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Debbie Leaves The Village!

The time has finally come for Debbie to leave the village, after the truth about Ross pushes her over the edge...

When Ross promises Debbie he had nothing to do with Robert's shooting she decides to believe him and agrees to give him a false alibi when the police start asking questions. The truth however, is soon revealed when Robert shows up in Debbie's house and threatens Ross with a gun!

Debbie decides to visit Charity in prison, where her mother tells her that her relationship with Ross is no different to her and Cain's, causing Debbie to make a big decision.

Debbie reveals to Cain and Andy that she's leaving the village and taking all of the kids with her. Later, when she's saying her goodbyes, Ross sees her and tries to get her to stay, but will he be able to convince her?

Bathtime Panic!

Debbie and Emma's fued puts Moses in danger in next week's Emmerdale when he gets left in the bath alone...

Emma remains determined to spend more time with Moses and is willing to do anything to keep him away from Debbie. She makes a deal with Ross to let her look after him behind Debbie's back, Pete finds out but Emma begs him not to tell Debbie.

Pete reveals to Debbie that Ross is keeping his arrangement from her and Debbie confronts Emma over her deception. Emma decides to visit Charity in prison to make her an offer, she tells her she wants full custody of Moses and will help her in exchange.

Later, after returing to the village Emma starts to hassle Debbie again, interupting her while she giving Moses a bath, Emma comes in to Debbie's house prompting Debbie to come down stairs to have it out with her. However panic sets in when they hear Sarah scream upstairs - Moses has had an accident in the bath while Debbie left him alone!

So, will Moses be OK, and will Emma use the incident against her?

In other news this week, some details about Debbie's exit storyline have emerged. She will leave in early 2016 after discovering more about Ross' involvement in Robert's shooting! So there's only a couple more weeks to go before Debbie disappears from our screens for quite some time.

Sarah Wants Ross To Bake Off!

Debbie and Ross' relationship hits another hurdle in next week's Emmerdale when a spot of cake baking goes very wrong...

Debbie leaves Ross looking after the kids in the hope that Sarah will get used to him being around. It all goes to plan until Sarah gets Ross to go to the shops to get some more ingredients. But while he's gone she puts the cakes back in the oven so they burn. Debbie returns to a smoke filled house and is furious that Ross left them alone.

Will Debbie realise that Sarah was really to blame, and will the couple stay together?

Also this week, Charley's baby shower was featured in the the latest issue of OK! Magazine she talked about getting ready for her new arrival and takig time off from Emmerdale. You can read the full interview here and see the pictures from the magazine in the Gallery.

Nikhil's Return Brings Trouble For Debbie

Nikhil's return to the village causes sparks to fly in next week's Emmerdale when Ross steps in to defend Debbie...

In the pub, Debbie aproaches Nikhil and tries to say sorry for her involvment in Gennie's death, however he doesn't want to hear what she has to say. It all goes wrong when Ross interveens and ends up punching him in front of everyone.

The following day, Debbie gets in an argument with Nikhil once again, but the pair decide it's best if they stay away from each other. Nikhil tells Debbie that he hates her for what she did and will never forgive her.

Ross Moves In With Debbie

Debbie is back on our screens in next week's Emmerdale when she returns from her holiday to find Ross back in the village...

She calls him in the hope of them getting back together, but he warns her that he will probably end up hurting her yet again. Debbie asks him to move in with her permanently, and he reveals the truth about what he did to Pete. It's not long before the police come looking for Ross to ask him about what happened between him and his brother.

Also this week, Nikhil returns to the village to help Jai after his recent behaviour, but it's clear he still has issues with Debbie's involvment in Gennie's death.

In other news this week, Charley and Matthew were interviewed again in OK! Magazine while on their holiday in Disney World. You can read the full interview here and see the pictures in the Gallery.

Emmerdale Wins 8 Awards at the Inside Soap Awards

The 2015 Inside Soap Awards took place last night in London, and Emmerdale took home a massive eight awards!

Michael Parr got the awards for Best Actor, Best Bad Boy, Sexiest Male, and shared the award for Best Affair with Charley for Debbie and Ross' recent sneaking around behind Pete's back.

Other awards included Ryan Hawley (Rob) who received the Best Newcomer award, Amelia Flanagan (April) won Best Young Actor, and Charlie Hardwick (Val) and Chris Chittell (Eric) both won Best Partnership.

And lastly Emmerdale won the biggest award of the night for Best Soap, beating Coronation Street, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Charley was there looking great and wearing a little black dress, at her first public event since becoming pregnant again. Head over to the Gallery for some pictures from the event.

The End of the Affair

It looks like Debbie and Ross' relationship could be over for good in next week's Emmerdale...

When Sarah gets upset after walking in and seeing Debbie and Ross kissing, Debbie cancels their romantic night in to comfort her daughter, and decides it may be time to end her relationship with him once and for all. Cain also warns her that he will have nothing to do with her if she stays with Ross.

Debbie tells Ross it's over between them as she can't give him what he wants. Pete sees Debbie breaking up with his brother and revels in his dissapointment, but Ross tells Pete that Debbie was the only reason he didn't kill him and Pete quickly regrets taunting his unpredictable brother.

Later, Ross tells Debbie that he's leaving and may not come back. So, is this truly the end for Debbie and Ross?

Debbie Reunites With Ross

Debbie shocks those around her in next week's Emmerdale when the news of her reunion with Ross is made public...

Chas tries to warn her not to get involved with him again, but will Debbie listen or can they actually make their relationship work?

Elsewhere, Emma takes revenge on Debbie by tampering with Sarah's hospital results after she goes in for a check up.

No Secrets In This Marriage

Pete reveals the shocking truth to Debbie about what he did to Ross in next week's Emmerdale...

Pete panics when he learns a body has been discovered, and fearing that his crime could be uncovered he confesses to Debbie about killing Ross and dumping his body int he woods. Debbie is terrified of her new husband and panics that he is no different to Cameron.

A scarred Debbie finds James and tells him what she has just heard. He makes Pete take him to where he left his brothers body in the forest.

What will happen to Pete once the rest of his family realise what he has done, and how will Debbie cope with living with another murderer?

Also this week, don't forget that there's only a couple more weeks to get your votes in for the 2015 Inside Soap Awards, Charley is nominated twice this year too...

Voting Closed

And lastly, Charley and Matthew were both interviewed in last week's OK! Magazine. They talked about Charley's pregnancy and recent storylines on Emmerdale. You can read it in full on the Interviews page and see the pictures from the magazine photoshoot in the Gallery.

Will The Truth About Ross Come Out?

The village tries to come to terms with the consequences of the disaster in next week's Emmerdale...

While the villagers mourn the victims of the disaster, only Pete knows the truth about what happened to Ross, and his family start to question him about where his brother is. Debbie thinks he is keeping something from her and tries to get him to open up.

Emma suspects Debbie knows where Ross is, so Debbie decides to ask Cain what he did to keep him away from the wedding in the hope of getting Emma to leave her alone, but she's shocked when he tells her about locking him up in a van.

So, will the truth about Pete's actions come out, or will Cain be blamed for Ross' disappearance?

Also this week, Charley was featured in this weeks Sun TV Magazine, she talked about filming the disaster and being pregnant again, you can read it in full on the Interviews page.

Who Will Live, and Who Will Die?

Debbie and Pete's wedding ended in disaster in last night's Emmerdale, when a helicopter arranged by Pete to whisk the couple off crashed into the village hall after being damaged by a nearby explosion...

Chrissie set fire to Robert's beloved car, creating a massive fireball that caused the helicopter to lose control. Now the race is on to rescue the survivors from the dangerous collapsed building.

If that wasn't enough, the wedding was already ruined when a recording of Debbie and Ross talking about their affair was played at the reception moments before the tragedy struck.

Who will come out alive is anyone's guess, so be sure to watch the rest of this week's exciting episodes to find out.

Also this week, two new interviews have been added to the Videos page. The first features Charley talking to Aled Jones on Weekend, and the second features both Charley and Anthony Quinlan having a chat about the upcoming disaster on Good Morning Britain, but in an unexpected twist the interview gets cut short when the fire alarm goes off in the studio!

For As Long As You Both Shall Live

The day of Debbie and Pete's Wedding is fast approaching, but so is a disaster that will rock the village and change the lives of it's inhabitants forever...

Will they live happily ever after, or will a cruel twist of fate tear them apart?

The outcome of next week's Emmerdale is shrouded in mystery and although Debbie's wedding appears to go smoothly, there's trouble brewing with both Cain forcibly keeping Ross away from the ceremony and an unexpected revelation at the reception. It's going to be an exciting week!

Two Men and a Baby

Debbie gets a massive shock in next week's Emmerdale after the truth about Ross being Moses' dad is revealed...

With the stress of her and Pete's wedding getting over closer, Debbie tells Ross that if they're going to run away together, they have to go now or never. Ross is concerned that Debbie still hasn't told Pete the truth and worries that Cain will soon realise what's going on. Instead, Debbie decides to write a leaving letter to Pete so she doesn't have to tell him to his face.

Later, the pair are ready to leave together with their bags all packed, when Cain walks in and tells Debbie the shocking truth about Ross and Moses. Ross desperately tries to save their relationship but Debbie finally ends her affair with him.

So, with the affair over, will Debbie and Pete get married, and will anyone find her break up letter?

Also this week, don't forget there's still plenty of time to vote for Charley in the 2015 Inside Soap Awards, see below for details...

2015 Inside Soap Awards - Charley Nominated Twice!

The first round of voting for the 2015 Inside Soap Awards has just begun, and Charley has been nominated twice this year...

She's been nominated for both "Best Actress" and "Best Affair" along with Michael Parr who plays Ross. You can cast your votes on Inside Soap's website via the button below...

Voting Closed

Voting is open until the 31st of August, and the shortlist will be revealed at the end of September.

Also this week, a new promo video for the huge upcoming summer storyline in Emmerdale has been released, you can watch it right now on the Videos page.

Moira Discovers Debbie's Affair

Debbie is forced to chose between Ross or Pete in next week's Emmerdale after Moira sees her kissing Ross...

Ross tries to get Debbie to admit she cares more about him more than Pete, but Debbie tells him she won't leave Pete for him, leaving him hurt. Later Debbie confronts Ross about the recent hijacking of one of Jimmy's vans to which he denies all knowledge. Debbie believes him and the pair kiss not knowing Moira is watching them!

Debbie is forced to admit to her affair when Moira revealsl what she saw, she tells her that she's been cheating on Pete for months. Moira tells her she has to choose between the brothers today, or she will reveal the truth to Pete.

So, who will Debbie choose; Pete or Ross, and will she be able to stick by her decision?

Moses Is Rushed To Hospital

Debbie is overcome with guilt in next week's Emmerdale after she spends the night with Ross not realising Moses is seriously ill...

Debbie and Ross wake up together in the garage after spending the night there, but back at her house Pete is worried after discovering that Moses has a temperature. Debbie is shocked when she gets a call from Pete at the hospital, who tells her the Moses needs to go into intensive care.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Debbie that Moses needs an operation, and her guilt about spending the night with Ross grows.

Later, Charity arrives at the hospital with a prison guard, but seems to not care about her son's condition. Debbie tells her that the father needs to know how his son is, but Charity refuses to inform him.

So, will Debbie convince Charity to contact the father, and will she be able to overcome her guilt?

Debbie Gives In To Her Feelings For Ross... Again

Debbie makes more excuses to be around Ross in next week's Emmerdale, after being unable to get him out of her head...

With all the stresses of being lumbered with Charity's baby, who has been named "Moses", Debbie decides to continue her affair with Ross secretly behind Pete's back. Zak notices Debbie seems distracted at the christening of baby Moses and reminds her that she can confide in him about anything, but will she?

After the christening party, Debbie tells Pete that she has to stay at the garage longer to finish some work off, but really she is meeting up with Ross yet again.

Will Debbie realise what she could lose, or does she care for Ross more than Pete?

Charley and Matthew Expecting Second Child!

Yesterday, Charley and Matthew announced the big news that they are expecting their second child!

The happy news about Charley's pregnancy was revealed on Twitter with this image...

Charley and Matthew announcment

The couple had their first son Buster just over 5 years ago in 2010. This means Charley will be taking a break from Emmerdale towards the end of the year, her last break saw Debbie leave for Jersey where she met serial killer Cameron. Let's hope this time she doesn't bring a murderer back with her!

Congratulations Charley and Matthew!

Date with Disaster

Debbie finally gives in to temptation in next week's Emmerdale, when she cheats on Pete with Ross.

After Debbie realises that Ross still owes Charlie money he tells her to stay out of his business. Pete soon notices Debbie's concern for his brother during a double date with Ross and Carly. The evening goes awkwardly as Ross worries about finding the cash to pay off Charlie, and Pete watches suspiciously as Debbie and Ross talk.

The next day, Pete's jealousy gets the better of him as he decides to frame Ross for stealing. His plan backfires badly and Debbie soon finds out what he has done, the couple argue and she storms off straight to Ross' place where the pair kiss.

So, will Pete discover Debbie's betrayal, or will the pair carry on behind his back?

Also this week, don't forget there's only a few more days to get your votes in for this years TV Choice awards, see below for more details...

Charley Nominated For Best Soap Actress at TV Choice Awards

Voting for the 2015 TV Choice Awards has started, and Charley has been nominated for Best Soap Actress.

You can cast your votes on their website via the button below...

Voting Closed

Voting is open until the 5th of June.

Icon is Eight Years Old Today

It's 8 years today since this site launched way back in 2007. The site continues to grow bigger and more popular all the time.

Hopefully in the next week or so, I'll be adding a lot more recent Emmerdale scenes to the videos page.

In The Black and Blue Corner

Debbie tries to help Ross in next week's Emmerdale when she discovers he's getting ready for another big fight...

After telling Pete and Finn about what Ross has gotton himself into, they rush to track him down. They soon find him at the venue preparing to fight, what's even more shocking is that they learn Zak has pawned all of Lisa's jewellery and bet it all on Ross to win.

Will Debbie make Ross see sense and pull out of the fight, and what will Pete make of her conern for his wreckless brother?

Ross or Pete? Decision Time

A whole load of new details have teased about the upcoming summer storyline involving Debbie, Pete and Ross...

Debbie's ongoing struggle with her feelings for Ross finally come to a head this summer, as her and Pete's wedding looms ever closer and Debbie must make her choice between the two equally opposite Barton brothers.

Will she give into temptation and throw away her relationship for bad boy Ross, or will she realise Pete is truly her perfect match and the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with?

See you at the wedding (maybe).

Fight Club

Ross is forced to make things right with Charlie in next week's Emmerdale by taking part in an illegal prize fight...

Debbie is shocked when Ross turns up bruised and battered, he tells her that Charlie entered him into a bare knuckle fight in order to settle his debt. Although Ross won the fight, Debbie gets Zak to talk to him about his past involvement with fighting in the hope that it will put Ross off of doing it again.

Cain notices how concerned Debbie is for Ross, and suggests to Pete that he should keep and eye on her. So, will Debbie and Zak talk Ross out of fighting, or will their advice have the opposite effect?

In Deep

A familiar face comes looking for Debbie and Ross in next week's Emmerdale, puting them both in danger...

Charlie, then man who Debbie and Ross stole ten grand from, turns up in the Woolpack on the day of her and Pete's engagement party determined to get his money back.

He demands they go with him, but in a bid to protect Debbie, Ross aggress to go with him alone. Cain watches as Ross leaves with Charlie and questions her about what's going on.

What will Debbie do knowing that Ross could be in serious danger, and will she be able to tell Pete what's been going on?

A Robbery and an Engagement!

Ross puts Debbie in a dangerous situation in next week's Emmerdale, when he tricks her into helping him pull off a robbery!

Chrissie asks for Ross' help stealing ten grand in the hope of getting Lachlan's dad out of her life. Ross agress to help, and gets Debbie to assist him, but he doesn't tell her what they about to do.

The pair arrive at a hotel and Ross reveals the truth about what he has planned, Debbie refuses to help him and Ross is forced to do the job alone. Soon Debbie realises how much danger Ross is in and decides to go and help him, but the pair end up being chased by the men Ross has just stole from.

They take cover in one of the hotel rooms as they hear the men searching for them room by room. Both trapped, Ross and Debbie get talking and he opens up about how he felt about Donna. After some time they make their escape, and Ross tells Debbie how he feels about her, what will he reaction be?

Upon returning to the village, Pete is upset with Ross for getting Debbie involved in his "business" not knowing the truth about what they have done. Later, Debbie suggests to Pete that they get married, to which Pete happily agress. Ross however is furious to hear about the engagement and in a fit of revenge tells Chrissie how Robert got him to steal from home farm and kidnap her dad!

So, will Debbie and Pete's engagement last, or will Ross' feelings for her tear them apart?

Probably Best To Not Get Involved Debbie

Debbie witnesses a shocking event in next week's Emmerdale, when Lachlan's Dad gets attacked and bundled into a car...

It's okay though, as he turns up again later with just a few bruises. Elsewhere in the village, Debbie worries that Carly has managed to get Charity's business into trouble when the police come to talk to Jimmy about a break in.

Debbie later gets in to an argument with Carly, which leads to Brenda telling Carly to pack her things and leave the village!

Has Andy Finally Made A Breakthrough?

It looks like Andy could finally be getting back to normal in next week's Emmerdale, after he realises how crazy he's been acting recently....

When Debbie sees him with arrive wth Tracy at Sarah's school play she is shocked, but when Tracy storms off after an argument, Andy is left horrifie. And it's not long before he sees how messed up he's been since Katie's death.

So, will Andy get his life back on track, or will there be another setback on the horizon?

Andy and Tracy?

Debbie and Chas are shocked to discover that Andy is seeing Tracy in next week's Emmerdale...

Only week's after Katie's death, Andy starts seeing village troublemaker Tracy. What's worse, is that he moves her into Tug Ghyll, changes the locks and tells Vanessa and Leyla to move out!

Will Debbie and Chas be able to make Andy see what a big mistake he's making or will he ignore their advice?

Also this week, Charley wasat the 2015 Tesco Mom of the Year awards at the weekend, you can see a selection of pictures from the event in the Gallery.

Happy Birthday Charley!

Today is Charley's 27th Birthday, so lets all wish her a massive happy birthday from all of her fans!

Will Andy Be Alright?

Debbie realises just how badly Andy is coping in next week's Emmerdale, when she lets him spend some time with the kids...

Both Debbie and Robert are concerned about how Andy is dealing with Katie's death, she suggests that he spends more time with Jack and Sarah. But when Andy comes around to see them, his visit doesn't go very well and upsets Sarah.

Later, Debbie and Victoria decide to confront him over the way he has been behaving, but Victoria accidently ruins his wedding photo album, causing Andy to throw the pair out.

Will Andy ever be able to move on with his life, or will he continue to cause upset for his kids.

Debbie Gives Ross Some Advice

Debbie sees that Ross is in need of some advice in next week's Emmerdale...

When she discovers that Ross has spent the night in the garage, and that he is clearly troubled about what Emma did, Debbie suggests that he forgives her and gives her another chance, but will the rest of his family agree.

Also this week, Debbie lets Andy have the kids after the recent events. But when Sarah questions Andy about what happened, he breaks down and asks Debbie to take them back again.

Can Emma Be Trusted?

Debbie is shocked when Pete tells her the truth about his mother in next week's Emmerdale...

While preparing for Zak and Lisa's anniversary party, Debbie asks Finn to look after baby Jack for a while. However, Finn gets called away urgently to the B&B and gets Emma babysit instead.

Debbie and Pete arrive back and Pete sees that his mum is looking after Jack, he panics causing Debbie to worry and wonder why he has such a problem with her being around. Later, Pete finally tells Debbie the truth about what Emma did to Ross when he was young.

Will Pete ever be able to deal with Emma being back in his life, and can she be trusted?

Will Cain Survive?

Cain's life hangs in the balance in next week's Emmerdale, when he refuses to have the life saving operation he desperatly needs...

When Cain's neurologist informs him that he must have the operation immediately but he stands firm in his decision. Moira tries to convince him to sign the consent form, refusing to talk to him until he does.

It's now up to Debbie to try and make him finally see sense and have the operation. Will she succeed or will Cain's stubbornness be his undoing?

Also this week, I've added a new video from the recent Text Santa campaign which features the cast of Emmerdale including Charley, you can see it now on the Videos page.