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Charley can be seen portraying Debbie Dingle / Barton in ITV Soap "Emmerdale".
No Secrets In This Marriage

Pete reveals the shocking truth to Debbie about what he did to Ross in next week's Emmerdale...

Pete panics when he learns a body has been discovered, and fearing that his crime could be uncovered he confesses to Debbie about killing Ross and dumping his body int he woods. Debbie is terrified of her new husband and panics that he is no different to Cameron.

A scarred Debbie finds James and tells him what she has just heard. He makes Pete take him to where he left his brothers body in the forest.

What will happen to Pete once the rest of his family realise what he has done, and how will Debbie cope with living with another murderer?

Also this week, don't forget that there's only a couple more weeks to get your votes in for the 2015 Inside Soap Awards, Charley is nominated twice this year too...

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And lastly, Charley and Matthew were both interviewed in last week's OK! Magazine. They talked about Charley's pregnancy and recent storylines on Emmerdale. You can read it in full on the Interviews page and see the pictures from the magazine photoshoot in the Gallery.

Will The Truth About Ross Come Out?

The village tries to come to terms with the consequences of the disaster in next week's Emmerdale...

While the villagers mourn the victims of the disaster, only Pete knows the truth about what happened to Ross, and his family start to question him about where his brother is. Debbie thinks he is keeping something from her and tries to get him to open up.

Emma suspects Debbie knows where Ross is, so Debbie decides to ask Cain what he did to keep him away from the wedding in the hope of getting Emma to leave her alone, but she's shocked when he tells her about locking him up in a van.

So, will the truth about Pete's actions come out, or will Cain be blamed for Ross' disappearance?

Also this week, Charley was featured in this weeks Sun TV Magazine, she talked about filming the disaster and being pregnant again, you can read it in full on the Interviews page.

Who Will Live, and Who Will Die?

Debbie and Pete's wedding ended in disaster in last night's Emmerdale, when a helicopter arranged by Pete to whisk the couple off crashed into the village hall after being damaged by a nearby explosion...

Chrissie set fire to Robert's beloved car, creating a massive fireball that caused the helicopter to lose control. Now the race is on to rescue the survivors from the dangerous collapsed building.

If that wasn't enough, the wedding was already ruined when a recording of Debbie and Ross talking about their affair was played at the reception moments before the tragedy struck.

Who will come out alive is anyone's guess, so be sure to watch the rest of this week's exciting episodes to find out.

Also this week, two new interviews have been added to the Videos page. The first features Charley talking to Aled Jones on Weekend, and the second features both Charley and Anthony Quinlan having a chat about the upcoming disaster on Good Morning Britain, but in an unexpected twist the interview gets cut short when the fire alarm goes off in the studio!

For As Long As You Both Shall Live

The day of Debbie and Pete's Wedding is fast approaching, but so is a disaster that will rock the village and change the lives of it's inhabitants forever...

Will they live happily ever after, or will a cruel twist of fate tear them apart?

The outcome of next week's Emmerdale is shrouded in mystery and although Debbie's wedding appears to go smoothly, there's trouble brewing with both Cain forcibly keeping Ross away from the ceremony and an unexpected revelation at the reception. It's going to be an exciting week!

Two Men and a Baby

Debbie gets a massive shock in next week's Emmerdale after the truth about Ross being Moses' dad is revealed...

With the stress of her and Pete's wedding getting over closer, Debbie tells Ross that if they're going to run away together, they have to go now or never. Ross is concerned that Debbie still hasn't told Pete the truth and worries that Cain will soon realise what's going on. Instead, Debbie decides to write a leaving letter to Pete so she doesn't have to tell him to his face.

Later, the pair are ready to leave together with their bags all packed, when Cain walks in and tells Debbie the shocking truth about Ross and Moses. Ross desperately tries to save their relationship but Debbie finally ends her affair with him.

So, with the affair over, will Debbie and Pete get married, and will anyone find her break up letter?

Also this week, don't forget there's still plenty of time to vote for Charley in the 2015 Inside Soap Awards, see below for details...

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