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15 October 2007

Emmerdale's Charley Webb chats to Look about hanging out with Sarah Harding and Adele's home cooking!

Charley Webb, 19, is a far cry from Debbie Dingle, The Manchester teen leads a much more glamorous life than the young mum she plays - her brother Jamie is Hollyoaks Warren Fox and she lives wth Hell's Kitchen runner-up Adele Silva...

You've been in Emmerdale since you were 14. Was it hard growing up famous?
It's weird. Sometimes I'm walking-along and people point at me. I'm quite shy, but I've got used to it. I'm not like Debbie at all.

Do you feel pressure to stay slim?
I don't want to be fat, but being healthy is more important. I've never have yo-yo dieted. I'm just lucky I'm a size 6 and 5ft 5in. This is how I'm meant to look. I try to exercise, but I hate the gym! I have weights at home. The pink ones, not the heavy man ones!

What's the priciest item you've ever bought?
A Balenciaga bag for £1,000. I'm obsessed with bags, I've got hundreds!

Who is your fashion inspiration?
Kate Moss. I'm obsessed with her. I've got all her Topshop range.

We've seen you out with Sarah Harding-tell all!
I've been out with Sarah a few times. I met her through my sister Cassie who's a make-up artist. Sarah's a lovely girl. It doesn't feel like she's a celeb. She's just a mate.

Your brother is in Hollyoaks. Do your friends fancy him?
Yes! But I'd never set them up with him. He's too old. He's 32 - although he doesn't act it!

You live with Adele Silva, too.
We've lived together for 18 months, but not for much longer. She's leaving Emmerdale and is moving to London. Loads of us from the show live in the same building so there were lots of girlie nights in. I now have my own fiat next to Linda Lusardi, who plan's Carrie Nicholls.

Did you visit Adele in Hell's Kitchen?
No. but she's an amazing cook. She looks after me I can't even turn the cooker on.I will starve without her.

There were rumours that Adele had a crush on Marco- have you ever faniced anyone famous?
Simon Cowell - he's strangely attractive.I really fancy him.

Would you do celebrity X factor to get close to him?
No, never say never to reality show but not a singing one - I can't sing!

Would you like to stay in soaps?
I don't want to stay solely in soaps. I would like to try something new I'd like to go to Hollywood but it's 99 percent not going to happen.

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