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Sunday Lunch Magazine
14 October 2007

Sunday lunch with... Emmerdale's Charley and Jenna-Louise "People point at us and call us lesbians"


Charley: Peking duck pancakes
Jenna: Chicken teriyaki satay

Charley: Pear, walnut and celery salad
Jenna: Chicken Caesar salad

Charley: Eton mess with mixed berries
Jenna: Lemon tart with mixed berries

Charley Webb and Jenna Louise Coleman on the perils of being soap bad girls By Rachel Spencer

They have one of the most topsy-turvy relationships in soap. As Debbie dingle and Jasmine Thomas, they're sharing steamy kisses one minute, and stabbing each other in back the next. But in real life, actresses' charley Webb, 19, and Jenna- Louise Coleman, 21, are the best of friends. And when they get together, they love nothing more than a good gossip. so when Sunday invited them to lunch at the living room restaurant in Leeds, they just couldn't say no.

You're very close on TV - how do you get on in real life?
Charley: we're like twins. We see each other every day and always and always have a drink and a gossip.

What did you think of each other when you first met?
Charley: I was 16 and shy when we first met at work, and Jenna was really sweet and kind.
Jenna: It took charley a while before she trusted me. Now she's outspoken and to the point.

What annoys you about each other?
Charley: Jenna rings me and says "hello", but then doesn't haveanythings else to say to say.
Jenna: Charley's really impatient. If I don't answer my phone at once, she swears at me in texts.

Have you ever fallen out?
Charley: We bicker, but it's never marjor. The last time was when she distracted me while I was driving.
Jenna: Sometimes, when she bosses me about. Charley makes me cook for her and put sheets on her bed when I'm at her flat

Are you party girls?
Charley: I go home early because we have to be up for filming.
Jenna: Don't lie! At adele silva's leaving party, I had to drag you off the dance floor!
Charley: Honestly, I'm happiest in my bedsocks with a cup of tea.

Come on, you must have had some wild nights?
Charley: We went to the the races once and and got a bit giddy.
Jenna: We were with Adelewhen a man started hassling Charley about being skinny. Adele poured a pint over his head.

Jenna, you date Karl Davies, who used to play Robert Sugden. How's it going?
Jenna: We're been together two years and we're really happy.

Charley, would you date a famous man?
Charley: I'd never say never.

What kind of men do you both go for?
Jenna: I like guys who aren't afraid to show their emotions.
Charley: I used to go for dark and handsome men, but now it's personality. i hate loud blokes.

Which celebrities do you fancy?
Charley: Ooh, quite a few! I've a crush on Adam Genier from The Devil Wears Prada and, I'm not ashamed to say, Simon Cowell.
Jenna: I like Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Welling from Smallville, Jude Law and Matt Damon.

Do people think you're gay in real life?
Jenna: All the time. People point at us in the street and yell: "Lesbians".

Do you have the same fashion taste?
Jenna: No, Charley is cool and funky and I'm more classic. We could never share clothes as I'm a size 10 and she's an 8.
Charley: We'll share accessories sometimes. I love bags, shoes and jewelllery- I once spent £1,000 on a Balenciaga bag.

Where do you shop?
Jenna: We love Harvey Nichols in Leeds. I like Reiss and Fench Connection, too.
Charley: Cricket in liverpool is cool. I could spend all day there.

You both have great figures - how do you keep in shape?
Jenna: Charley does nothing.
Charley: Don't lie I do sit-ups and weights at home.
Jenna: I go to the gym.
Charley: No you don't. You said you hadn't been for weeks.
Jenna: Well, I try to go three times a week - but I don't always make it!

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