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6 October 2015

'We Had The Best Time!'

'Emmerdale' stars Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden jet off to Walt Disney World for a much-needed family holiday with their son Buster, ahead of their new arrival in December.

You never forget your first trip to Walt Disney World, and for Emmerdale stars Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden this was certainly the case for their adorable five-year-old son BUster. The family – who were also joined by Matthew's parents – spent two 'magical' weeks in Orlando, loving every minute of their stay at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

But there was no time for rest during their trip, and when they weren't feeling like big kids on the scariest rollercoasters or enjoying a boat ride on the lake at their hotel, they were taking in the sights on safari in Disney's Animal Kingdom — something they did three times because BUster loved it so much! When OK! caught Up with the couple — who got engaged in 2009– back in the UK, Charley told us: 'It was amazing. We made some of our best family memories there.'

The holiday was the perfect opportunity for Matthew, 35, and Charley, 27, to spend some quality time with BUster, not only before he started his second year of school, but also before they welcome their second child together in early December.

The family's trip to Florida was also an opportunity to take a well-earned break from Emmerdale, where Charley plays Debbie Barton, after a hectic few weeks of filming for the soap's 'summer fate' storyline. With a shock twist seeing Michael Parr's character Ross Barton — who was thought to be dead after being buried by Debbie's husband Pete (played by Anthony Quinlan) - return to the Dales, Ross is now determined to win Debbie back. Meanwhile, Matthew's character David Metcalfe is dealing with the grief of his father Eric (Chris Chittell) following the death of his wife Val (Charlie Hardwick), while his wife Alicia (Natalie Anderson) has returned to Portugal and waved goodbye to the village.

Here, on their return, the couple tell OK! all about their perfect' holiday...

It looks like you had an amazing holiday...
Charley: It was absolutely brilliant. Walt Disney World is just so magical and you go back to being a child when you're there.
Matthew: We had the best time! BUster is at the perfect age to experience it with all the characters. It definitely wakes Up that little kid inside you!

Was it nice to see Buster so excited?
Charley: Yeah! Mickey Mouse was his idol by the time we left!
Matthew: It made it so much more special for us. The first thing we did once we landed was drive straight to the Magic Kingdom to see the castle. He was just overwhelmed! It was actually quite emotional to see him so excited and that's all you want as a parent.

What did you enjoy most about your trip?
Charley: My favourite part was just seeing how much Buster enjoyed it.
Matthew: There was this Seven Dwarfs rollercoaster [Seven Dwarfs Mine Train] he went on about 32 times!
Charley: He loved the big rides like [The Twilight Zone] Tower Of Terror, too, and he wanted to do as many of the fastest and scariest rides he could. There was also this Indiana Jones stunt show that he loved and a Finding Nemo musical.
Matthew: Don't forget the lizards! There were lizards all over the parks and he was obsessed With them.

Were you able to go on many of the rides, Charley, as you're pregnant?
I went on a few but I'm not a huge fan of fast rides!
Matthew: Buster definitely got his love of rides from me.

Did you get the chance to spend any time together just the two of you?
Charley: No, it was very much a holiday where we crammed everything in, but it was a family holiday so that's the way it should have been. It was the first time we've ever had two weeks off together, so to be able to be together and with BUster was just perfect.

Was it nice to have a break from filming for Emmerdale?
Matthew: Yeah, Charley's stuff has been really heavy recently and at the time I'd just finished filming Alicia's leaving scenes with Natalie [Anderson], so it was nice to get away
Charley: Filming has definitely been a bit lighter since I got back, so it's been nice not doing stunts.
Have they started covering up your bump now, Charley? They're aware of it but they're just dressing me in looser clothes and doing tighter shots. It's not big enough yet to need covering. People keep saying to me: 'Where is this bump? Where is this baby?" BUt it's there; it's just not that big yet!

How have you been feeling, Charley?
I've actually been feeling really good. I'm still suffering from indigestion but other than that it seems like I'm at the best stage of the pregnancy So far. I've been very lucky this time because last time I'd feel okay for a few weeks and then I'd feel ill again, so this pregnancy has definitely been easier.

Apart from dairy and crisps, have you had any more cravings?
I've become obsessed with those mini pancakes you can buy from the supermarket. I don't know what it is about them but I can't get enough!

How are you both feeling about the birth?
Charley: I'm feeling really laid back. I think with your first one your whole life is consumed by the pregnancy, whereas you know what to expect with the second. I do find it quite hard work being pregnant and you do get tired, so it's always nice to get to the end. I enjoy it more once it's Over! Once I've finished work, I think I'll really be ready to have the baby.
Matthew: We're trying to get as much sleep as We can in now because all of my friends who have two have said if you thought one was hard then two is a different kettle of fish!

Are you looking forward to having two of them running around?
Matthew: We Can't wait. We'd have a house full if we could. I love the newborn stage so I'm really looking forward to that.

You've chosen not to find out the sex- is Buster's heart still set on having a little brother?
Charley: Very much so, but I know he'll love the baby whatever it is. He's started talking to my baby bump now because the baby can hear. He keeps saying things like: 'I'm your big brother and I'm going to look after you.' And he says good night and good morning to the bump every day.

Some people worry that their firstborn will feel left out...
Charley: We haven't worried about that because he's been asking for a Sibling for ages, so we always knew he'd embrace it. Obviously it will be a massive change once the baby is born but we'll be very aware of that. I think he'll be fine.

Have you started decorating the nursery yet?
Charley: Oh God no, I think I've only bought One thing so far! I'm so last-minute with it. The only thing I've bought is a tiny little jumper. With BUster was fully prepared by now, but I'm much more laid back this time.

Did you get emotional when Buster went back to school?
Matthew: We were both quite emotional on his first day because we just love having him around. Some parents can't wait for their kids to go back to school but I think we both shed a tear on his first day!
Charley: He was so excited to go back but it's strange for Us when he's been home for nine weeks.

Does he have a favourite subject?
Charley: He's really getting into art. He's amazing at colouring and he's definitely got an artistic side.
Matthew: On his first day he had to fill in a sheet and one of the questions was: "What do you want to be when you grow Up?" For the first time ever he said an actor!

What's the reaction to Emmerdale's 'summer fate' storyline been like?
Charley: Really good. I think people are really enjoying the show at the moment. People kept coming Up to me in the street and asking: "Who's going to die?"

Will Debbie and Ross end up together?
Charley: Who knows? It's all Up in the air at the moment but the general consensus I get from people on Twitter is that they do really want them to be together. I knew that Michael [Parr] hadn't left the show but it was a secret to everyone else!

Matthew, what was it like filming your final scenes with Natalie Anderson, who played your wife Alicia Metcalfe?
It was quite emotional, but I respect her decision to leave to spend more time with her family. It's difficult when you've gota yOUng family and you're working five days a week, 7am-7pm. I think some people think we just do this part time.

What about filming Val's death?
Matthew: That was so emotional and Chris Chittell's tears were genuine. Because her character died we know there's no chance Charlie [Hardwick] will come back, so it was a really sad day.

Was it nice to see Danny Miller win Best Actor at the recent TV Choice Awards?
Matthew: It was great. Emmerdale doesn't win awards very often and people always ask me why. We're Up against some brilliant soaps so we have to cross our fingers for the next few awards.

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