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Charley can be seen portraying Debbie Dingle in ITV Soap "Emmerdale".
In Deep

A familiar face comes looking for Debbie and Ross in next week's Emmerdale, puting them both in danger...

Charlie, then man who Debbie and Ross stole ten grand from, turns up in the Woolpack on the day of her and Pete's engagement party determined to get his money back.

He demands they go with him, but in a bid to protect Debbie, Ross aggress to go with him alone. Cain watches as Ross leaves with Charlie and questions her about what's going on.

What will Debbie do knowing that Ross could be in serious danger, and will she be able to tell Pete what's been going on?

A Robbery and an Engagement!

Ross puts Debbie in a dangerous situation in next week's Emmerdale, when he tricks her into helping him pull off a robbery!

Chrissie asks for Ross' help stealing ten grand in the hope of getting Lachlan's dad out of her life. Ross agress to help, and gets Debbie to assist him, but he doesn't tell her what they about to do.

The pair arrive at a hotel and Ross reveals the truth about what he has planned, Debbie refuses to help him and Ross is forced to do the job alone. Soon Debbie realises how much danger Ross is in and decides to go and help him, but the pair end up being chased by the men Ross has just stole from.

They take cover in one of the hotel rooms as they hear the men searching for them room by room. Both trapped, Ross and Debbie get talking and he opens up about how he felt about Donna. After some time they make their escape, and Ross tells Debbie how he feels about her, what will he reaction be?

Upon returning to the village, Pete is upset with Ross for getting Debbie involved in his "business" not knowing the truth about what they have done. Later, Debbie suggests to Pete that they get married, to which Pete happily agress. Ross however is furious to hear about the engagement and in a fit of revenge tells Chrissie how Robert got him to steal from home farm and kidnap her dad!

So, will Debbie and Pete's engagement last, or will Ross' feelings for her tear them apart?

Probably Best To Not Get Involved Debbie

Debbie witnesses a shocking event in next week's Emmerdale, when Lachlan's Dad gets attacked and bundled into a car...

It's okay though, as he turns up again later with just a few bruises. Elsewhere in the village, Debbie worries that Carly has managed to get Charity's business into trouble when the police come to talk to Jimmy about a break in.

Debbie later gets in to an argument with Carly, which leads to Brenda telling Carly to pack her things and leave the village!

Has Andy Finally Made A Breakthrough?

It looks like Andy could finally be getting back to normal in next week's Emmerdale, after he realises how crazy he's been acting recently....

When Debbie sees him with arrive wth Tracy at Sarah's school play she is shocked, but when Tracy storms off after an argument, Andy is left horrifie. And it's not long before he sees how messed up he's been since Katie's death.

So, will Andy get his life back on track, or will there be another setback on the horizon?

Andy and Tracy?

Debbie and Chas are shocked to discover that Andy is seeing Tracy in next week's Emmerdale...

Only week's after Katie's death, Andy starts seeing village troublemaker Tracy. What's worse, is that he moves her into Tug Ghyll, changes the locks and tells Vanessa and Leyla to move out!

Will Debbie and Chas be able to make Andy see what a big mistake he's making or will he ignore their advice?

Also this week, Charley wasat the 2015 Tesco Mom of the Year awards at the weekend, you can see a selection of pictures from the event in the Gallery.

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