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12 October 2007

Change of Heart? Debbie is starting to love little Sarah but Charley Webb warns that she'll have to fight to be her mum!

Debbie's shown no interest in her daughter Sarah until now. Is she having a change of heart?
Yes she is started to see more of Sarah & realises she does have feelings for her little girl after all. She has not allowed herself to have any feelings before. She has blocked them out.

Why has that changed?
Because her life has changed since she gave Sarah to Emily to take away.She's matured & she's finanicially okay.

How does Andy react to her turnaround?
He does not know! Just the sight of Debbie with Sarah sends him with rage.She has always known Andy does not want her to have anything to do with Sarah.

So he is not likely to let Debbie to have joint custody then?
No way! but Debbie is not there yet & Andy is extreme reaction when he merely sees Debbie with Sarah makes her realise it would be very difficult to fight him.

Does she try to talk to him?
Yes but he is adamant he does not want her in Sarah's life.

Sarah is settled with her dad isn't she?
With him & Jo Debbie keeps telling herself they're a proper family unit & she does not want to break them up but that may change.

Has she any idea how demanding it is to be a full time mum?
Of course she was one to Sarah before wasn't she? but she might not want to be a full time mum. She is only just started having maternal feelings.

Does Sarah know Debbie is her mum?
No to Sarah Debbie is just Debbie she is not mummy Debbie has not told Sarah.

Debbie's lonely right now isn't she?
Yes but it is her own fault. She has fallen out with Lexi & Chas- although Chas does later sympathise with Debbie over Sarah & things aren't too good between her & Jasmine either. Jasmine is sick of Debbie being so moody.

What about Eli?
She likes Eli but he's not the man for her. He does not give her what she wants & he is not her favourite person right now anyway as she feels that he betrayed her.

Betrayed her how?
She sleeps with him when she is a low ebb then he steals her laptop & moblie with the photo of Eli kissing Kelly Windsor & he then gives them to Kelly. Debbie feels hurt, vulnerable & alone. No wonder the thought of having Sarah in her life is beginning to appeal.

Wouldn't looking after a toddler get in the way of her life of crime?
Maybe Debbie would develop a conscience if she had a child to look after... but I wouldn't count on it!

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