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Trouble in Prague

Debbie has to make a risky decision in next week's Emmerdale in order to get Sarah to Prague for her treatment...

With the money for Sarah's treatment all raised, it's time to get her to Prague so she can finally have it. The only problem is Debbie can't leave the country after her recent run in with the police.

Charity offers to take Sarah herself, but Debbie has other plans and goes to Ross for a fake passport. However her plans are short lived when Faith steals her boarding passes to stop her going.

Will Debbie manage to get Sarah to Prague, or has Faith's interfering ruined her chance to make her daughter well again?

Mystery Money and a Mystery Guest

Debbie's struggle to fund Sarah's treatment takes a hit in next week's Emmerdale when Chrissie discovers that Charity and the Dingles stole her money!

After becoming suspicious of the large ammount already raised for Sarah, Chrissie confronts Charity who is forced to reveal all about the £50,000 she stole from the Whites. Lawrence manages to convince her not go to the police by paying Chrissie back himself. Plus Debbie is no closer to finding out who anonymously donated £20,000 to her daughter's campaign.

Elsewhere in the village, Sarah discovers a mystery woman hiding in the Dingle's barn. In a bid to help her she steals some money from the collection box in the Cafe.

Who is this mystery woman and why was she at the Dingle's in the first place?

In other news this week, Emmerdale won the award for "Best Serial Drama" at the 2017 National Television Awards. This is the first time they have won this award at the NTAs.

Tonight's The Night

Charley will be back on our screens tonight in an hour long Emmerdale!

Debbie made a brief appearance in last night's episode when Cain spotted her on a crime stoppers show on TV.

Tonight marks the start of a new chapter in Debbie's story, and we'll find out why she's back and exactly what kind of trouble she's gotten herself into. You may have already noticed from the preview pictures that her Daughter Sarah is now played by new actress Katie Hill, who is replacing Sophia Amber Moore in the role due to the nature of some of the upcoming storylines.

To coincide with Debbie's long awaited return, Charley will be answering viewer's questions on ITV's Twitter page from 7pm tonight!

Also this week, there's a new video interview with Charley talking about her return to the Dales, and you can watch it right now on the Videos page.

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Happy New Year everyone! The first picture of Debbie's return has been released and she will be back on our screens on Tuesday the 24th of January in a hour long episiode of Emmerdale!

It's been a long wait, and her dramatic return to the village looks to be quite exciting with a group of criminals after her and demanding money.

Will Cain and her family be able to help her before it's too late, and just how did she get involved in such a dangerous situation in the first place?

We'll all find out in just over a week!

Also this week, Charley and Matthew were interviewed in OK! Magazine, Charley talked about her return to Emmerdale and their future plans, pick up your copy now.