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Charley can be seen portraying Debbie Dingle in ITV Soap "Emmerdale".
Moses Is Rushed To Hospital

Debbie is overcome with guilt in next week's Emmerdale after she spends the night with Ross not realising Moses is seriously ill...

Debbie and Ross wake up together in the garage after spending the night there, but back at her house Pete is worried after discovering that Moses has a temperature. Debbie is shocked when she gets a call from Pete at the hospital, who tells her the Moses needs to go into intensive care.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Debbie that Moses needs an operation, and her guilt about spending the night with Ross grows.

Later, Charity arrives at the hospital with a prison guard, but seems to not care about her son's condition. Debbie tells her that the father needs to know how his son is, but Charity refuses to inform him.

So, will Debbie convince Charity to contact the father, and will she be able to overcome her guilt?

Debbie Gives In To Her Feelings For Ross... Again

Debbie makes more excuses to be around Ross in next week's Emmerdale, after being unable to get him out of her head...

With all the stresses of being lumbered with Charity's baby, who has been named "Moses", Debbie decides to continue her affair with Ross secretly behind Pete's back. Zak notices Debbie seems distracted at the christening of baby Moses and reminds her that she can confide in him about anything, but will she?

After the christening party, Debbie tells Pete that she has to stay at the garage longer to finish some work off, but really she is meeting up with Ross yet again.

Will Debbie realise what she could lose, or does she care for Ross more than Pete?

Charley and Matthew Expecting Second Child!

Yesterday, Charley and Matthew announced the big news that they are expecting their second child!

The happy news about Charley's pregnancy was revealed on Twitter with this image...

The Dingles and Cameron

The couple had their first son Buster just over 5 years ago in 2010. This means Charley will be taking a break from Emmerdale towards the end of the year, her last break saw Debbie leave for Jersey where she met serial killer Cameron. Let's hope this time she doesn't bring a murderer back with her!

Congratulations Charley and Matthew!

Date with Disaster

Debbie finally gives in to temptation in next week's Emmerdale, when she cheats on Pete with Ross.

After Debbie realises that Ross still owes Charlie money he tells her to stay out of his business. Pete soon notices Debbie's concern for his brother during a double date with Ross and Carly. The evening goes awkwardly as Ross worries about finding the cash to pay off Charlie, and Pete watches suspiciously as Debbie and Ross talk.

The next day, Pete's jealousy gets the better of him as he decides to frame Ross for stealing. His plan backfires badly and Debbie soon finds out what he has done, the couple argue and she storms off straight to Ross' place where the pair kiss.

So, will Pete discover Debbie's betrayal, or will the pair carry on behind his back?

Also this week, don't forget there's only a few more days to get your votes in for this years TV Choice awards, see below for more details...

Charley Nominated For Best Soap Actress at TV Choice Awards

Voting for the 2015 TV Choice Awards has started, and Charley has been nominated for Best Soap Actress.

You can cast your votes on their website via the button below...

Voting Closed

Voting is open until the 5th of June.

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