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Yet Another Merry Christmas for Debbie

She usually finds an excuse to burn a bag of money at Christmas, but this year Debbie tries something a bit different after having an argument with Alicia at the dinner table...

Debbie and Alicias Christmas Dinner

She tips her Christmas dinner over Alicia's head after an evening of constant bickering between the two.

Later, after Debbie discovers that she is still not pregnant, she shocks Andy by suggesting to him that there's another way to get her pregnant.

It's Bad Week To Be Cain

Over the last few weeks, Cain has managed to insult, anger and ruin the lives of most of the villiagers. From affairs and break-ins to theats and secret babies, he's made a lot of enemies.

Last night though, Debbie kicked him out after discovering that he is the father of Amy's baby, and in tonight's episodes he gets a nasty bump on the head from a mystery assailant...

Debbie with Cain and Amy.

With most of the locals now being suspects, each with a very good reason to hurt him, it could be a while before we find out who did it.

Debbie's Latest Plan to Help Sarah + Charley the Covergirl

Last week Debbie was told that the donor the hospital had found had decided not to help her, and the only way to save Sarah was to have another baby with Andy.

Much to Cameron's annoyance she even managed to persuade Andy to pretend that they are a couple in order to get the IVF.

Debbie and Andy plan to have a baby.

Will Debbie and Andy be able to convince the hospital they are a couple, or will their plan fall flat leaving Sarah with even fewer options for help?

Also this week Charley will be appearing in TV Buzz Magazine (which is free with this Saturday's Sun newspaper), in a photoshoot said to be unlike anything she has done before.
As you can see it's well worth a look!...

TV Buzz Magazine

And lastly this week I've added a short clip from Harry Hill's TV Burp in which he cleverly notices something about one of Debbie's recent scenes. You can watch it on the Videos page.

Charley on This Morning

Charley was on This Morning yesterday talking about her current storyline and how she researched the rare condition Sarah has. In case you missed it yesterday here it is...

Charley on This Morning

In other news voting for the NTAs has now closed, now just the long wait until January for the results.

Sarah's Illness Revealed + Charley Nominated in NTA's

After weeks of worry for Debbie, Sarah's condition is finally determined in next weeks Emmerdale...

Debbie finds out whats wrong with Sarah

Her doctor tells her and Andy that it's a rare genetic condition called Fanconi Anaemia thats causing Sarah's bone marrow to fail.

In other news this week, Charley has been nominated in the National Television Awards. She's up for "Best Serial Drama Performance".

Voting is open now on the NTA Website, click the button below to go there and cast your vote...

Voting Closed

Voting is open until the 17th of October, and the awards will held at the O2 Arena in January.

A few new things have been added to the site in the last couple of weeks; I've added the dates and places for everything in the Gallery, and the recent interview from the ITV website is available on the Videos page.

What's Wrong With Sarah?

Tests, more tests and a lot of waiting, yet Debbie, Cameron & Andy are no closer to finding out what's causing Sarah's bruises and her tiredness.

But in next weeks Emmerdale, they discover that it may be far more serious than they ever thought after her doctor explains that more urgent tests are needed to make a diagnosis...

Debbie talks to the doctor

Later, Andy upsets Debbie by jumping to conclusions and implies that Sarah's condition came from her side of the family.

It looks like Debbie's storyline is shaping up to be as dramatic and emotional as originally promised.

Debbie Suspects Sarah is Being Bullied

Debbie has had a pretty rough time lately with her doubts about Cameron and losing her baby.

Things aren't looking up either after she discovers bruises on Sarah's arms and starts to think that she's being bullied at school. She suspects it may have been Samson after Rachel accused him of hurting her neice the week before...

Debbie blames Samson

But after Sam denies that Samson had anything to do with it she asks Cameron if he hurt her, but he reassures her that it wasn't him and it's probably nothing.

Also this week in an interview with Emmerdale's series producer a few more details about Debbie's upcoming storyline were revealed. He said that it will be a "heartbreaking" story that will last for over a year and have serious consequences.

Debbie & Cameron Suffer A Tragic Loss

Debbie's pregnancy comes to an abrupt and sad end next week in Emmerdale after she suffers a miscarriage.

Initially she hides her disapointment from Cameron, but later they both realise that they are equally upset about their loss.

Debbie loses her baby

The question is how does this event fit in to the big storyline planned for Debbie this year and next?

Also this week you may have already noticed the size and quality of all of the videos have been increased, and a few more have been added too.

Icon is 4 Years Old!

Four years and still going strong, thanks to more and more of Charley's fans wanting to find out about her and the ups and downs of her on-screen character Debbie.

Plus with Debbie & Cameron's big pregnancy storyline beginning in a week or so, there's going to be a very exciting year ahead as well.

You can watch a new interview with Charley on the Videos page where she talks about the storyline and Debbie's reaction to being pregnant again.

Debbie's Pregnant Again! + Charley at the Soap Awards

That's right, Debbie is having another baby. The timing isn't great though, as she's starting to have doubts about Cameron after Carl stirs things up by telling her he's been flirting with Eve...

Debbies pregnant again

In other news, The British Soap Awards took place on Saturday, Charley was there looking amazing and Emmerdale won a couple of awards too; Danny Miller got the Best Actor award and the late producer Gavin Blyth received the Special Achievement award for his work on the series.

You can watch the entire awards show on ITV1 this Wednesday at 8pm.

Debbie Makes a Discovery About Cameron

Debbie and Cameron's relationship takes an unexpected twist next week, she finds out that he had another affair after she left Jersey!

Debbie and Cameron

Debbie makes the discovery when Cameron's divorce papers arrive, and she's shocked when she spots another woman's name is listed.

Could this be the start of the "Big storyline" that's been planned for Debbie this year?

New Interview with Charley and Dominic

In a new interview, Charley and her co-star Dominic Power talk about Debbie's latest storyline with Cameron, her ex from Jersey. Click the image below to watch it...

Charley and Dominic Interview

In another recent interview, Emmerdale's executive producer revealed a few details about the future of Debbie & Cameron and that she "will absolutely be at the thick of it for a long time to come".

He also added that this storyline will carry on into next year, so whatever is going to happen it sounds like it will be pretty big!

Happy Birthday Charley, 23 Today!

It seems like only a year ago Charley turned 22, and it was! Which means today is her 23rd birthday, so happy birthday Charley from all of your fans!

It's been a while since the last update here, but I suspect it's going to be a very busy year for Charley's character as next week will see the start of a big new storyline for Debbie...

Debbie and Cameron

Cameron, her ex from Jersey will show up in the village. He tells Debbie that he's left his wife and children and wants to be with her, what will Debbie do? Find out on Thursday the 3rd of March.

Also this week I've added a short video of Charley, Emma Atkins and Jeff Hordley talking about working with the late Emmerdale producer Gavin Blyth to the Videos page.