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Charley can be seen portraying Debbie Dingle in ITV Soap "Emmerdale".
How Far Will Charity Go?

Charity takes matters into her own hands with violent consequences in next week's Emmerdale...

When Charity overhears that Maxine is blackmailing Moira for money, in exchange for Adam's safety in prison. She decides to take Cain's already violent solution a step further.

Cain confronts Maxine, ties her up and bundles her into his car boot and threatens to lock her up in a container. But, Charity arrives and takes her on a terrifying drive before completely loosing it with her.

So, will Charity go too far and actually kill Maxine, or will Debbie and Cain be able to stop her?

Charity Gets Kidnapped!

Charity's life hangs in the balance in next week's Emmerdale, after she gets abducted by and unknown assailant...

After being outcast by Debbie and the rest of her friends and family when the truth about how she got rid of Rachel, and all of her lies and scheming comes out, Charity decides it;s time to get away from the village.

But, while driving through the countryside, she is forced to stop by another car, she gets out to investigate but is hit on the head knocking her unconscious.

Charity wakes up alone and chained up in an abandoned lorry container!

So, who has kidnapped Charity, and will her family come to her rescue, or do they even care anymore?

Pete and Leyla?

Debbie gets a shock in this coming week's Emmerdale when she discovers that Pete has moved on to someone else already...

Or so she thinks, after hearing Leyla announcing in the cafe that her and Pete are an item. But in reality he only slept on her sofa for a night after a single date.

So, has Pete moved on for good, or is there still hope for him and Debbie?

Elsewhere, Debbie rushes to the hospital after learning that Lisa has had a suspected heart attack, after Jai fires her from the factory for leaving early to see Belle.

Charity Goes Missing

A worried Debbie enilsts Pete's help to look for a seemingly missing Charity in next week's Emmerdale...

Declan insists that he and Charity go away together for a break in a remote cotttage for a few days, so she can recover from the recent stresses and Noah getting poisoned. Debbie gets worried after being unable to contact Charity and decides to ask Pete to help her look for her.

Pete reluctantly agrees to help, even though things are still awkward between them following their break up over Charity's lies.

So, will they track down Charity, and what wiill they find if they do?

It Won't Last For Long

Debbie and Pete's rediscovered happiness looks set to be short lived after Charity's lies makes him believe she got rid of his baby in next week's Emmerdale...

Having got back together with Pete and being the happiest she's been in a long time, Debbie asks Pete to move in with her. He tells her that he'll think about it, causing her to worry.

Later in the Woolpack Pete is left shocked after Megan confronts Debbie in front of everyone about aborting her baby - the non-existant baby that Charity lied about to cover her own abortion. Debbie has to go along with the story to protect her mum but later tries to tell Pete the truth, but he doesn't believe her and asks if it was really Ross' baby.

So is this the last straw for Pete, or will he realise Debbie was simply trying to protect her mum?

Also this week, Charley was at the 2014 TV Choice Awards last night looking as amazing as ever, but unfortunately Emmerdale didn't pick up any awards this year. Head over to the Gallery for some pictures from the event.

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