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Debbie Burns Cain's Money!

Debbie finally came up with a way to stop Charity & Cain fighting in last night's Emmerdale. While they were having Christmas dinner with the rest of the Dingles, Debbie left and went to the garage with Cain's money. She then tipped it out of the bag and set fire to the whole lot...

Christmas Day

Scenes from this episode can be seen on the Videos page.

Charley & Emma Appear on This Morning

Yesterday, Charley and Emma Atkins appeared on This Morning to talk about recent storylines and what's in store over the Christmas period for their characters on Emmerdale.

Charley also talked about her pregnancy and how she's coping with filming on the freezing cold village set. Also you may have noticed that Charley has dyed her hair a stunning blonde colour.

The entire interview can be watched on the Videos page.

An Eventful Christmas for Debbie

It's been a fairly boring time for Debbie recently, but that looks set to change this week when Carl's obsession with getting his money back from Cain puts Debbie in danger.

He discovers she knows where it is and threatens her, but as Cain's not around to protect her, who will?

Pictures from these upcoming episodes can be viewed in the Gallery.

Debbie's Birthday Surprise

What should have been a fun, happy day for Debbie, got turned upside down by Charity in last night's Emmerdale.

Debbie discovered that Cain had offered Charity £20,000 to leave the village forever. Debbie loses her temper and tells Noah who his real dad was and what their mother is really like.

Debbie's Birthday

You can watch the scenes from this episode on the Videos page.

In other news this week you'll be able to watch Charley's ex co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman in the new series of Waterloo Road which starts on BBC1 this Wednesday. This is her first new role since leaving Emmerdale earlier this year.

Charity Returns to Emmerdale

Yet another of Debbie's relationships came to an unhappy ending last week. With Michael about to get married, Debbie decides to try and stop the wedding. She arrives at the church just as Michael and his bride are at the alter, everyone in the church turns around to see who Michael is staring at including the bride who turns out to be none other than Debbie's mum Charity!

Charity's Wedding

You can watch all the action from this episode on the Videos page.

Michael Tells Debbie He's Getting Married!

After deciding to carry on her affair with Michael, Debbie thought she was in for some fun. That was until he drops the bombshell that he's getting married to his girlfriend. He then makes things worse when he tells her that the wedding is less than a week away!

Debbie makes him decide between her and his other woman. He chooses Debbie and promises her he'll call off the wedding!

Michael tells Debbie everything.

Scenes from these episodes can be found on the Videos page. Make sure you watch Emmerdale all next week as things will take an exciting twist.

Biggest News Ever - Charley's Pregnant!

Today it was announced that Charley andher boyfriend Matthew Wolfenden are expecting their first child. The couple are said to be "Delighted" at the news, and the baby is due next spring. So congratulations to Charley and Matthew!

Currently it's not known whether Charley will leave Emmerdale for a while or if a storyline will be divised where Debbie will get pregnant again. But with Debbie's current storyline and Charity's return next month, anything could happen!

2009 National Television Awards Voting Opens

Voting for the 2009 NTA's has just opened, and Charley has been nominated for "Best Serial Drama Performance". You can vote by clicking the button below...

Voting Closed

Voting closes on the 30th of September and the awards will be held in January next year. I've also added the latest Emmerdale previews to the Gallery.

Interesting Times Ahead for Debbie

It looks like Debbie's latest relationship is shaping up to be her most complicated yet. In this weeks episodes her boyfriend Michael reveals that he is seeing another woman! Debbie kicks him out, but it's doubtful this is the last we'll see of Michael Conway.

In a few weeks Emma Atkins will be reprising her role as Debbie's mum Charity. Now with both her parents and daughter all together again, will some normality return to Debbie's life? Probably not!

Also this week I've finally got around to updating the About Debbie page and added details about her most recent storylines.

Debbie's Back!

It's been a fairly dull few weeks for news, but in last night's episode of Emmerdale, Debbie, for the first time talked a little about her history with Jasmine with her new romantic interest Michael the local fridge salesman.

Debbie and Michael

Also since returning from her little break, Charley's got herself a new hairstyle, her trademark fringe is no more! You can watch the scenes from this episode on the Videos Page.

Inside Soap Awards Voting now Open

Voting for the 2009 Inside Soap Awards has now opened and this year Charley has been nominated for Best Actress. Also two of the big storylines she was involved in are also nominated; Shane's Murder and the Custody Battle. Click the button below to Vote...

Voting Closed

At the end of the voting, just like last year you can choose who you think is the "Best Dressed Star". Also added this week are some new preview pictures which can be found in the Gallery.

Debbie Finally Gets Sarah Back!

It's been quite a week in Emmerdale, starting off with Debbie stopping Andy from running off with their daughter Sarah, and the emotional court scenes in which Debbie is finally given full custody.

I've added a video from the episode where Debbie and Andy are in court to the Videos page.

Debbie gets Sarah

Also added to the videos page is an interview with Charley talking about this storyline.

Icon is 2 Years Old! + TV Quick Voting Open

It's been two whole years since this site was launched, and it's constantly getting more visitors than ever before as Charley gains more and more fans. All thanks to her incredible performances in the huge storylines she's been involved in over the last few months.

Also this week voting has now opened for the TV Quick Awards and Charley has been nominated for "Best Soap Actress". Click the button below to vote...

Voting Closed

The "Shane's Murder" storyline has been nominated for best storyline too, the awards will take place in September.

2009 British Soap Awards

Last night it was the 2009 British Soap Awards. Charley was nominated for best actress but unfortunately she didn't win, instead the award went to Katherine Kelly from Coronation Street.

A short interview from the event with Charley and Jeff Hordley on the red carpet can be found on the Videos Page. Also some pictures from the event can be found in the Gallery, and the awards will be shown on ITV1 this Wednesday.

Charley on This Morning

As it will soon be the Soap Awards, This Morning have been talking to the cast of all the major soaps this week. Today was the turn for the Emmerdale cast to have a chat, Charley, Nicola Wheeler, Charlotte Bellamy & Kelvin Fletcher all talked about their recent storylines on the show.

Go to the Videos page to watch and see another video from This Morning of Charley and the cast in a waffle cooking competition - guess who won!

He's Back! - Cain Returns to Emmerdale

After two year of absence, Debbie's dad Cain (Jeff Hordley) returned to Emmerdale in an exciting action packed episode, He's back for many reasons; some unfinished business with the Kings and to help Debbie get Sarah back from Andy.

2009 TV Now Awards

The scenes from tonight's episode are available on the Videos page, which also includes Debbie's dramatic fight with Maisie!

2009 TV Now Awards Pictures

It was the TV Now awards at the weekend. Unfortunately Charley didn't win the award for "Favorite Soap Actress" for which she was nominated, instead it went to Katherine Kelly from Coronation Street. Both Charley and Jenna-Louise Coleman were there and looked absolutely stunning. Go to the Gallery for some pictures from the event.

2009 TV Now Awards

Voting is now closed for the British Soap Awards, so not long now until the event and we find out if Charley gets the award for Best Actress!

Debbie Gets Out + Jasmine's Final Scenes

Last week saw Debbie's release from prison, she left with a new determination to get her daughter Sarah back. We also watched the final scenes between Charley and Jenna-Louise Coleman in a tearful farewell. Scenes from these episodes can be found on the Videos page.

Debbie & Jasmin say good bye.

You may have already heard that Emma Atkins will be returning to Emmerdale and reprising her role as Debbie's mum Charity. With both of her parents and the rest of her family supporting her, will Debbie be able to get Sarah back? The next few months are going to be very interesting indeed.

Voting will soon be closed for the British Soap Awards, it ends on the 5th of April, we will then have to wait until May for the results.

Another Nomination for Charley - 2009 TV Now Awards

Charley has been nominated for another award this week, this time it's for "Favourite Female Soap Star" in the 2009 TV Now Awards which will be held in Dublin in April. Also nominated in the same category is Charley's co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman. Click the button below to go to their website and vote...

Voting Closed

Don't forget voting is still open for the British Soap Awards too, so if you haven't voted yet scroll down for details.

Jasmine & Debbie Charged

Last night's Emmerdale saw the end of the murder storyline that's been running since December. Both Debbie & Jasmine pleaded guilty, Jasmine got four years for manslaughter and Debbie got six months for her part in Shane's death, but she'll be out a lot sooner than that.

Debbie & Jasmine in Court

What will Debbie do once she's out? go back again to visit Jasmine, turn her attention to getting custody of her daughter Sarah perhaps? Who knows...

The scenes with Charley & Jenna-Louise were all flawlessly performed, and with the British Soap Awards coming soon the real crime would be if they don't get an award for their excellent work over the last few months.

It's been known for some time that Jenna-Louise Coleman will be leaving Emmerdale for a while, but she will make a few more appearances on the show yet before going.

Scenes from all of this weeks episodes can be found on the Videos page, also this week the Gallery has finally hit 500 images!

Charley Webb - 21 Today

Today is Charley's 21st birthday, so lets wish her a fun & happy day from all of her fans. It's hard to believe how much she's changed since her first appearance on Emmerdale in 2002.

Keep an eye on Emmerdale next week, as it will be Debbie's big trial and it looks set to have some of the most shocking and exciting scenes since the murder story began.

2009 British Soap Awards Voting - Charley Nominated!

The online voting for the 2009 British Soap Awards has started. Charley has been nominated for Best Actress this year and Jenna-Louise Coleman is up for Sexiest Female too. Click the button below to vote (you need to confirm your votes by email this year)...

Voting Closed

Also added are some new Emmerdale preview pictures for next weeks episodes.

Emmerdale Fanclub Weekend Pictures

Thanks to Emmerdale Fanclub member Monalisa62003 you can find some great pictures of Charley and some of her fellow co-stars at the 2009 Emmerdale Fanclub Weekend event. She has also kindly provided some new pictures from last years TV Now Awards in Dublin. All of this can be found in the Gallery.

Emmerdale Fanclub Weekend

Also added are a few new Emmerdale preview pictures, and later this week I'll be adding more to the About Debbie page too.

February Update - More Debbie!

When I first started this site, the focus was intended to be on Charley with less attention on her character Debbie. However in the last year and especialy with the storylines that have taken place in the last few months, her character has become one of the most watched and high profile on the show. With some incredible acting alongside Jenna-Louise Coleman, and with future plots likely to be as exciting as what we are currently watching, I've decided to add some Debbie related content to the site...

You may have already noticed the new About Debbie button above, this new page will feature details about the character Charley has been playing for over six years including past storylines & on-screen relationships. It's still work in progress and more will be added to it over time.

The site has rocketed in popularity in the last few months, now there are regularly the same amount of visitors in a single day as there were in a whole month this time last year, and it's all because of Charley's excellent portrayal of Debbie and the excting stories she has been involved in.

Debbie Gets Arrested + Jasmine's Final Scenes

Last night's episode was one of the most dramatic and exciting ever, with some excellent acting by Charley and Jenna-Louise Coleman (these were Jenna's final scenes for a while too).

The murder storyline took some interesting twists as Eli got arrested and told the police everything about what happened to Shane. Debbie and Jasmine decide to go on the run...

Debbie gets arrested

But as Jasmine gets away, Debbie gets caught and arrested after a high speed car chase through the countryside.

I've put the edited scenes from these episodes on the Videos page.

Update: just for good measure I've added tonight's episode too.

Exciting Storylines Coming for Debbie in 2009

This year looks set to be the most eventful yet for Charley's character, The recent murder storyline will take some exciting twists and turns over the next few months.

This year will also see the return of Debbie's dad Cain (Jeff Hordley) to Emmerdale, and he's back for a reason!

As usual this week there's a new batch of Previews and a few more Magazine Features too.