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New Photoshoot + More Magazine Features

A fairly small update this week, I've added some pictures from a new photoshoot with Charley and Jenna-Louise Coleman and put up the first Emmerdale previews from upcoming 2009 episodes, all can be found in the Gallery.

I've also added some more features to the Interviews page from some older magazines and will be puting more up over the next few weeks too.

Jasmine & Debbie Killed Shane - What a Week!

What a week that was! Undoubtedly the most exciting storyline Charley has been involved in so far in her six years on the show, some great acting from Jenna-Louise Coleman too.

This Week

In case you missed all the action or just want to see it again, I've put edited scenes from all five of this weeks episodes on the Videos page.

There have been more visitors to the site in the last five days than all of last month, this weeks episodes will have really earned Charley a lot of new fans. Another milestone this week is there are now over 400 pictures in the Gallery, next stop 500!

New GMTV Interview Video

Charley was on GMTV today, talking about this weeks exciting Emmerdale storylines and what's in store for her character over the coming weeks. You can watch it now on the Videos page.

New TV Magazine Features

Almost every TV guide and soap magazine this week has a feature on the upcoming Debbie and Jasmine storyline, and they're both on the covers of most of them too...


I've added a new section to the Interviews page which will include scans of some of the features and articles from recent magazines.

New Images + Big Storyline Coming for Debbie

It's been a very quiet time lately for any good Charley news, but the next couple of months however should be very interesting. This is because Charley will soon be involved in one of Emmerdale's biggest storylines of the year.

Over the last few weeks on the show Debbie's pal Jasmine has been trying to find out about the shady goings on of some big time criminals, and dating Shane the local policeman, who turns out not to like the whole upholding the law side of his job. Events look set to end in dissaster for Debbie, Jasmine and Eli in early December.

Some preview images from these upcoming episodes are available in the Gallery, and I'd expect there will be some interviews and more pictures pop up over the next few weeks too.

New Pictures Added

There's not much Charley news at the moment so only a small update this week.

I've added a selection of new images to the Gallery, from some older events and a few new Emmerdale Promos too.

Unfortunately Charley diidn't get an award at the Inside Soap Awards after being nominated in the "Best Bitch" category, the award went to Alison King from Coronation Street.

Charley At The TV Quick Awards

It was the 2008 TV Quick Awards last night, and Charley was there. I've added a few pictures from the event to the Gallery.

TV Quick Awards
Emmerdale Uncut Clip

Here's a short out-take clip of Charley messing up her lines in Emmerdale Uncut...

You can watch it on the Videos page and download of the high quality version is also available.

Charley In Sexiest Soap Sirens Poll!

In a recent poll by What's On TV Magazine, Charley has come in at 11th place in "The 100 Sexiest Soap Sirens Of All Time".

I've also added a couple more old Emmerdale Promos too.

Small Update - Gallery Now At 300 Images!

It's another slow week for news, I've added a load of Emmerdale Promos from a few years ago, this brings the Gallery up to 300 images now!

I've also changed the way visitors can contact the site, as some spam was getting through. Now there is a simple form to fill out instead.

Inside Soap Awards - Charley Gets A Nomination!

It will soon be time for the Inside Soap Awards again, and the voting has just opened. This year Charley has been nominated in the "Best Bitch" category.

You can vote for Charley and see the other awards up for grabs by clicking the button below...

Voting Closed

At the end, the same as last year, you can say who is the best dressed star, Charley perhaps?.

The launch party took place on Monday and a few pictures have been added to the Gallery.
Also this week I've made a few changes to the Videos page making it easier to navigate.

New Emmerdale Video Added

I think Tuesday's episode of Emmerdale was responsible for the busiest day ever on the site. An average weeks worth of bandwidth used in a few hours, a lot of people must have gone online to learn about Charley after seeing it.

The episode in question featured a special event at the Home Farm house, Charley's character Debbie looked stunning and one of the storylines involved the Dingles saving an expensive pet falcon that they accidentally shot down, very funny stuff.

I've had a load of requests for the scene at the start, so I went one better and have put up all the related scenes from the episode, it's about 8 minutes long and you can watch it on the new redesigned Videos page.

A Few New Pictures

It was Kym Ryder's Birthday last week, and Charley made an appearance at her fancy dress party dressed as Amy Winehouse. See the pictures in the Gallery.

Charley and Kym

A couple of new Emmerdale promos have also been added.

Small Update + New Pictures

Another small update this week. A few new pictures from the recent Emmerdale charity event in Ireland, and a couple more from some older events have been added. See them all in the Gallery.

Emmerdale 5000 Interview Video Added

A small update this week. It's Emmerdale's 5000th episode on Friday, and there was a one hour special looking back at the shows history.

I've added a small clip of Charley talking about working with Jeff Hordley, you can watch and download it on the Videos page.

Icon is 1 Year Old

It's been an entire year since this site was launched. It started off with very little; just a few pictures and not much else. Since then its grown into a hugely popular and extensive place to find out about our favourite Emmerdale star.

The site continually attracts more visitors each month than the previous one and has become more popular then I ever thought it would, it just goes to show how popular Charley is.

Only a small update this week in the shape of a few more Emmerdale episode promos from 2007, which can be found in the Gallery.

British Soap Awards Video

Charley looked stunning at the British Soap Awards on Saturday, a short clip has been added to the Videos page of her in the audience and congratulating one of the shows producers who won an award.

You can watch it and download the high quality version on the Videos page.

British Soap Awards Tonight + On TV Wednesday

It's Soap Awards time again, the event is tonight in London and will be on ITV1 Wednesday the 7th at 8pm. Unfortunately no nominations for Charley this year, but expect to see her there looking amazing as usual.

You may have already noticed I've finally got around to adding more to the About Charley page. I'm also adding streaming versions of all the videos so you don't have to download the big files anymore (you'll need the Flash Plug-in).

Update: Some pictures from the Soap Awards have been added to the Gallery.

Site Redesign + New Pictures

The site will soon be one year old, so I've made a few changes; a slight restyling, the Forum has been removed as it never really caught on, and a page especially for Interviews has been added instead.

Charley was not at the BAFTAs last night, so no new pictures for now, although a few more Emmerdale promos have been added as well as some pictures from last weeks TV Now Awards. This puts the total number of images in the Gallery to over 200!

New Pictures, Videos, Interview & More

Time for a big update, I've added two new Videos, one from the recent Emmerdale website feature in which Charley & Lucy Pargeter chat about recent events in Emmerdale, and a short clip from 2005 when Charley was on The X Factor with some of her co-stars.

The Gallery has twelve new pictures from some older events plus a selection of Emmerdale promos.

A new interview from Soaplife Magazine has been added to the Interviews page, Charley talks about her character Debbie's recent storylines.

New Amazing Photoshoot Pictures & Interview

A nice big update today, starting with seven new pictures in the Gallery from the beautiful five page feature in OK Magazine. The entire interview can also be found on the Interviews page, it's a very interesting read. Also added are a couple of new Emmerdale promo shots too.

I've made a few minor changes to the gallery, removed the screenshots section as it was a bit pointless, and rearanged the menus slightly.

British Soap Awards Voting - But No Charley :-(

It's voting time for the 2008 British Soap Awards which will take place in May, but not a single nomination for Charley - what's the world coming to!

Anyway, you might as well see who else is in the shortlist...

Voting Closed

Happy Birthday Charley - 20 Today!

It's Charley's 20th birthday today, so here's wishing her a great day and hoping she gets lots of presents and cake!

I've made a few minor changes to the site in recent weeks: a newly designed videos page, and today added a featured video on this main page and added a new wallpaper.

Unfortunately Linda Lusardi was voted off of Dancing on Ice on Saturday, which was a pity. I've added what is probably Charley's last appearance supporting her on the show to the Videos page.

Dancing on Ice Clips + Small Update

Dancing on Ice is back on our screens, and another of Charley's Emmerdale co-stars is taking part in this years competition. This time its Linda Lusardi, and a good few stars of Emmerdale including Charley are supporting her from the crowd, and I've added a short clip from tonight's show to the Videos page.

A few years ago the cast of Emmerdale recorded a musical for Children in Need, Charley was in it and it's quite entertaining, it's on YouTube so here's the link: Emmerdale - High Society.

A New Year and a New Update

It's been a fairly quiet couple of months for Charley related news, but here's a decent sized update to start the new year...

I've added a few new images to the Gallery (thanks again Katie) including a few more Emmerdale promo shots, and a new section for the charity events Charley has been involved with.

And lastly here are a couple of recent magazine Interviews: one from October 2007's Soaplife Magazine, and another from July 2007's Soaplife Magazine.

Update: Another interview from the "Sunday Lunch" Magazine sent to me by Charley fan Katie has been added, you can read it Here.