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It Must Be Christmas!

Because on last night's episodes of Emmerdale it was Chas' Hen Night, and all the girls including Debbie were dressed up in sexy Santa outfits, Merry Christmas!...

Christmas Eve

Scenes from these episodes can be found on the Videos page.

First Details of Debbie's Big Storyline Emerge

The first details about Debbie's big upcoming storyline have emerged...

A new character will arrive in the village played by ex-The Bill actor Dominic Power. He'll play the roll of Cameron Murray who Debbie was involved with while she was in Jersey.

He's described as an "edgy" character and will be an integral part of a very dramatic year for Debbie. Cameron will make his first appearance this coming March.

She's Back!

The wait is over, Charley has finally returned to our screens. In tonight's episode Debbie unexpectedly reappered in the village...

Debbie Returns

Cain and Charity had no idea why she has come back from Jersey, but all was revealed in the end.

Scenes from this episode can be found on the Videos page.

An All New Debbie?

The long wait for Debbie's return to Emmerdale will soon be over, on Friday the 12th of November she will be back from Jersey. She'll unexpectedly arrive back in the village with her daughter Sarah taking Cain and Charity by surprise.

However Debbie will seem a bit different as revealed by Emma Atkins in a recent Interview; "She's a lot more sophisticated when she returns, a lot more subtle" and her reappearance is a bit of a mystery.

So why is Debbie back and what's changed her? It looks like her upcoming storylines over the next year are going to be very interesting.

Expect more details and pictures to emerge over the next week of so.

Not Long Now!

It looks like Debbie's return to Emmerdale has been pushed back by about a month from the original rumoured October date. But the wait will soon be over as there have been a few sightings of Charley filming in the village set on the Emmerdale webcam over the last week or so.

Which means less than a month left until she's back on our screens as Debbie, probably a couple of weeks into November. No more details are known about the big storyline she'll be involved in yet, or even why she's come back from Jersey.

Hopefully more will be revealed over the coming weeks.

Charley Returns to Emmerdale in September

Which means Debbie will be back on our screens at the beginning of October!

In a recent interview with the producer of Emmerdale, some hints about Debbie's return from Jersey and her upcoming storylines have been revealed...

Debbie will be involved in a new storyline which has been described as "uncharted territory".

Other details about her return are said to include Sarah's dad Andy, and will "revisit the history of their relationship in a way that few will see coming".

It looks like Charley's return to Emmerdale will be rather exciting, and hopefully more details will emerge in the coming months.

OK Magazine Interview + Site Redesign

Charley, Matthew and their new baby son Buster were featured in the "Baby Special" of OK Magazine last week, they talked about being parents, the birth and their future. You can read the full article on the Interviews page and see the pictures in the Gallery.

You may have noticed the new look to the site this week, nothing too radical, just a bit of a restyling to make things a bit more modern.

Icon is 3 Years Old!

Today marks 3 years since this site was launched. And while we may be in the middle of a Debbie-less Emmerdale, there's still as many people visiting as ever.

In the past 3 years this site has had 112,390 visitors who have viewed a total of 937GB of data, now that's a lot of Charley fans!

In the coming months I'll be adding a lot more content and giving the site a bit of a redesign too.

Charley's Nominated In The 2010 TV Now Awards

Voting for the 2010 TV Now Awards has opened, and this year Charley has been nominated in the "Favourite Female Soap Star" category.

Click the button below to go to their website and submit your choices...

Voting Closed

Also don't forget voting is still open for this years British Soap Awards too, scroll down for details.

It's a Boy!

It's just been announced that Charley has given birth to a baby boy. He arrived on Saturday and has been named Buster Lawrence Wolfenden.

Charley & Matthew are said to be: "completely besotted with him".

Congratulations Charley & Matthew!

That's a Wrap

Charley may have left the dales, but she'll be back on our screens before you know it. In case you missed it last week you can watch Debbie's tearful exit again on the Videos page...

Debbie Leaves

To fill the Debbie sized gap over the next few months there will be a lot more content added to the About Debbie page, which hasn't been updated for a while.

Once all of the recent events have been covered, I'll be adding a lot of Debbie's earlier storylines from the last few years and including some clips from the episodes.

Charley's Last Episode Tonight!

Make sure you watch tonight's Emmerdale as it's Charley's last episode, Debbie will leave the village with her Daughter Sarah and move to Jersey to start a new job. Debbie left Charity & Cain speechless when she told them in last night's episode...

Debbie tells Cain and Charity shes leaving.

Charley will be back on Emmerdale near the end of the year when her maternity leave is over.

All of the scenes from this weeks episodes have been added to the Videos page and Charley's final scenes will be added this evening also.

Vote for Charley in the 2010 British Soap Awards

Voting for this years British Soap Awards has started, and Charley has been nominated in the Sexiest Female category! Click to the button below to go to the BSA website and cast your vote.

Voting has closed for the category Charley is nominated in but you can still vote is some of the other categories...

Voting Closed

There may only be a couple of weeks left before Debbie leaves Emmerdale, but it looks like plenty will be happening before she goes. Some preview pictures from the coming episodes are now in the Gallery.

Happy Birthday Charley!

That's right, Charley is 22 today. So lets all wish her a big happy birthday & hope she gets lots of presents!

It won't be long now before we see Charley leaving Emmerdale as she takes her maternity leave, so only a few of weeks of Debbie's adventures to go. But don't panic, she'll be returning at the end of the year.

This week I've added the interview from OK Magazine in which Charley talks about her pregnancy and starting a family, you can read it on the Interviews page.

Debbie's Blonde!

Since all of that money burning at Christmas, 2010 has been pretty uneventful for Debbie so far. The biggest thing that's happened to her is the new blonde hair...

Blonde Debbie

As Charley will soon be taking a break for her maternity leave, it won't be long before we get an idea of how she goes. Will it be in true Debbie fashion and be an emotional rollercoaster or will she finally get a happy ending? After all, Nikhil has taken quite a shine to her recently so could a new romance be on the cards?

Also this week, I've added a small clip from Harry Hill's TV Burp in which Debbie features in one of his funny sketches, you can watch it on the Videos page.