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Charley can be seen portraying Debbie Dingle in ITV Soap "Emmerdale".
Demolition Man!

The Dingle's lives are turned upside down in this week's Emmerdale, when Joe Tate tricks them all into leaving their house so he can demolish it!

He invites Debbie and the rest of her family to home farm, telling them there is a way to get the planned access road moved. However, it's all a ruse to get them out of Wishing Well cottage for a few hours so he can send the bulldozers in.

However, what Joe doesn't realise is that Samson and Noah are still at home playing video games, unaware of the danger they are in! So, will they survive, and what will happen to the Dingle's home?

In other news this week, a new video of Charley's recent appearance on Loose Women has been uploaded.

Horror Quadbike Crash for Sarah!

Debbie's happiness turns to panic in this week's Emmerdale, when Sarah has a terrible quadbike accident...

Debbie finally introduces Tom to the rest of her family, and he succesfully wins them all over. The couple decide to go quadbiking with Sarah for the day, but tragedy strikes when Sarah has a bad crash in is knocked out.

So, will Sarah be OK and will she blame Tom?

Serious Business

A prospective new client for her car rental business causes quite a stir for Debbie in this week's Emmerdale...

Some new faces will enter Debbie and Charity's life this week when the pair try to strike a business deal with high-flyer Graham. Charity goes overboard at their first meeting forcing Debbie to get her kicked out of the hotel.

It's not until later that Debbie meets Graham's boss Tom, who she initialy thinks is a butler at the hotel. There's chemistry between them, but will Debbie get the deal she wants, or will Charity mess it all up for her?

Are Debbie and Ross Getting Back Together?

A reunion could be on the cards for Debbie and Ross in next week's Emmerdale when Ross tries to make ammends...

After trying and failing to impress Debbie with his new business idea, Ross tells her that his one night stand with Jools meant nothing. Debbie is reluctant restart their relationship, but there is still clearly something between them.

Elsewhere in the village this week, Debbie clashes with Harriet over Cain, insisting that it won't last.

Emmerdale Wins at the 2017 British Soap Awards

The 2017 British Soap Awards took place on Saturday and Emmerdale won a whole load of awards...

Charlotte Bellamy (Laurel) won Best Actress and John Middleton (Ashley) won both Best Actor and Best Dramatic Performance. Emmerdale also picked up three awards for Best Single Episode, Best Storyline and the top prize of the night; Best British Soap!

Charley was there looking amazing and you can see some pictures from the event in the Gallery. The awards will be broadcast this Tuesday at 8pm on ITV.

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Icon is Ten Years Old!

Today marks 10 years since this site was launched way back in 2007. I never thought it would still be going strong a whole decade later!

It's been fairly quiet around here for a while now, as there hasn't been much Debbie-action in recent weeks. But that looks set to change next week when Charity turns to blackmail to get involved in a business deal between Debbie and Rebecca White.

In other news, Emmerdale won Best Soap at the BAFTA TV Awards last week, which it hasn't been awarded since 2001.

Happy 29th Birthday Charley!

Today Charley turns 29, so let's all wish her a very big happy birthday!

Meanwhile on Emmerdale, Debbie successfully got Sarah on her way to Prague for her treatment last week. But she couldn't go with her herself, reluctantly letting Faith take her instead.

Now, Debbie has months of difficult waiting to find out if her daughter will be OK.

Trouble in Prague

Debbie has to make a risky decision in next week's Emmerdale in order to get Sarah to Prague for her treatment...

With the money for Sarah's treatment all raised, it's time to get her to Prague so she can finally have it. The only problem is Debbie can't leave the country after her recent run in with the police.

Charity offers to take Sarah herself, but Debbie has other plans and goes to Ross for a fake passport. However her plans are short lived when Faith steals her boarding passes to stop her going.

Will Debbie manage to get Sarah to Prague, or has Faith's interfering ruined her chance to make her daughter well again?

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