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Cain's Condition Worsens

The Dingles get a shock in next week's Emmerdale, when Cain's condition takes a turn for the worse...

When Cain's headaches become worse and he collapses, Charity convinces him to go to the hospital. He is shocked to learn that he has a brain aneurysm and needs an operation immediatly. He tells Charity that it's just stress and goes home, but later while walking near the river he passes out and falls into the water.

Luckily Kirin and Vanessa are passing by and come to his aid, pulling him from the water and calling an ambulance. How will everyone react when they find out just how serious his condition is, and wiill he survive?

Also this week, a whole load more of Emmerdale scenes from the past year have been added to the Videos page!

Charity Confesses to Save Pete

Charity decides she has to help Debbie and Pete by confessing to the Home Farm fire in next week's Emmerdale...

Charity explains to Debbie that DI Bails has had a grudge against her for many years, she goes on to tell her the details about what happened in their past. Debbie is shocked by what she has heard, but Charity realises she has to do more to make things right with Debbie.

She decides to turn herself in to the police, causing Pete's charges to be dropped. How will Debbie react knowing what her mum has let herself in for by protecting her?

Also this week, Charley and the rest of her Emmerdale team were victorious in the Text Santa Corrie vs Emmerdale Charity Netball match on Sunday. They won by a mile,easily beating their Coronation Street opponents. Head over to the Gallery for some pictures from the event.

Charity or Pete, Who Will Debbie Protect?

Debbie is faced with a difficult choice in next week's Emmerdale, when she has to decide the fate of both Charity and Pete...

When the police come to arrest Pete at the farm, he worries how this could affect Debbie's custody case. He tells Debbie that he will be in court the next day and fears he will lose her forever.

Debbie and Pete learn that the court apearance has been delayed after DI Bails offers them a possible deal to get Pete out of trouble - he wants them to get Charity to confess to the fire at Home Farm!

So, will Debbie get Charity to confess, sending her mother to prison. Or will she let Pete get locked up instead, surely there's another option?

Will Andy Take The Kids?

Debbie fears she may lose the kids when Pete's dark past comes to light in next week's Emmerdale...

When Pete overhears Ross talking about his stolen car business, he decides to report his brother to the police. However, the following day the police want to talk to Pete about his past with dealing drugs which caused a girl to die. How will Debbie react after learning the truth about Pete?

Later, Andy finds out about what's been going on after Sarah tells him everything that's been going on, he tells Debbie he wants to have Jack and Sarah with him full time.

So, will Andy take the kids, and how will Pete's past affect their relationship?

In other news this week, Charley and her Emmerdale co-stars will be taking part in this year's Charity Netball game against the stars of Corrie. All the proceeds will go to ITV's Text Santa campaign, it takes place in Manchester on the 22nd of November.

How Far Will Charity Go?

Charity takes matters into her own hands with violent consequences in next week's Emmerdale...

When Charity overhears that Maxine is blackmailing Moira for money, in exchange for Adam's safety in prison. She decides to take Cain's already violent solution a step further.

Cain confronts Maxine, ties her up and bundles her into his car boot and threatens to lock her up in a container. But, Charity arrives and takes her on a terrifying drive before completely loosing it with her.

So, will Charity go too far and actually kill Maxine, or will Debbie and Cain be able to stop her?

Charity Gets Kidnapped!

Charity's life hangs in the balance in next week's Emmerdale, after she gets abducted by and unknown assailant...

After being outcast by Debbie and the rest of her friends and family when the truth about how she got rid of Rachel, and all of her lies and scheming comes out, Charity decides it;s time to get away from the village.

But, while driving through the countryside, she is forced to stop by another car, she gets out to investigate but is hit on the head knocking her unconscious.

Charity wakes up alone and chained up in an abandoned lorry container!

So, who has kidnapped Charity, and will her family come to her rescue, or do they even care anymore?

Pete and Leyla?

Debbie gets a shock in this coming week's Emmerdale when she discovers that Pete has moved on to someone else already...

Or so she thinks, after hearing Leyla announcing in the cafe that her and Pete are an item. But in reality he only slept on her sofa for a night after a single date.

So, has Pete moved on for good, or is there still hope for him and Debbie?

Elsewhere, Debbie rushes to the hospital after learning that Lisa has had a suspected heart attack, after Jai fires her from the factory for leaving early to see Belle.

Charity Goes Missing

A worried Debbie enlists Pete's help to look for a seemingly missing Charity in next week's Emmerdale...

Declan insists that he and Charity go away together for a break in a remote cotttage for a few days, so she can recover from the recent stresses and Noah getting poisoned. Debbie gets worried after being unable to contact Charity and decides to ask Pete to help her look for her.

Pete reluctantly agrees to help, even though things are still awkward between them following their break up over Charity's lies.

So, will they track down Charity, and what wiill they find if they do?

It Won't Last For Long

Debbie and Pete's rediscovered happiness looks set to be short lived after Charity's lies makes him believe she got rid of his baby in next week's Emmerdale...

Having got back together with Pete and being the happiest she's been in a long time, Debbie asks Pete to move in with her. He tells her that he'll think about it, causing her to worry.

Later in the Woolpack Pete is left shocked after Megan confronts Debbie in front of everyone about aborting her baby - the non-existant baby that Charity lied about to cover her own abortion. Debbie has to go along with the story to protect her mum but later tries to tell Pete the truth, but he doesn't believe her and asks if it was really Ross' baby.

So is this the last straw for Pete, or will he realise Debbie was simply trying to protect her mum?

Also this week, Charley was at the 2014 TV Choice Awards last night looking as amazing as ever, but unfortunately Emmerdale didn't pick up any awards this year. Head over to the Gallery for some pictures from the event.

Charity's Lies Get Out of Control

Debbie finds herself in a difficult situation in next week's Emmerdale, when Charity goes too far in trying to cover up her lies...

The truth about her abortion nearly comes out after Robbie and Megan discover that Charity never lost her baby, but in fact got rid of it and blamed it on Megan. Charity panics that Declan will discover her betrayal and tells him that it was really Debbie who had the abortion and not her.

Debbie is shocked that her Charity has put her in the middle of her deception, but will she go along with her version of events, or will Debbie reveal the truth to Declan about her mother's lie?

Presented Without Commentary: Charley's Ice Bucket Challenge

Find out more about this.

No Debbie, Not Again!

Tensions are running high for Debbie and Ross in next week's Emmerdale, as Donna's funeral aproaches...

Ross tells her that he intends to go to the funeral, but Debbie tries to convince him it's a bad idea. Cain goes a bit further by locking him in the garage until it's over, but Ross gets out and causes upset for Marlon at the funeral.

Pete can't help noticing how worried Debbie is about Ross, he tells James that he is planning to ask Debbie if they should move in together, but his hopes are dashed when she tells him she doesn't want him to.

Later, Debbie finds Ross packing a bag, she tells him that running away won't make him feel any better. He tells her how angry he is that Donna didn't tell him the truth, and then, in the heat of the moment he kisses Debbie and asks her to tell him she loves him!

So, will Debbie give Ross what he wants, or will she finally realise she does in fact love Pete?

Charley Nominated For Inside Soap Award!

Voting for the 2014 Inside Soap Awards has just started, and Charley has been nominated for Best Actress!

Emmerdale has a lot of nominations this year including best storyline for Cameron's Seige, you can see the full list and cast your votes via the button below...

Voting Closed
Don't You Love Me Debbie?

Pete is left wondering in next week's Emmerdale when Cain interupts an important moment with Debbie...

He tells her that he loves her, but before she has a chance to reply Cain arrives, leaving Pete hanging without an answer. So, does Debbie love Pete, or is she still reluctant to letting someone into her life after Cameron?

Elsewhere, Debbie cheers Ali up by deciding to give Sean a job at the garage.

Debbie Discovers Ross & Donna's Relationship

After trying to keep their relationship quiet, Donna and Ross discover that Debbie has found out about them in next week's Emmerdale...

Debbie sees the pair flirting with each other, confirming her suspicions that they are an item. Debbie confronts them, but Ross tells her to stay out of it or he'll come between her and Pete.

She later talks to Donna and warns her about sending Ross to threaten her, but Donna has no idea what's he's up to.

So, will Debbie convince Donna that Ross is bad news, or is it more trouble than it's worth?

TV Choice Awards Voting Round 2

The second round of voting for the 2014 TV Choice Awards has started. Unfortunately Charley didn't make it through, but Emmerdale still has a lot of nominations...

Emmerdale's nominations are for Best Soap Storyline for Cameron's Seige, and Michael Parr (Ross Barton) is nominated for Best Newcomer.

You can cast your votes on the TV Choice website via the button below...

Voting Closed

Voting will remain open until the 18th of July.

Debbie Returns, But Cains Off

After a month away, Debbie returns from her holiday and finds herself having to deal with a runaway Cain in next week's Emmerdale...

With the truth about Adam being revealed, Cain walks out on Moira and goes missing. Debbie and Chas set off to find him, and try to get him back home to sort things out with Moira. Their search leads them to Hull where they eventually find him locked up.

The two plead with him to come back and tell him he's better off with Moira than alone.

Also this week, the first round of voting in the 2014 TV Choice awards has ended, so lets hope Charley makes it into the shorlist!

Charley Nominated For Best Actress In TV Choice Awards!

Voting for the 2014 TV Choice Awards has just begun, and Charley has been nominated for Best Actress!

Other nominations for Emmerdale include Best Soap Storyline for both the Cameron's Seige and Val's HIV storylines, Jeff Hordley, Dominic Power and Mark Charnock have all been nominated for Best Actor. Natalie J. Robb and Lucy Pargeter are also up for Best Actress along with Charley, and all three of the Barton boys are nominated for best newcomer!

You can cast your votes on the TV Choice website via the button below...

Voting Closed

Voting is open until the 20th of June, and the shortlist will be announced on the 8th of July.

Emmerdale Wins Most Spectacular Scene at the British Soap Awards

The 2014 British Soap Awards were held last night in London, and Emmerdale won the Spectacular Scene of the Year award for the Woolpack siege episodes!

Charley was there looking amazing and collected the award along with co-star Mark Charnock. Charley was also nominated for Best Dramatic performance, but that award went to David Neilson from Coronation Street...

Charley at the Soap Awards

The awards ceremony will be broadcast tonight on ITV at 8.15pm, so there might be a video added later.

Update: I've added the video of Charley accepting the award, click the image above to watch it.

7 Year Anniversary + Charley on This Morning Video

It's been seven years now since this site was launched, and it's still going strong with more visitors that ever before. It just goes to show how popular Charley is.

Yesterday, Charley and her co-stars were on This Morning, talking about the upcoming Soap Awards and their recent storylines. If you missed it, or just want to see it again, it's now up on the Videos page along with a behind the scenes look at Cain and Moira's wedding...

Charley on This Morning

Lastly this week, the British Soap Awards will take place in London this Saturday, and will be shown Sunday on ITV at 8.15pm. Charley is nominated for Best Dramatic Performance, so lets hope she wins!

Wedding Bells

When Pete reveals the truth about his past, Debbie decides to give him another chance in next week's Emmerdale, but will it last this time?...

Debbie worries that Ross will let slip that they kissed, but little does Debbie know that the exact same thing has just happened between Pete and Vanessa!

And with both Moira and Cain, and Charity and Declan's weddings looming, the last thing Debbie needs is more hearbreak.

That's The Wrong Barton Debbie!

Debbie's fears are confirmed when she discovers that Pete has a dark past in next week's Emmerdale...

When DC Flanagan tells her that Pete was once charged with assault, Debbie decides to end their relationship.

Later at Cain's stag do, Debbie gets quite drunk and invites Ross to hers for another bottle, where she then kisses him. Will ross take advantage of Debbie, or will he see that she is not over Pete?

Also this week's the second round of voting for the British Soap Awards has started, and unfotunately Charley didn't make it through in the two categories she was nominated in. However she is up for the Best Dramatic Performance award which is voted for by a panel, and the Woolpack Seige is also nominated for best single episode.

Can Debbie Really Trust Pete?

It seems Debbie is still being troubled by her past in next week's Emmerdale, when she asks the police do a background check on Pete...

It all starts when she finds Pete looking after Sarah and Jack on his own, and later when Sarah falls of her bike while he is with her, Debbie starts to wonder if her children are safe around him. Later, when she overhears Harriet talking about how the police can do a check on someone, Debbie decides to find out if Pete has anything in his past that she should be worried about.

When DC Flanagan arrives at Debbie's to talk to her about her concerns, Ross sees her inviting him in and assumes she is cheating on his brother!

So, will the police check turn up anything bad from Pete's past, and what wiill she tell Ross?

Don't forget, there's only about a week of voting left for the 2014 British Soap Awards so get voting for Charley before it's too late!

Cain Approves of Debbie & Pete? Must Be April Fools!

Debbie gets a pleasent surprise in next week's Emmerdale, when her and Pete's relationship finally becomes public knowledge...

For what could be the first time ever, Cain actually doesn't have a problem with who Debbie is seeing, in fact he is quite happy about the pairing.

So, with Debbie's latest relationship off to a pretty good start, will this finally be the one that works out for her?

I Think Debbie Needs Arrest!

Debbie's difficulty in coping with her past experiences with Cameron cause her to get herself arrested in next week's Emmerdale, when she attacks a customer...

While out on a routine breakdown call, Debbie becomes annoyed that the customer keeps on flirting with her, she tells him to stop but he put his hand on her shoulder, causing Debbie to lash out and attack him. She drives off in shock at what she has just done.

Later though, the police come looking for her and arrest her for assault! So, how will Debbie get out of this one, and will Pete step in to help her?

Don't forget, voting is still open for the 2014 British Soap Awards so get your votes for Charley in while you still can!

The Secret's Out + Charley's Nominated For Two Soap Awards!

Debbie's desire to keep her relationship with Pete under wraps hits a setback in next week's Emmerdale, when Ross' meddling lets the cat out of the bag...

He tells Debbie that Pete has been telling everyone that he is seeing her. Debbie believes him and heads off to have it out with Pete.

Will Debbie and Pete's relationship survive Ross' latest sabotage attempt, or is this it for the pair?

In ther news this week, voting for the 2014 British Soap Awards has opened, and Charley has been nominated in two categories! She's up for both Best Actress and Sexiest Female, you can cast your votes right now via the button below...

Voting Closed

Voting is open until the 22nd of April and the awards will be held in May.

What A Nightmare!

Even though he's been dead for months, Cameron is still causing problems for Debbie when Pete realises she's having nightmares in next week's Emmerdale...

Pete sees that Debbie's having trouble sleeping, and makes the suggestion that she could get some help or counseling, as her past with Cameron is clearly still troubling her. Debbie gets defensive and rejects his idea outright and tells him to leave.

So, will Debbie ever be able to move on after what happened to her, and will Pete be there when she does?

Debbie + Pete + Ross + Blackmail = Trouble!

Debbie finds herself to be the centre of attention in next week's Emmerdale when both Pete and Ross fight it out for her affections...

But, little does Ross know that Pete has already won her over and the pair are just keeping it a secret. Ross sees red and takes his anger out on Ashley's car at the garage, Debbie demands he pays for the damage, but instead he blackmails Pete into giving him the money!

So, what does Ross have on Pete to blackmail him over, and what will Debbie do if and when she finds out?

Also this week the interview with Charley from Saturday's Sun TV Magazine has been added to the Interviews page...

Charley Interview

She talks about the busiest year she's had on the show, her upcoming storyline with Pete and her desire to work with Olivia Colman.

Happy 26th Birthday Charley!

Lets all wish Charley a very big Happy Birthday, as she turns 26 today!

It's hard to believe that it's been over 12 years since Charley first appeared on our screens as Debbie way back in 2002. Since then we've seen her and her on-screen character both change and grow up right in front of us. And with her new storyline with Pete just beginning, it looks like there's going to be plenty more to come too!

In other news this week; in this coming Saturday's Sun newspaper, Charley will be featured on the cover of the included TV listings magazine along with an interview...

Charley on the cover

So don't forget to get your copy before they all sell out!

Debbie and Pete? Did Not See That Coming!

A misunderstanding at the garage opens up some new possibilities for Debbie in next week's Emmerdale...

When Pete sees Ross innocently messing around with Debbie at the garage, he mistakenly assumes he's harassing her and decides to step in. He punches Ross and tells him to leave Debbie alone, Debbie is shocked by his actions but she later realises he was just looking out for her.

So, could this develop into something more. After all, what are odds of Pete being a violent serial killer like Cameron?