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25 May 2010

Emmerdale Lovers Matthew Wolfenden & Charley Webb introduce Buster after a long wait!

After meeting on the Emmerdale set, Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden quickly fell head over heels in love. "Our first Kiss was over coffee. We'd sneak off to Starbucks at work to get some alone time," says Matthew. In the three years since the loved-up duo shared that first kiss, they have set up home together in Halifax and in early April welcomed their first child, Buster Lawrence Wolfenden into the world. "Buster is amazing and we are both completely besotted with him," says Matthew, 30, adding of Charley: People told me that you fall in love with your partner so much more when you see her go though labour and it's true.

After a difficult pregnancy Charley, 22, was relieved that the labour was relatively straight forward: "It was painful but I actually enjoyed it, which may sound weird but I think you're so focused on having the baby that you just deal with it."

It's a double celebration for the couple, as they have a wedding to plan following their engagement at Christmas. "We were going to get engaged after Buster was born but I couldn't wait, so I surprised her on Christmas Morning!" says Matthew.

Here the new parents talk to OK about their plans for more children and tying the knot...

Congratulations! How are you feeling?
Charley: I'm not going to lie, it's tiring, but I'm really enjoying it. People try to prepare you. it;s not what you expect but it's brilliant. He's gorgeous!
Matthew: It's tiring but we're elated, it's just the best thing in the world. Buster is keeping up up but he's great.

How was the labour?
Charley: Actually we were lucky - it was quite a straight forward birth. It was about 12 hours long and there were no complications.

How was matthew?
He was amazing, but I knew he would be. He read lots of books and was well prepared. The labour was so exhausting and he was really supportive.
Matthew: I loved it, I though it was the most magical experience. Charley was amazing thoughout and she's taken to motherhood like a duck to water.

Was he sqeamish, Charley?
No, he wasn't sqeamish at all. There wasn't as much blood as I thought there would be, which I was quite glad about, as I think I may have passed out!

Did you take any drugs?
I had gas and air. I wanted to play it by ear when it came to which drugs I took as I didn't know how I was going to handle the pain.

So there were no screaming fits during the labour?
Matthew: Charley was in a lot of pain but she was never nasty. Although there was one point when she came close to hitting me with the gas and air pipe! I think I was saying something like: " Come on , Let's be positive."
Charley: At the pint I just wanted to hit him in the face! I just thought, oh shut up! But to be honest I thought I'd be a lot worse - apart from trying to attack him, I was okay.

How are you finding the sleepless nights?
Charley: They are torture! I'm not good without any sleep; I get really moody and I can't function, so the night feed are difficult, but as soon as I see his face in the night, I can't help but smile and know it's all worth it.
Matthew: I love it!. Obviously there's that time in the middle of the night when I hear him crying and I think, oh no! But as soon as you go over to him and pick him out of his Moses basket, that feeling disappears.

Are you breastfeeding, Charley?
Yes, but I've mixed it - half formula and half breast milk. My hat goes off to anybody who can do full-time on the breasts as I just couldn't do it. Also I wouldn't feel comfortable in public. It's a very natural thing and I know that most people don't look twice but it's not for me. It's also nice that Matthew can be involved.

How long do you plan to breastfeed for?
I'm going to see how I feel. I think you know when it's time to stop. I'm certainly not going to be doing it until the baby has teeth!

Buster was overdue, wasn't he?
Charley: He was eight days late. I just wanted to get the baby out at that stage, it was so frustrating and I was so uncomfortable.
Matthew: We tried all the old wives' tales; we went for a curry and we have also drove down a bumpy cobbled street. Charley actualy went into labour the day after that, so we think that did the trick!
Charley: We were at a restaurant when I started having contractions. By the time we'd had our main course they were stronger so we had to go to hospital. I don't think Matthew was impressed - I think he wanted to finish his steak.

Did you feel sexy while pregnant?
No! I just felt tired and uncomfortable. Sexy is definitely not the word I would use.
Matthew: From the moment Charley stopped having morning sickness I though she glowed, she looked incredible.

Did you gain much weight, Charley?
I felt massive towards the end. I was a size 6-8 before and was really uncomfortable when I got bigger. I've still got a lot of baby weight but I wont' go on a big diet. I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym as I'll feel better, I'm not used to carrying extra weight.

Have you suffered the baby blues?
Your hormones are everywhere when you first have a baby and I was quite teary to start with, but I think that I've generally been all right. The happiness that you experience and the love that you feel is the best feeling in the world.

Your brother Jamie Lomas is engaged to Kym Marsh. Did she give you any advice?
Charley: We're really good friends, she's bee very much involved. She's been great to get advice from as she has two children.
Matthew: Me, Jamie, Kym and Charley do a lot together. We're practically sister-and brother-in-law anyway and they're besotted with their nephew.

What made you choose the name Buster?
Matthew: It's a name we'd heard of through actors like Buster Merryfield and Buster Keaton. He was 8lb when he was born, which is a good weight so he looked like a Buster, I was perfect for him.
Charley: We both loved the name and it was the only boy's name we had agreed on. We've had mixed reviews but it's a really personal thing and it's down to the parents. Some people can be quite rude!

Has having a child brought the two of you closer together?
Charley: We've always been really close anyway and we're good friends as well. I think that he might bring us closer when the tiredness stops!

Has having Buster tested your relationship at all?
Charley: Yes definitely, as you're so tired, but luckily Matthew is really hands-on, so that has made it easier.

Did you know that you wanted to have children together straight away?
Charley: Yes, I think you know when you've found the right person.

Would you like more children?
Matthew: Absolutely! I would like three children. It's been the best thing that has ever happened to us. We'd like to get married beforehand.

When do you think you'll get married?
Matthew: We haven't given it much thought at the moment, as we just want to get Buster into a routine, but I've always wanted to marry Charley.

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