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21 March 2008

Mother Love! When Sarah's life is threatened Debbie discovers how much she really loves her reveals Charley Webb.

How does Debbie discover Charlie's threatening Jo & Sarah?
Charlie's forcing Jo to help him pull a job by finding him a getaway car. Debbie gets suspicious when Jo starts asking questions about changing a car's identity and Jo eventually cracks and tells Debbie everything.

Why don't they go to the police?
Jo pleads with Debbie not to. She's terrified Charlie could hurt Andy if he goes back to jail.

But Debbie is more worried?
She learns Charlie's threatened to harm Sarah if Jo doesn't help him and she's furious at Jo for putting Sarah in that sort of danger. She'll do everything in her power to stop anything happening to Sarah.

What does she do then?
She plans to get Charlie onside then set him up.

Does it work?
Charlie's a frightening and very threatening man but Debbie's not scared of him. She tells him she's a Dingle and can help him. Then she and Chas set up a fake robbery for him. The plan is to trap him...

What are they going to rob?
Chas knows someone who has the criminal connections they need - a nightclub owner who sympathises with Debbie.

What goes wrong?
Charlie takes a gun and forces Chas to really rob the place. Chas is very scared but manages to set off the alarm and do a runner with Debbie and the money back to the farm with Charlie hot on their heels!

Does he get away with the money?
It looks like he will but then the club owner turns up with a heavy and scares the life out of Charlie. She tells him he's a dead man if he ever sets foot in the village again.

And Debbie does it all for her daughter, what's changed her?
She's beginning to care more and more for Sarah and baby Daniel's tragic death made her stop and think. She's suddenly realised how precious Sarah is.

Andy gets out of jail on appeal... He's not some to be happy she has been seeing Sarah...
No matter how Andy reacts he can't stop her. If she wants to see Sarah she will - whether he likes it or not! She's Sarah's mum and he can't stop her from seeing her.

Would she fight him for custody if she had to?
If she decides she wants Sarah back she'll fight him all the way!

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