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Charley on Dingle Family Album Video

Charley was featured on the Dingle Family Album tonight, she talked in depth about her character Debbie's past and the other Dingles, you can download it from the Videos page now.

The NTA's went by with no appearance from Charley, so no new pics for now.

NTA's This Week + "Look" Magazine Interview

Unfortunatly Charley was not at the Pride of Britain Awards, but the National Television Awards are this week (31st) and there will most likely be an appearance by Charley.

"Look" Magazine interviewed Charley recently, she talks about living with Adele Silva, her brother Jamie and what she wants to do in the future, you can read the full article on the Interviews page.

Gallery Redesign + Pride of Britain Awards Reminder

You may have already noticed the Gallery has been completely redesigned, now images load in a clever overlay window freeing up space for more events on the menu (you will need Javascript enabled on your browser to get it to work properly), i've also added the same effect to the Pic of the Week at the right of this page.

I've started the About Charley page, added the main facts and will be adding a more detailed biography and history later.

Also the Pride of Britain Awards are on Wednesday, Charley was there last year so may be again this year too. It's on ITV1 at 9pm.

Slow News Week (Bad), Site Popularity Up (Good)

It's been a slow couple of weeks for Charley news, the Inside Soap Awards were last week and unfortunatly Charley did not attend, which was a pity.

Even though there hasn't been any updates for 3 weeks this site is attracting more visitors than ever before, this months "unique visitors" are over double last months...

July 07 Unique Visitors: 88 (Total Visits: 159)
Aug 07 Unique Visitors: 328 (Total Visits: 929)
Sep 07 Unique Visitors: 1165 (Total Visits: 2488)

This could be due to search engine rank or possibly recent Emmerdale storylines as Debbie has featured quite a bit in recent episodes.

Also the site is at the top of Yahoo! Search and currently 6th place on Google, how long it will stay there only time will tell.

Hopefully this week will see the About Charley page finally get added, I've held off on doing it as its difficult to make without ripping other sites off, plus much of the info out there is incorrect.

TV Quick Awards Pics + Other Events

Charley was at the TV Quick Awards yesterday, and i've added a pic from the event to the Gallery.

Charley fan Katie has supplied some new pictures from Hollyoaks star Chris Fountain's birthday party which Charley attended, thanks again Katie!

Also, I've added a counter on the right showing how many images, videos and interviews are on the site.

Gallery Update + Old Article

Another Charley fan has submitted some images and i've added them to the Gallery, thanks Katie!

This brings the total to 128 pictures now (139 if you include the screenshots at the bottom of the gallery). Hopefully this week I'll add some Avatars / Buddy Icons to the downloads page too.

I found another old article the "Little Black Dress" event from 2006 which Charley attended...

2006 - "Little Black Dress" Gala.

Gallery & Videos Update + Old Interview

I've added 26 new images to the Gallery and some assorted clips to the Videos page.
Here is an old interview with Charley on GMTV (Now removed, sorry).

New Server + New Videos = Yay!

I've moved the site to a new server with more space and bandwidth, the old one was free and ideal as a starter for this site, but didn't have enough space for all of the content planned.

More videos have been added including interviews, appearances at events and some assorted clips from various other programmes, more will be added in the next few days too.

Inside Soap Awards - Get Voting!

It's voting time for the 2007 Inside Soap Awards, Charley is up for Best Actress.
Click below to go to the official voting site (there's also a competition to get tickets to the event)...

Voting Closed

Near the end there is a question where you can pick the Best Dressed star, Puting Charley's name in there would be a VERY good idea!

Search Engine Results + Old Articles Roundup

Not much Charley related news lately, on the plus side this site is climbing the search sites.
Jumping between 1st and 2nd place on Yahoo! and slowly getting picked up on google.

Charley has done quite a bit in the last few years, here are a few links to some off-site articles...

2006 - Charley gets Yorkshire Young Achievers Award.
2006 - Charley does some charity work for the Save the Children fund.
2005 - Emmerdale's teenage stars wear charity wristbands.

Gallery Update & BSA Videos

A small update, i've added a few more images to the Gallery totalling nearly 100 pictures now!.

Also added the are the Soap Awards Videos to the videos section, Charley was not featured on the after party show and was only seen a few times during the awards.

British Soap Awards Videos

The Soap Awards are on tonight and I'll be posting videos of the event...

Starting with the arrivals, a small clips collection of Charley on the red carpet with a quick review of her dress, it was expensive!

More later with clips from the show and the after party.

Charley Didn't Win :-( But what a dress!

Unfortunatly Charley didn't win the Best Actress award, Kate Ford did and Emmerdale got an award for "Spectacular Scene of the Year" when the house fell down, Oh well. There's some new pics in the Gallery to help with the dissapointment.

Update: 4 more pictures added to the Gallery.

British Soap Awards Reminder

Don't forget the British Soap Awards are this Wednesday (30th), Charley will undoubtably be there looking lovely, and there's a very good chance she could win the Best Actress award too! Plenty to watch as well...

30-05-07 - ITV2 - 18:00 - 19:00 - Red Carpet Arrivals
30-05-07 - ITV1 - 20:00 - 22:00 - The Show
30-05-07 - ITV2 - 23:00 - 00:00 - After Party

Site Launched + Charley at the BAFTA Awards

Charley was in the audience of the 2007 Baftas Awards. Visit the Galllery for some screenshots from the event, or download the video of the event from the Videos page.

This marks the launch of, only some of the site is up but i'm slowly working on it so keep coming back!

I intend the focus of this site to be mainly about Charley herself, but also include content about her character Debbie, and her storylines.