, and shared the award for Best Affair with Charley for Debbie and Ross' recent sneaking around behind Pete's back.

Other awards included Ryan Hawley (Rob) who received the Best Newcomer award, Amelia Flanagan (April) won Best Young Actor, and Charlie Hardwick (Val) and Chris Chittell (Eric) both won Best Partnership.

And lastly Emmerdale won the biggest award of the night for Best Soap, beating Coronation Street, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Charley was there looking great and wearing a little black dress, at her first public event since becoming pregnant again. Head over to the Gallery for some pictures from the event.

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