Character Biography

Debbie made her first arrived in Emmerdale in late 2002, a foster child who stayed with Paddy & Emily Kirk for a while. In the beginning her name was Debbie Jones, and she was not expecting to stay there for long.

However, within a year she discovered her parents just happened to live in the village as well. they turned out to be Cain & Charity Dingle and her name was changed from Jones to Dingle.

She's lived in the village ever since.

Name: Debbie Dingle
Date of Birth: 26/10/1989
Parents: Charity Sharma & Cain Dingle
Children: A daughter named Sarah and a son called Jack.
Lives at: Tug Ghyll (next door to Edna).
Job: Owner of the local garage.
Currently: Moving on after her boyfriend cheated on her with her aunt.