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11 March 2008

"My awful pictures have a habit of just turning up!"

Charley Webb. The "Emmerdale" stunner on coping with fame and why having a sexy brother makes her go all weird!

Growing up on screen can have its pitfalls. After all, cute kids don't always grow up into gorgeous adults. But as you can see from these sensational pictures of Charley Webb, the Emmerdale minx doesn't have any worries on that score. In fact, she has blossomed into a gorgeous you thing and strikes some pretty impressive poses in this season's latest fashion.

When we ask Charley, 20, what's coming up for her character Debbie Dingle, she shrugs: "God knows! She's always up to something!" Indeed in her five years at the soap Charley has given birth in secret to a baby, had a lesbian affair, dabbled in blackmail and had no end of scraps with the inhabitants of the villiage. Debbie has captured the nation's imagination and even Charley is hooked on her character: "I find her so interesting. The way she's abrupt with people. I mean, she really does say exactly what's on her mind. It's funny to play and sometimes I wish I could be more llike that."

Charley also admits that despite being on the show for over five years she still feels like she's new to the show: "I've been in it for five years but it's gone so quickly. It's so amazing how fast the years just fly by."

Even though she's one of TV's most recognisable stars, Charley's always chosen to "keep myself to myself" as she puts it. Although she admits it's funny when viewers meet her and assume she'll be just as colourful as the character she plays. "A lot of people on the show are opposite to the characters we play but when people meet us they assume we'll be just like we are on TV. When you're in someone's living room six nights a week then of course they're going to think they know you!"

Here we chat to Charley about life on the Dales, giving birth on screen and getting to grips with her brother, Hollyoaks' Jamie Lomas, being a sex symbol.

Charley plays Debbie in Emmerdale, She says: "There's still so much they can do with the character. she's been through a lot but Debbie is capable of more!"

Is it weird knowing that you've grown up in the public eye?
Its strange in so far as people see you change. Most people have awful pictures of themselve when growing up but with me there's a chance they may turn up in a magazine from time to time - and mine have a habbit of just turning up!

You've had some amazing, and at times controversial, storylines...
Debbie's a great character. I remember when i was taken into the producers to talk about the storylin when she was pregnant. Obviously I was quite young at the time and I was going to have ti give birth on screen, which is a big thing to take on.

Even thoughpeople know everything about Debbie, you yourself have remained something of an enigma...
I just think it's important to have a private life and I think it's important for, personally, to draw a line that doesn't get crossed.

You see Sheree Murphy a lot in your spare time, don't you?
I adore Sheree and here lovely family. I wasn;y that close to here on the show - mainly becaulse she wasn't there for that long. But now im really good friends with her and i adore her and the kid and husband Harry [Kewell]. I've honestly never heard anyone say a bad word about her - they wouldn't in front of me anyway becaulse i'd kill them! We've been good friends for a long time now and I see her as often as I can.

Charley adores fashion. "I love Kate Moss' style," she says. "She's amazing - her clothes are simple but she gets it so right"

What do you think about your actor brother Jamie Lomas being thought os as a bit of a sex symbol?
It does make me feel a little bit sick to hear people talk about my brother like that, even now I feel a little bit unwell!

He gets hos top off quite a lot...
I'm quite used to people think about him in that way because he's always been a goog-looking boy. A lot of my friends would say e was fit or that they fancied him. but obviously now all thats a little bit bigger.

We bet he quite enjoys being seen as a sex symbol, though...
What's funny is that he really hates it. He just gets incredibly embarrased about the whole thing. Bless him!

And he's a bit of a gay icon...
Is he? He's very manly so maybee that appeals? I think Jamie must be the most un-camp person in the world ever?

Charley says besides supermodel Kate Moss her style icons are the Olsen twins. She explains: "I don't like stuff that's too obvious. But I don't think anyone would copy what I wear - not when there are people like Kate Moss around!" She does get accosted, though: "When you're in someone's living room six nights a week then of course they're going to think they know you"

How does he feel about you being a sexy young soap thing?
Well Jamie is ridiculously protective. If any guy comes anywhere near me Jamie will want ti jbiw who he is, and what he's been saying. He's very protective but then we don't really talk about our relationships. At the end of the day, he's my older brother, I'm his baby sister and I always weill be.

How did you get into acting?
Jamie actually started after I did. Even whan I was really little I always wanted to be an actress and apparently I used to put on lots of little productions and shows with my friends. Then I started taking it quite seriously and Jamie became curious about it. I would say to him thats he couldn't just decide to try acting overnight. But he took it further and what's funny now is that he's ridiculously serious about the whole thing. He loves it.

Would you ever act together?
I'd never say never. If it was the right kind of thing and the both of us liked the material then we'd love to work together.

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