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Dingle Bells

It's Christmas once again, and as usual it's going to be another tough one for Debbie. A fun Christmas Day at the Dingle's is as good as it's going to get for her this year...

The Dingles and Cameron

Debbie's festive spirit is ruined when she spots Cameron in the village, seeing red she tries to run him over! The two then argue and she accidently lets it out that she still wants him. Little does she know her cheating ex has just killled again and buried the body in the woods!

A frustrated Debbie then smashes up her house in disgust, however Cameron shows up again and warns her to stay out of his way.

So, that's Christmas ruined, will it be a happy new year though?

Debbie Testifies

Debbie's chance to get Chas sent down for murder comes along next week, when she testifies against her cheating aunt in court...

Debbie in court

Will her testimony convince the jury that Chas is guilty, or will they see that she really is innocent of Carl's murder. While all of this is going on, Cameron, the real murderer, confesses his crime to an unsuspecting villager!

He's killed once, could he strike again? It is Christmas after all, and bad things tend happen in Emmerdale around Christmas!

Sarah Comes Home

Debbie and the rest of the Dingles will be celebrating in next week's Emmerdale, when Sarah finally comes home from the hospital after finishing her treatment...

Sarah Comes Home

However, Debbie soon turns her attention to getting her revenge on Chas. She decides that she's going to testify against her in court in the hope of getting her sent down!

In other news this week, after nearly three years of being blonde, Charley has gone back to her natural brunette hair colour. Unfortunately we won't see the change on-screen until the new year.

Debbie's Worries Continue

With Sarah recovering after her operation, a mystery person donates a colouring book for her in next week's Emmerdale, little does she know it was really from Cameron...

Debbie with Sarah and Cain

Cain knows however, and manages to hide his anger after he thought he had scared Cameron away from Debbie.

Will Cain's campaign against Cameron continue, or will he let it go for Debbie's sake?

Debbie Visits Chas

Debbie puts on a brave face in next week's Emmerdale, when she decides to get some answers from Chas and visits her in prison...

Debbie visits Chas

However she's left heartbroken after Chas tells her that she still loves Cameron. After her visit, Debbie breaks down and tells Cain that she's still in love with Cameron also.

Debbie's got a lot to worry about at the moment, with Sarah's transplant operation, and baby Jack to take care of. Will she keep it together through these tough times, or will it all get too much for her? Even Charity and Cain are worried that she's not coping well.

All Star Mr & Mrs

While they might not have won, Charley and Matthew's appearance on last night's All Star Mr & Mrs was hilarious. From Charley's questionable cooking skills to Matthew's camp Dancing on Ice costumes, it was full of laughs...

All Star Mr and Mrs

In the end they were just beaten to the top spot by Kate Silverton and her husband, after giving a few too many wrong answers in the second round. They did however walk away with one of the infamous carriage clocks, while also winning £5000 for charity.

If you missed it last night, you can watch it again right now on the videos page.

Debbie Gets Her Revenge

Debbie's hatred of Cameron continues next week, when she gets revenge on him by damaging his van and burning his belongings...

Debbie gets revenge

She finds out that he's going to stay in the village and try to get Chas released, will she ever find out that it was Cameron that really killed Carl? Although he's the least of her worries at the moment, as she focuses on getting Sarah through her treatment.

Also, don't forget, there's only a week to go until Charley is on All Star Mr & Mrs!

Debbie Finally Knows About the Affair!

That's right, Debbie has at last found out about the affair after seeing the messages Carl sent to her phone. And now that Charity and Cain know too, the cheating pair better start worrying about whats going to happen to them next week...

Debbie Knows

A bit of Dingle justice seems to do the trick after Charity and Cain violently stop them from leaving the village together. Things get worse for Chas later though, as she ends up getting arrested for Carl's Murder! This marks the end of the 40th Anniversary Week, and what a week it's been!

In other news, Charley and Matthew Wolfenden will both be contestants on All Star Mr & Mrs on Wednesday the 31st of October. They'll be answering questions about each other in a hope to win £30,000 for charity.

Flawless Live Episode - Well Done Charley!

Last night's epic live episode went perfectly, Debbie had her baby, and named him Jack after Andy's dad. Cameron had a massive showdown with Carl - and killed him! And if that's not enough, Debbie is on the verge of discovering Cameron's affair...

Live Episode

The episode ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Debbie's phone receiving a message from Carl while she's asleep, containing a picture of Chas and Cameron together in bed! We'll find out what happens in tomorrow's Emmerdale.

Also last night, the Fallout show on ITV2 featured an interview with Charley and Emma Atkins...

Fallout Interview

They talked about the challenges they faced and preparing for the live episode. And in case you missed it, you can watch the whole interview right now.

40th Anniversary Week

It's finally here, the week of the 40th Anniversary and the Live Episode in which Debbie finally has her baby. Only a couple of days to go until we find out who dies, and the outcome of the two weddings and births...

Anniversary Week

The main event is on Wednesday night, the first ever Live episode of Emmerdale, and don't forget the ITV2 Live Fallout show.

Also this week, a new interview with Charley from New Magazine has been added, along with a great photoshoot. In the interview she talks about her engagement, and being nervous about the live episode.

Debbie Goes Into Labour & Live Episode Next Wednesday!

All of next week will be very exciting on Emmerdale, as it's the big 40th Anniversary celebration week. Firstly Debbie goes into labour, and the race is on to get her to the hospital in time to save Sarah.

Things don't go quite to plan though, as Cain's car breaks down on the way to the hospital...

Debbie goes into labour

Then comes the epic hour long, first-ever live episode on Wednesday in which Debbie will be having her baby, as well as there being two weddings and an unexpected death in the village. Who will die, and will Debbie ever find out about Chas and Cameron's affair?

The live episode will be broadcast at 7pm on Wednesday, immediately followed by an exclusive behind the scenes show on ITV2 at 8pm, which will feature live interviews with Charley and the rest of the Emmerdale cast as soon as they finish filming.

Will Chas Reveal All?

The truth about Cameron's affair almost comes out next week, after Debbie questions Chas about why she and Cameron stole from the pub and got Debbie to provide him with an alibi...

Debbie and Chas

What Debbie doesn't know is that they took the money from the Woolpack to pay Carl off for staying quiet about their affair, all of which can be seen in this week's episodes.

Also, don't forget to get your votes in for the NTAs, there's just over a week to go before the voting ends.

NTA Voting Opens

Voting has begun for the 2013 National Television Awards, and Charley has been nominated for best "Serial Drama Performance". Click the button below to cast your votes...

Voting Closed

This round of voting is open until the 11th of October, and the awards will be held on January 23rd.

Sarah's Condition Worsens

Debbie will be in a panic in next week's Emmerdale, after a stressed Cameron loses his temper with Sarah causing her to take a turn for the worse...

Sarah gets worse

When Debbie returns she discovers Sarah is upstairs unconscious and rushes her to the hospital.

A distraught Debbie learns that Sarah's condition has got worse and insists to Andy and Cameron that she wants to have the birth of her baby induced early so Sarah can be helped. Will she go though with it or will she be forced to wait?

Also this week you might have noticed the site has had a redesign, it's not quite all done yet so a few things are not present at the moment.

And remember, It's only a month to go now before the hour-long live episode is broadcast!

An Unlikely Couple

Chas seems to have found someone new since her affair with Cameron ended. Both Debbie and Cameron are shocked to discover that she is seeing Dan...

Chas and Dan

So, is Chas with him to make Cameron jealous, or has she finally found Mr Right?

In other news this week, some more small details about Charley's role in the upcoming 40th anniversary live episode have been revealed. Apparently Debbie will be one of the most important characters in the episode, and it's fairly obvious that she will be having her baby as well, but what else will happen?

Not long to wait now, the live episode will air in October.

"I Do" Believe Debbie is Getting Married!

Having ended his affair with Chas, Cameron tries to get his relationship with Debbie back on track. And in tonight's Emmerdale he proposes to her in the pub...

Cameron proposes

Cain has been suspicious of Cameron for a while now and managed to get him to reveal his reasons for disappearing and being secretive - he was in fact ring shopping!

Does this mean that Cameron is truly commited to Debbie or will he go back to cheating on her again with Chas? And is he really prepared for a Dingle wedding?

Debbie's Rushed to Hospital!

Cain's continued suspicions about Cameron put Debbie and her baby in danger in this week's Emmerdale, after she gets caught up in an argument between the two...

Debbie gets hurt

Debbie gets rushed to the hospital after getting knocked to floor trying to break the fighting pair apart.

At the hospital Debbie panics about her baby after she starts to bleed, will she be ok and will this shock finally convince Cameron to end his affair with Chas?

Gennie Discovers the Affair!

While Cain is having his own suspicions about Cameron this week, it will in fact be Gennie who first discovers Cameron and Chas' affair in next week's Emmerdale...

Gennie finds out

After walking in on the pair at her house, they try to make their excuses but Debbie shows up not having a clue about what been happening.

How long will Gennie's conscience allow her to keep the cheating pair's secret, and what will be worse - Debbie finding out, or Cain?

Charley is Nominated in the TV Choice Awards!

Voting for the 2012 TV Choice Awards has begun and Charley has been nominated for Best Soap Actress. Click the button below to go to their website and cast your votes...

Voting Closed

Voting is open until the 15th of June and the shortlist will be announced on the 3rd of July.

Icon is 5 Years Old Today!

Today marks this site's fifth anniversary, that's 1827 days, 260 weeks, or even half a decade. And the coming year could be one of the most exciting yet for Charley's character on Emmerdale.

Not only is it Emmerdale's 40th year, or the live episode, or the fact that Debbie will be having her baby in a few months, but this December will also mark Charley's tenth year on the show!

Not bad for a character who was only supposed to appear in a few episodes way back in 2002.

Emmerdale Is Going Live!

Later this year, Emmerdale will celebrate it's 40th year, and it's been announced that the soap will broadcast it's first ever live episode this October. Some details have been revealed about what may be happening; namely two births, one of which will most likely be Debbie's baby, and there will be two weddings!

Also, in other Emmerdale related news this week, the show had a lot of luck at the British Soap Awards. Danny Miller won Best Actor, the Barton's car crash won Spectacular Scene and "Jackson's choice" was awarded Best Storyline.

And finally, Charley is featured in another magazine this week. This time it's Hello Magazine and Charley and Matthew talk in depth about their wedding plans...

Charley and Matthew

There's a great photoshoot too, the issue is out now and it's well worth a read.

Cameron Continues Cheating on Debbie

It started as innocent flirting, but Chas and Cameron's friendship is turning in to a full on affair...

Cameron Chas and Debbie

In next week's Emmerdale, Sarah has to go to hospital after becoming ill and Debbie desperately tries to contact Cameron, however he's ignoring her phone calls as he's secretly spending time with Chas yet again.

The last thing Debbie needs now is more heartache, but it looks like this affair will cause just that, especially when the truth inevitably comes out!

TV Buzz Magazine

Also this week, Charley will be on the cover of TV Buzz Magazine which is free with the Sun this Saturday.

Matthew Wins Dancing on Ice 2012!

After twelve weeks of faultless scoreboard topping skating, Matthew Wolfenden was crowned the winner of the 2012 series of Dancing on Ice...

Matthew wins

In what must have been the most closely fought final ever, Matthew took the top spot beating Jorgie Porter in the public vote after a perfect perfomance of the Balero in last night's show.

You can watch the final perfomance along with all of his previous ones on the Videos page.

Debbie's Garage Ruined & Jenna-Louise's Big News

Debbie's business suffered a massive blow in last night's Emmerdale, Adam Barton set fire to the garage with Cain trapped inside...

Garage fire

Cain only just made it out of the blaze alive after Adam went back to help him.

Also this week, if you are still missing Jenna-Louise Coleman in Emmerdale, you'll soon be seeing a lot more of her on TV.

Firstly, she's staring in the new four part series "Titanic", which starts this Sunday (ITV1, 9pm). If that's not enough, it was announced this week that she will replacing Karen Gillan in Doctor Who as the Doctor's latest companion...

Jennas Back

She will be making her first appearance in the Christmas special, so it'll be quite a long wait.

And don't forget, this Sunday is also the Final of Dancing on Ice. Last week Matthew made it ithough with ease, he'll be up against Jorgie Porter and Chico in what looks set to be the most exciting final the series has ever seen.

A Music Video, An Interview & More Matthew on the Ice!

As you've probably heard, Danny Miller who plays Aaron Livesy is leaving Emmerdale in a few weeks.

And as a goodbye present, the whole cast and crew including Charley put together a brilliant and hilariously funny spoof of Tinie Tempah's "Written in the Stars" music video...

Charley and Emmerdale cast in Music Video.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks, that is Kelvin Fletcher in an afro wig, playing a keyboard, on a throne, half naked. You can watch the whole thing right now.

In other news this week, Matthew Wolfenden yet again topped the scoreboard on Dancing on Ice making it into the semi-finals...

Matthew Nina and Charley

With only two weeks to go, it's looking more and more likely he could win this year's competition. Watch his latest performance on the Videos page.

And lastly, a small interview with Charley was featured in last week's Look Magazine, she talked about birthday presents and both living and working with Matthew. You can read the interview here.

Good News for Debbie & British Soap Awards Voting Opens

In next week's Emmerdale, Debbie finally gets the good news that her baby is a match for Sarah!

Debbies good news.

After months of worry and heartache, she's one big step closer to saving her daughter.

In other news, voting for the 2012 British Soap Awards has begun, and Charley has been nominated for Best Actress! Click the button below to cast your vote...

Voting Closed

The first round of voting is open until the 2nd of April, and the awards will be held in May.

Happy Birthday Charley!

Here's wishing a very happy 24th Birthday to Charley, from all of her fans.

One of the highlights of her day will have undoubtedly been seeing Matthew performing on tonight's Dancing on Ice...

Charley and Matthew.

He once again had one of the highest scores of the night, only beaten by Jorgie Porter by half a point!

Head over to the Videos page to see his latest performance.

Cameron Walks Out On Debbie

After confessing that he has fallen in love with her and then telling Cameron the truth about how she got pregnant, Andy has managed to completely ruin Debbie's relationship...

Debbie and Cameron.

Cameron couldn't handle Debbie's deception and packed his bags and walked out, leaving her devastated just when she needed him the most. Will he ever be able to forgive Debbie, or is it over for good?

Also this week, Charley's finacee Matthew Wolfenden once again topped the scoreboard on Sunday's Dancing on Ice...

Charley Matthew and Nina.

With a massive score of 28 out of 30; the highest of the series so far, he easily beat his closest rival Jorgie Porter. This week's performance and all of his previous ones can be found on the Videos page.

Debbie is Finally Pregnant!

After months of trying and failing to get pregnant, it has finally happened and Debbie's plan to seduce Andy paid off. Now Sarah's fate rests on the hope that her new brother or sister will be a match for her...

Debbie is finally pregnant.

Unfortunately for Debbie, Andy is stil infatuated with her. Even telling a shocked Diane that he is falling for her, which could cause problems for Debbie's already strained relationship with Cameron.

In other news this week, Charley's fiancee Matthew Wolfenden again took the top spot on the Dancing on Ice scoreboard.

Although firmly beating last weeks score, he shared first place with Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter, who could become a serious rival as the competition progresses. Both of his performances with some clips of Charley cheering him on have been added to the Videos page.

Debbie Seduces Andy and Matthew Steals The Show

After Debbie decided the quickest way to get pregnant is to sleep with Andy, the pair met at Andy's house. But after a series of awkward moments between the two, Debbie decided she couldn't go though with it.

But still determined to save her daughter, she tried again, this time arranging to meet Andy at a hotel and seduce him...

Debbie and Andy.

Lets just say her plan worked, unfortunately it might have worked too well. As it looks like Andy is starting to think Debbie is interested in getting back together with him, which is clearly the last thing on her mind.

Also, last night was Matthew Wolfenden's first performance on Dancing on Ice, and cheered on by Charley and Kym Marsh he skated to the highest score of the night...

Charley and Matthew.

An excellent start which will surely make him a firm favorite to win this year's competition.

Happy New Year, But Will It Be For Debbie?

2012 could be the most challenging year yet for Debbie, after months of trying to get pregnant with Andy's baby and puting her relationship with Cameron on the line, she's still no closer to helping Sarah.

After yet another negative pregnancy test, Debbie decides trying the natural way could be the answer...

Debbie and Andy.

Will Debbie and Andy be able to go through with their plan, and how far will they go to save their daughter?

In other news this week, which you may have already heard; Charley's fiancee Matthew Wolfenden will be taking part in this years Dancing on Ice. The new series starts this Sunday at 6.30pm on ITV1.