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Spanner Time!

Ross gets more than he bargained for from Debbie in next week's Emmerdale when Cain gives him his job back at the garage...

Debbie can't believe that Cain has took him back on, she completely loses it and throws a wrench at him. It's his own fault though, after all, he did steal from her and sleep with Charity!

So, will the two ever get on, or will Ross always be on Debbie's bad side?

Finally, A Quiet Christmas for Debbie?

Christmas has never been the best time of year for Debbie, with Cameron out killing last year, and worrying about Sarah's health the year before, will she finally get a stress-free Christmas Day...

Probably not, with Sam in the frame for Home Farm going up in flames and still being stuck in the middle of the Charity, Jai, Rachel, Archie mess, it looks like the Christmas spirit is on hold for yet another year.

Who knows though, 2014 might hold a few surprises for Debbie...

Debbie's Back!

It's been close to a month since Debbie has been on our screens, but after a well deserved break she's finally back, and making a fresh start in her new home...

Wanting to put the past behind her, she sold Tug Ghyll and has moved in to Mulberry Cottage. But getting back to normal may take longer that expected once Charity reveals to Debbie and Noah that Jai is Archie's dad, and that she intends to get revenge on him for cheating on her!

The Storm's Over, Now Here Come The Awards!

So, Cameron's dead, the storm's over and so is one of the most exciting weeks in a British soap for years.

There's little doubt that Emmerdale will pick up a lot of awards over the coming year for what we saw last week, but the prizes are coming along a bit sooner than expected...

The 2013 Inside Soap Awards were held last night and Emmerdale won four awards, including the biggest one of the evening; "Best Soap", which has been a long time coming. The other awards went to Dominic Power for "Best Bad Boy", the year long Cameron murder plot won "Best Storyline" and the whole Emmerdale cast and production team were given the "Outstanding Achievement" award for the 40th Anniversary live episode.

These awards were just for the previous year's storylines and performances, so imagine what could happen once voting on the more recent events takes place!

Also this week, I've added the behind the scenes at Pinewood video that shows what went into making the dramatic underwater scenes from last week's episodes...

Behind the scenes
It's Not Over Yet!

With Alicia fighting for her life, Marlon locked in the flooding cellar and Chas and Debbie trapped alone in the Woolpack with an unhinged Cameron, the action is far from over in this week's Emmerdale...

Anything could happen now after last night's cliffhanger hour-long episode, will Cameron kill again or will he finally get what he deserves?

Also today, Charley was on yesterday's Loose Women, and in case you missed it, you can watch again it right now on the Videos page...


She talks about this week's episodes and what it was like to film the dramatic events we've yet to see.

Under Seige

Having escaped from police custody, Cameron returns to the village for one last terrifying showdown in next week's Emmerdale...

With news of his escape circulating and a violent storm raging over the village, Debbie worries that Cameron will come back to get revenge on her, little does she know he is already back and has kidnapped Sarah and locked her away in a barn.

His next move puts many of the villager's including Debbie's lives in danger, when he enters the Woolpack with a shotgun and takes everyone in there hostage!

So, will Debbie make it out alive, or will Cameron claim yet another victim?

For more details on the week's dramatic events, have a look on the Debbie page.

Voting for the 2014 National Television Awards has ended, but will open again in January for the final round of voting before the ceremony on the 22nd of January.

Can Debbie Get Her Life Back On Track?

With Cameron locked up and out of her life, Debbie starts to get her life back together in next week's Emmerdale...

She helps Moira to get Cain out of the way and off on a holiday, so she can put her plan to sell the farm into action without him getting himself into trouble with the law. But Debbie's return to normality soon comes to an end when she finds out that Sarah is being bullied and teased at school because of Cameron.

Is this the last we've seen of Cameron, or will he somehow cause more trouble for Debbie?

Also this week, voting for the 2014 National Television Awards has opened, and Charley has been nominated for "Best Serial Drama Performance". You can cast your votes via the button below...

Voting Closed

Voting is open until the 11th of October, and the awards ceremony will be held in January next year.

Cameron Takes Debbie Hostage!

Debbie finds herself being held hostage by Cameron in next week's Emmerdale when the plan to get him to confess backfires, leaving her at his mercy...

After agreeing to help the police capture Cameron by bugging her house, Debbie finds it incredibly difficult to get him to talk openly about his crimes for the police to hear. After doing everything she can to get him to open up to her, he finally talks about all that he's done.

But just as she says the code word for the police to come in and arrest him, Cameron barricades the doors shut trapping her in the house with the killer!

So, will Debbie escape the clutches of her murderous boyfriend, or will she be his next victim?

About Time Too!

Debbie decides it's time to put an end to Cameron's murderous ways in next week's Emmerdale after she finally discovers the extent of his crimes...

Gennie's dictaphone at long last finds it's way into Debbie's hands and she listens to the entire recording, she hears everything that happened to Gennie including Cameron killing her! It soon dawns on her that he killed Alex too, and Debbie finally sees Cameron for what he really is.

She confides in Chas and plays the recording to her, emotional and angry at Debbie for not telling her the truth sooner, Chas tells her they have to inform the police. Debbie reluctantly goes along with her plan but little does she know what she's letting herself in for after she agrees to help them bring the killer down.

So, are Cameron's days numbered, or has Debbie put herself in the most dangerous position of her life?

Look Who's Back!

A familiar face causes more worry for Cameron in next week's Emmerdale when Alex's gran comes looking for answers...

With a massive police investigation going on, Cameron is on edge, worrying that his crime could be discovered. Debbie assumes he is simply grieving for his friend, not knowing that it was her lover that was responsible for his death in the first place.

Things get even more difficult for Cameron when Alex's gran arrives back in the village after hearing the news. She asks him to organise a memorial, but could it all be too much for Cameron to cope with?

Will Cameron's Crime Be Unearthed?

Cameron's dark secret comes dangerously close to being uncovered in next week's Emmerdale after Alex's body is discovered...

Having settled back into his life with Debbie and much to Cain's disapproval, Cameron takes her and Sarah on a short break to Jersey. Little does he know that during their time abroad Alex's body will have been discovered burried in the woods at the glamping site!

So, will Debbie ever find out that it was Cameron that put him there, or will he get away with his crimes once again?

In other news this week, you may have already heard the sad news that Charley and Matthew Wolfenden have ended their relationship. It was announced last week, they have said they will remain good friends and both continue to work on Emmerdale.


Debbie and Cameron's secret relationship is finally uncovered in next week's Emmerdale, which leads to a violent showdown between Cain and Cameron...

It's the week of Gennie's funeral and Chas' suspicions are proved right when she discovers that Cameron has been cheating on her for weeks. She doesn't take it very well either, and causes a bit of a scene at her sister's funeral.

Cain is enraged at the revelation, and takes some drastic action. He knocks Cameron unconscious, bundles him into his car and speeds off. He drives him to a quarry where he threatens to kill Cameron and make it look like suicide. Debbie panics about what Cain might do to the man she loves and finds out where they are from Charity, she heads off in the hope of stopping her dad before it's too late!

So, will Cain follow through with his threats, or will Debbie convince him to let her lover go?

Charley's Been Nominated in the 2013 Inside Soap Awards!

Voting for the 2013 Inside Soap Awards has just opened, and this year Charley has been nominated in the "Best Bitch" category! You can cast your votes via the button below...

Voting Closed

Also this week, another new video has been added, this time it's a small interview from last Thursday's Daybreak with Charley, Dominic Power and Sian Reese Williams talking about Gennie's dramatic exit storyline...


And lastly this week, some small details have been revealed about the climax of the Cameron / murderer storyline.

It's said to be coming to an end around October, and will involve a special week of episodes featuring a huge stunt, and Debbie and Chas will come together in order to survive after Cameron reveals his true colours!

Will Debbie Reveal The Truth To Chas?

The worry and guilt caused by Gennie's death takes it's toll on Debbie in next week's Emmerdale after Cameron sees that she isn't coping very well at all following the tragic crash...

He does his best to help her keep it together, while trying to ensure that she doesn't let slip that they were both involved in the fatal accident. Overcome with guilt, Debbie panics Cameron when she insists that they have to tell Chas the truth about what really happened to her sister.

So, will Debbie reveal all to her grieving aunt, or will Cameron manage to keep her quiet?

Also this week, Charley along with an assortment of stars from Emmerdale and Coronation Street have appeared in a new Shakespeare themed promo for ITV's soaps...

Emmerdale Summer Promo

If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it right now on the Videos page.

Disaster Strikes Gennie After Cameron Confesses

Gennie suffers a terrible accident in next week's Emmerdale after she overhears Cameron making a very frightening confession to Debbie...

While trying her hardest to find proof that Cameron is cheating on Chas with Debbie, Gennie finds herself hiding at Debbie's house in the hope of catching the pair together. Little does she know that she is about to discover a shocking truth about Cameron after she overhears him confessing to a scared Debbie.

Shocked by what she has heard, Gennie panics, runs to her car and speeds off. Debbie and Cameron realise she has heard everything and they set off in the hope of stopping her.

But tragedy strikes when a panicked Gennie loses control of the car and crashes down a ravine!

So, will Gennie be OK, and what will Debbie do now that she knows what Cameron is capable of?

For more on what's coming up next week, have a look on the Debbie page.

Gennie Gets Suspicious of Debbie and Cameron

Debbie and Cameron's secret rekindled romance draws Gennie's suspicions in next week's Emmerdale when she sees the pair together...

However, she doesn't suspect that they are having an affair, but instead believes that Cameron is harrasing Debbie, which is hardly surprising after he was quite threatening towards Gennie not too long ago.

So, will Gennie discover the truth about what's going on between them, and more importantly will Chas?

Also this week, the second round of voting for the 2013 TV Choice Awards has begun and unfortunately Charley didn't make it into the shortlist. But you can still vote for Emmerdale as your favorite soap and Jeff Hordley (Cain) made it through in the Best Soap Actor category, (voting now closed).

Mum's On The Run

Debbie is forced to take drastic action in next week's Emmerdale, after Andy continues to prevent her from seeing her children...

After she overhears Andy talking about getting custody of Jack and Sarah, Debbie panics and comes up with the plan to take her children and leave the country. Cameron realises what she is planning, and while trying to convince her to stay ends up kissing her!

While still shocked from what has just happened between them, she puts her plan into action and whisks the children away before anyone can stop her. Cameron follows her to the airport to try and convince her to stay. After a lot of talking he succesfully gets her to return home, however things take an unexpected twist when they end up in bed together!

So, does Cameron still care about Debbie, and will Chas discover that Cameron has cheated yet again?

For a more in-depth look at what's ahead, have a look on the Debbie page.

Debbie Hits Rock Bottom After Landing Belle In Hospital

Just when she thought her problems were coming to an end, disaster strikes for Debbie next week when Belle gets drunk on the last of her knock-off vodka, and ends up seriously ill in hospital...

It turns out that the vodka Debbie had been selling wasn't exactly of the highest quality, in fact it was borderline poison! The situation continues to get worse for Debbie once the rest of the Dingles discover that it was her vodka and her fault. A vengeful Robbie takes advantage of events by telling everyone that it was Debbie that mixed the potentially deadly vodka to maximize her profits.

The real blow however, comes when Andy finds out the extent of Debbie's actions and prevents her from seeing her children. She lashes out at Robbie for spreading his lies, but it's too late - the damage is done, her family have turned their backs on her, she's lost her kids and Robbie's finally got his revenge. With no one left to turn to for help and completely alone, she takes solace in a bottle of vodka.

So, will Debbie come to terms with what she's done, and will she be able to get her life back on track?

For more on what's ahead, have a look on the Debbie page.

No More Dodgy Deals For Debbie?

Debbie's latest visit from the social services prompts her to get rid of the last of the knock off booze she's got stashed away in next week's Emmerdale...

She tells Andy that the visit went well, but later she uses a bit of blackmail to enlist the help of a reluctant Dom to get the last of her dodgy drink moved once and for all. But will this be the end of her problems?

Something's Up - Cameron's Being Nice to Debbie!

Debbie may have pushed everyone who cares about her away with her recent antics, but the last person she expected to be on her side was Cameron.

In next week's Emmerdale she finds out that he put in a good word for her with the social worker, potentially saving her the heartache of losing her children.

So, is he helping Debbie because he still cares for her, or is there another reason?

Robbie Gets Violent and Debbie Gets An Unwelcome Visit

Debbie's got a tough time ahead in next week's Emmerdale. Not only does she find herself in a violent confrontation with Robbie after she gets her revenge on him for stalking her, but also learns that she's getting a visit from social services...

It seems someone has reported her for being a bad mother, and she realises there's no shortage of people who could have called them. It's at Sarah's birthday party where she really starts to worry, as she's faced with a room full of people who could have made the call.

Will this act as a wake up call for Debbie, or will her wayward actions cause her to lose her children?

Robbie Turns Against Debbie + Charley Nominated for TV Choice Award

Debbie's friendship with Robbie takes a sinister turn next week when he begins to stalk her. Debbie believes everything that's happening is down to Kirk, but little does she know it's really someone she thought she could trust.

After the disturbance the previous week that was in fact him, Robbie continues to intimidate Debbie by trashing her office, he then deceives her further by telling her he'll protect her from "Kirk", she lets him move in and stay in Cain's old room so that she feels safer with someone around to protect her.

So, will Debbie realise how devious Robbie can be, and who can she turn to for help after pushing everyone who cares about her away? For more on what's coming up next week, have a look on the Debbie page.

Also this week, voting for the 2013 TV Choice Awards has opened and Charley has been nominated for Best Soap Actress, also Jeff Hordley (Cain) has been nomiated for Best Soap Actor too. You can cast your votes via the button below...


Voting is open until the 14th of June, and the shortlist will be announced on the 2nd of July.

Charley at the Soap Awards + is 6 Years Old!

Emmerdale had a successful night at the British Soap Awards on Saturday. Picking up two awards, one was the Best Episode award for the live episode last year, in which Debbie had her baby and Cameron killed Carl, and Eden Taylor-Draper who plays Belle won the award for Best Young Performance.

Charley attended the ceremony and looked amazing in a stunning black and grey outfit by Tempest, have a look in the Gallery for some pictures from the event.

The awards were broadcast on Sunday night and the after show party featured an interview with Charley and her co-stars...

British Soap Awards Interview

They talked about the live episode and teased some upcoming storylines. You can watch it again right now on the Videos page.

Today also marks the sixth anniversary of this site's launch. And it's still attracting more visitors than ever before, which is hardly surprising considering all the exciting storylines Charley has been involved in recently.

Is Debbie In Over Her Head?

Debbie's determination to do as she pleases causes her friends and family to distance themselves from her in next week's Emmerdale...

Firstly, she lays into Zak after he let Cain spend time with her children against her wishes. Then she agrees to go on a date with Robbie, only to stand him up and go out with Kirk instead.

Charity worries that Debbie is letting herself be used by Kirk, just so she can secure a deal on the cheap vodka he's selling. Debbie however, is actually quite wary of her new admirer, but she ignores her friends warnings and carries on associating with him.

So, is Debbie safe around Kirk, or does he want more from her?

For more on what's coming, have a look on the Debbie page. Also this week, hopefully Emmerdale will pick up a few awards at the 2013 British Soap Awards, which are taking place this Saturday, and will be broadcast on ITV on Sunday the 19th at 8pm.

Babysitter Wanted

Cain reaches breaking point with Debbie in next week's Emmerdale, when she palms her children off on Kerry once again...

This time however, disaster strikes as a drunk Kerry causes a fire at Andy's while baby Jack is asleep upstairs. Debbie remains unaware of the peril her children are in as she's too busy trying to secure a business deal with newcomer Kirk.

Cain snaps, and walks out on his daughter and moves in with Moira after Debbie shockingly gets Belle to look after her kids just a day after their lives were put in serious danger by the last person she left them with!

For more details on what's coming up next week, have a look on the Debbie page.

Are Jack & Sarah Safe With Kerry?

Amy suggests that Kerry may not be the ideal person to look after Debbie's children in next week's Emmerdale after she leaves the kids on their own yet again.

Debbie gets concerned when Andy wants to hear Sarah's side of events after Amy tells him about her mother's past, and that letting her look after Jack and Sarah might not be a very responsible thing to do.

So, will Debbie ever realise that the best place for her children is with her?

Also this week, the shortlist for the 2013 Britiish Soap Awards was revealed, but unfortunately Charley didn't make it into the final round of voting.

Uh-Oh, Debbie's Got A Shotgun!

Debbie's takes her need for revenge on Chas to new heights in next week's Emmerdale, when she holds her aunt at gunpoint and fearing for her life.

Chas' ordeal starts when Debbie offers to pick her up to go to Lisa's dinner at the Dingle house, but Chas is alarmed when Debbie drives them past the house and on to a deserted barn.

Debbie pulls out a shotgun from the boot and forces Chas to tie herself up in the barn, terrified that Debbie is going to kill her. So, has Debbie completely snapped, and how will this end?

For more on what's coming up, have a look on the Debbie page.

That's Not How You Serve Drinks Chas!

Debbie will be getting glass of wine in her face from Chas in next week's Emmerdale. To be fair though, she does sort of kidnap Cameron's children!

When Debbie convinces Bernice to let her look after Cameron's boys for a while, she takes them to Carl's grave and tells them that Chas murdered him. Later they turn up at Debbie's after leaving a note saying they've run away. A worried Chas asks Debbie if she's seen them, but she just shuts the door in her face.

Unfortunately for Debbie, the truth soon comes out that she had them all along, and Chas throws a glass of wine over her in front of everyone. However, Debbie is more shocked that no one steps up to defend her latest stunt - not even Charity!

Has Debbie gone too far this time, or is she just getting started? See the Debbie page for more details on next week's exciting events.

Debbie Angers Cameron

Debbie seizes an opportunity to interfere in Chas and Cameron's relationship in next week's Emmerdale, when his children come to visit from Jersey.

Debbie gets upset when she sees Chas with Cameron's boys and decides to cause some trouble for the couple. Later while everyone's at Gennie's hen party, Debbie sneaks into the back and talks to the children, asking them what they think of Chas.

However Cameron walks in and is forced to hide his anger towards Debbie for talking to them. So, what does Debbie hope to accomplish and how far will she go?

For more on what's coming up, have a look on the Debbie page.

Debbie's Scam Puts Robbie In Danger

Robbie sees Cameron's violent side next week, after Debbie's plan to sell cheap booze backfires...

When Cameron catches Robbie selling Zak some scotch in the pub, an argument breaks out and Cameron threatens Robbie.

However, things take a violent turn later when the two of them have a showdown in the pub cellar, Robbie threatens to set fire to the pub so Cameron ties him up in his van!

How far will Cameron go, and will Debbie ever discover how dangerous he really is?

Charley's Nominated For Two British Soap Awards!

Voting for the 2013 British Soap Awards has begun, and this year Charley has been nominated in two categories. She's up for both Best Actress and Villain of the Year.

You can cast your votes via the button below...

Voting Closed

This round of voting ends on the 15th of April, and the shortlist will be announced on the 22nd.

Debbie Gets Tough With Cain

Debbie goes all-out to make her point in next week's Emmerdale, after Cain repairs Moira's car for free...

She insists Moira pays for the work he did for her at the garage and threatens to sack him unless she settles up, but Cain tells her he will quit if she doesn't let it go.

Robbie takes it upon himself to help Debbie and get the money from Moira, but his efforts land him more trouble after Cain discovers what he's up to.

Check out the Debbie page, for more on what's coming up next week.

Happy Birthday Charley!

It's Charley's 25th Birthday today, so Happy Birthday Charley from all of your fans!

In other news, over the last few weeks I've had quite a few emails from visitors trying to find out where Debbie's new black coat came from; this one...

Debbies jacket

Well look no further, it looks like it came from a shop called Bows Boutique in Borehamwood. They don't appear to have an online shop, but do have a Facebook page. So, mystery solved!

Cain Begins To Forgive Chas

Debbie feels betrayed by Cain in next week's Emmerdale after he starts patching things up with Chas...

He tells her that Debbie can't find out that they are on speaking terms again, but he later realises Debbie has already seen them talking.

Debbie confronts him, but he tells her that he is going away to Scotland for a break. Debbie remains cold with Chas and insults her in the pub, but Moira steps in to defend her.

So, what will Debbie do now that is seems Cain is getting over what Chas did to his daughter?

Debbie Worries About Belle + New Interview

There's plenty happening next week for Debbie; firstly she gives Robbie a job after she realises he fancies her and therefore can get away with hardly paying him.

Then after previously looking out for Belle's well being, she's shocked by her attitude and new glamorous appearance and warns her not to hang around with Sean and the other boys.

Also this week, there's a new interview with Charley up on the Videos page...

Charley Interview

She talks about her current storyline, and how the events of the last year have led Debbie to make such risky and potentially dangerous decisions. From getting involved in dodgy deals and doing anything she can to make some quick money.

Will Debbie Be Tempted?

Debbie has to make a big decision in next week's Emmerdale, when one of her new courier clients makes her an offer to make a lot more money on the side. However it involves drugs...

His name is Pete, and until recently he was using the firm where Dom worked for his dodgy dealings. Will Debbie take him up on his offer and make her fortune, or will she do the right thing and turn him down?

There's a lot more happening this week too, check out the Debbie page for more details on what's to come.

Debbie Gets A Shock

In next week's Emmerdale, Debbie enjoys winding Chas up that Cameron isn't coming back from Jersey, however she's in for a nasty shock...

Not only does Cameron return from his trip, but he proposes to Chas. The big news doesn't go down well with Cain though. and a violent fight breaks out between them all at the garage.

Check out the Debbie page, for more on what's to come.

Debbie's Plan Backfires

Debbie's plan to make some serious money falls apart in next week's Emmerdale, when Dom discovers she was just using him to get what she wanted...

Debbie is forced to make a big sacrifice by turning 10% of her garage business over to Dom, after Charity accidently gives the game away. Cain however, doesn't take the news very well at all!

For more on Debbie's current storyline, check out the Debbie page.

The Con Is On (Look Out Dom!)

Debbie starts to move on with her life with a plan for a new courier business in next week's Emmerdale, after deciding she's going to do everything she can to provide for Sarah's future...

However, her methods for getting her plan into action involve a few risks; first she flirts with Dom in the hope of finding out more about the courier firm he works for. But he warns her that the company is involved in trafficking drugs.

Still determined to have her way, she offers him a way to get out of the company and gets Charity and Cain involved too. That's where things start to get messy, but Debbie insists to Cain that she knows what she's doing and is in control.

For more on what's in store for Debbie, check out the Debbie page. Also next week, as you can see it's the debut of Charley's new Brunette hair, and very nice it is too.

Happy New Year! (But Not for Debbie)

2013 will see the stresses of the last year finally take it's toll on Debbie. After more than a year of worry, heartache and betrayal she's going to do exactly what she wants and not let anyone stop her.

In a recent interview with the producer of Emmerdale, it's been revealed that we'll see a darker side to Debbie. She'll be doing the sort of things Cain would do, such as her plan to con people for some quick profit, starting with Dom!

Will Charity and Cain be able to stop their out-of-control daughter before she gets herself into real trouble, and will she ever discover that Cameron is a murderer? Looks like it's going to be another eventful year.