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13 July 2007

Charley Webb reckons Debbie could take on the likes of top bitches like Sadie King & Kim Tate!

Why's Debbie messing around romantically with Eli?
There's not actually much romance to it. It's just that he happens to be there and she thinks 'Why not?' It's as much that she likes his flair for scams.

It's just sex then?
Yes and no! She doesn't want a relationship with him. She regards the absent Scott as her boyfriend. And she's not sleeping with Eli to make anyone jealous - Chas for instance. She's just using him basically...

Until Chas catches them in bed together post-sex...
Debbie's absolutely mortified! She doesn't want anyone knowing her business especially not a fellow Dingle! She knows there's something a bit weird about sleeping with your cousin. Okay, Dingles have done it before but Debbie doesn't want to be seen as a stereotypical Dingle.

But she gets upset when Eli rushes after Chas. Why?
It's a pride thing. Eli's with her and they've just had sex. She doesn't like being deserted for another woman, even if she doesn't really want him.

How does he take it when she tells him they're over?
He's certainly not happy when she dumps him the next day and calls him a no-good loser! He ends up smashing her belongings with a hammer. It's as if he wants to attack Debbie herself.

Does his reaction frighten her?
She's wary of Eli but she's not scared exactly. Debbie can look after herself plus she knows she has a kind of hold on him.

She's also got a hold on Jasmine again... Have they made up?
They're not best mates again yet but they have started to renew their friendship. Also Debbie needs a lodger.

Is she at all jealous when she catches Jasmine and David together?
She finds it amusing. She's not really interested in David. I don't think she'll try to nick him off her... she wants to keep Jasmine as a lodger. Then again you can never say never!

Does Debbie have any major storylines coming up?
Not in the near future but it's great playing her as a bit of a wheeler-dealer. I'd like it if she became 'the' Emmerdale bitch - a new Kim Tate or Sadie King. There is a vacancy!

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