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Charley can be seen portraying Debbie Dingle in ITV Soap "Emmerdale".
No Debbie, Not Again!

Tensions are running high for Debbie and Ross in next week's Emmerdale, as Donna's funeral aproaches...

Ross tells her that he intends to go to the funeral, but Debbie tries to convince him it's a bad idea. Cain goes a bit further by locking him in the garage until it's over, but Ross gets out and causes upset for Marlon at the funeral.

Pete can't help noticing how worried Debbie is about Ross, he tells James that he is planning to ask Debbie if they should move in together, but his hopes are dashed when she tells him she doesn't want him to.

Later, Debbie finds Ross packing a bag, she tells him that running away won't make him feel any better. He tells her how angry he is that Donna didn't tell him the truth, and then, in the heat of the moment he kisses Debbie and asks her to tell him she loves him!

So, will Debbie give Ross what he wants, or will she finally realise she does in fact love Pete?

Don't forget voting for the 2014 Inside Soap Awards is still open, so make sure you get your votes in before it's too late.

Charley Nominated For Inside Soap Award!

Voting for the 2014 Inside Soap Awards has just started, and Charley has been nominated for Best Actress!

Emmerdale has a lot of nominations this year including best storyline for Cameron's Seige, you can see the full list and cast your votes via the button below...

Vote for Charley
Don't You Love Me Debbie?

Pete is left wondering in next week's Emmerdale when Cain interupts an important moment with Debbie...

He tells her that he loves her, but before she has a chance to reply Cain arrives, leaving Pete hanging without an answer. So, does Debbie love Pete, or is she still reluctant to letting someone into her life after Cameron?

Elsewhere, Debbie cheers Ali up by deciding to give Sean a job at the garage.

Debbie Discovers Ross & Donna's Relationship

After trying to keep their relationship quiet, Donna and Ross discover that Debbie has found out about them in next week's Emmerdale...

Debbie sees the pair flirting with each other, confirming her suspicions that they are an item. Debbie confronts them, but Ross tells her to stay out of it or he'll come between her and Pete.

She later talks to Donna and warns her about sending Ross to threaten her, but Donna has no idea what's he's up to.

So, will Debbie convince Donna that Ross is bad news, or is it more trouble than it's worth?

TV Choice Awards Voting Round 2

The second round of voting for the 2014 TV Choice Awards has started. Unfortunately Charley didn't make it through, but Emmerdale still has a lot of nominations...

Emmerdale's nominations are for Best Soap Storyline for Cameron's Seige, and Michael Parr (Ross Barton) is nominated for Best Newcomer.

You can cast your votes on the TV Choice website via the button below...

Voting Closed

Voting will remain open until the 18th of July.

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