2013 Storylines
14th to 18th January 2013
Debbie starts to put the events of the last year behind her, and decides to do everything she can to provide for Sarah's future after her latest test results are good news.
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Newcomer to the village Dom hasn't had much luck so far. First Cain steals his bike and then Moira; his date for the evening.

His unlucky streak hasn't ended yet though as he's about to become the pawn in Debbie's latest scheme.

She gets the idea for a new business venture; a courier business, but in order to get her ideas realised, she's going to have quite a challenge on her hands.

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Debbie gets the idea for her new business after talking to Dom over coffee, and tells Charity and Cain about her plans for the new sideline.

She starts to flirt with Dom, asking about the courier firm he works for, but he warns her off telling her that the company is involved in delivering illegal drugs.

Debbie however, is still determined to have her way, she tells Dom that she can get him out of the company and enlists the help of Charity and Cain.

Shocked by her plan to get all she can from Dom, they agree to help her by getting his firm raided by the police.

Later in the Woolpack Dom tells Debbie that he's worried about the raid as he has a key to the business, this gives Debbie an idea and they leave the pub together and head to her house.

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At Debbie's, the two share kiss and when Dom isn't looking she discreetly takes the keys from his jacket pocket before seductively leading him upstairs.

So, what does Debbie want wiith the keys to Dom's workplace?

Is she really as in control as she thinks with all the risks she's taking, and how far will she go to get her way?

21st to 25th January 2013
Debbie has to make some sacrifices when her big plan falls apart, when Dom discovers she was just using him.
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After seducing Dom and stealing his keys, Debbie tells Charity that she plans to get the client list from the office where he worked.

Charity agrees to go to the office and manages to get the list, but make the mistake of shouting about her success once she gets back to Debbie's not knowing Dom is there who hears everything.

Debbie tries to reason with him, offers him a job at the garage to make up for what she's done, and even gets Lisa to talk to him, but he tells her he wants 10% of her business.

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She's forced to agree to his terms after he threatens to tell the police.

Cain is furious after finding out what Debbie has done, but she convinces him it's better than her getting locked up.

So, has Debbie made the right choice, and what's in store for her now that Dom is involved at the garage?


28th January to 1st February 2013
Debbie is shocked to discover Chas and Cameron are engaged...
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Debbie gets an unpleasant surprise when she finds out that Cameron propsed to Chas after returning from his long break in jersey.

Cain is enraged about the news and gets into a fight with Cameron at the garage, but Cameron completely loses control and tries to attack cain with a wrench, luckily Chas spots what's about to happen and warns Cain. Chas is left shocked by the violent side to Cameron she has just witnessed.

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Elsewhere, Debbie gives Zak some advice on Belle's wayward behavior when she catches her and luke together at the Dingle's.




4th to 8th February 2013
Debbie is offered the chance to make more money, but will she make the right choice?
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It's the week's of baby Molly's christening and Debbie's stress level rise at the church when Chas arrives to be godmother.

Chas defends herself to Debbie but the day gets ruined when time runs out and the ceremony is cancelled to make way for a funeral.

Later Debbie gets upset after having to tell Sarah that Chas and Cameron are engaged.

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Elsewhere Debbie's courier business gets a new client; Pete, but it seems he is a bit on the shady side when he offers Debbie the chance to make far more money by delivering drugs for him on the side.

Charity and Dom try to warn her off of Pete but the amount of money she could make is too tempting.

Charity is shocked by Debbie's determination to make her fortune but Cain tells her she knows what she getting herself into and will make the right choice.

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When more is discovered about Pete, Cain and Dom decide to pay him a visit with a baseball bat and warn him off of Debbie, and not to interfere with her business.

Debbie finds out what Cain did and tells him he has made things worse for her.

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Later she is shocked when Pete sends flowers to Sarah.

Debbie leaves him a stern message to meet her in the countryside where she tells him that he'll do things her way.


12th to 15th February 2013
Debbie gets tough with Cain when he does some repair work at the garage for Moira and doesn't charge her...
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Debbie insists Moira pays up for the work he's done and threatens to sack her dad if she doesn't.

But Cain tells Debbie he'll quit after she gives him a warning.

Robbie overhears whats going on and tells Debbie he can get the payment from Moira for her, however Debbie laughs at him.

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Later, Robbie sees Chas paying Moira for a delivery and goes to the farm to try to get her to pay up, however she's out and he takes the money after spotting it on the table.

Debbie is unimpressed with Robbie and refuses to take the stolen cash from him.

Cain and Moira realise what has happened and think Debbie got Robbie to steal for her.

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Debbie tells Cain that she's keeping the money as she's owed it.

Cain threatens Robbie and takes some of his own money from him and gives it back to Moira.

Moira later visits Debbie, but they don't sort out any of their differences after they both stand their ground.


25th to 29th March 2013
Debbie's latest scam to sell cheap booze lands Robbie on the wrong side of Cameron...
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While the two have been making money from Val and Eric from their knock off drink sales. Robbie makes the mistake of selling Zak a bottle of scotch in the pub. Unfortunately Cameron catches him and kicks him out.

Soon after, Cameron pays Robbie a visit at the garage, and smashes a bottle of their stock. Debbie decides she and Robbie will make an appearance at Chas' quiz night at the pub.

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Later at the quiz night Robbie makes a scene and gets a drink in his face from Chas. He and Debbie leave, but Robbie sees the pub's cellar door is open and tries to steal a few bottles.

However Cameron catches him at it, the two have a show down and Robbe threatens to set fire to the spilled drink.

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He tries to get away but Cameron grabs him and ties him up in his van!

Luckily Chas discovers what Cameron has done in time and robbie is freed.

Debbie and Megan are shocked when they find out what's been going on and Chas decides she needs to get away from the village for a while.

8th to 12th April 2013
Debbie angers Cameron when his Children come to stay.
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Debbie seizes an opportunity to annoy Cameron in next week's Emmerdale when his children come to visit from Jersey.

Debbie gets upset when she sees Chas with Cameron's boys and decides to cause some trouble for the couple.

Later while everyone's at Gennie's hen party, Debbie sneaks into the back and talks to the children, asking them what they think of Chas.

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However Cameron walks in and is forced to hide his anger towards Debbie for talking to them.

The next day Debbie finds out that Bernice is looking after his kids and comes up with a plan.




15th to 19th April 2013
Debbie gets it from Chas after she sort of kidnaps Cameron's children!
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After discovering that Bernice is looking after Cameron's children, Debbie convinces her to let her spend some time with them. They help her at the garage and ask her why she split up with Cameron.

Later she takes them to see Carl's grave where she tells them that Chas was the one who murdered him and warns them to be wary of Chas.

Once they return to the pub, Bernice notices there's something up with the children as they seem awkward around Chas. A furious Cameron discovers what Debbie has said to them and tries to reassure them about Chas, but they are not convinced. Cameron visits Debbie and warns her to stop turning his kids against Chas.

Cameron tells Chas what Debbie did and is shocked at the lengths going to to get to her. Chas has a confrontation with Debbie but when she sees the children she provokes Chas in to snapping in front of them scareing them evern more.

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The boys go round to Debbie's and tell her that they want to go home to their mum, happy that her plan is working, Debbie puts a film on for them to watch. It turns out though that they left a note at the pub saying they've run away. Cameron calls the police while Chas goes out looking for them. She visits Debbie's in the hope she has seen them.

Robbie tries to convince Debbie that she has as good as kidnapped the children, but she insists she wants to make Chas suffer and slams the door in her face when she shows up.

Later, while everyone is searching for the children, Chas finds out from Cain they have been at Debbie's all along, and an angry Cameron rushes out to see her.

The following day Cain lays into Debbie and tells her he won't help her if she pulls any more stunts.

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Later, in the busy pub, the details of what Debbie did come out and Chas throws a glass of wine in her face, Debbie is shocked that even Charity won't defend her.

Lisa plans a family meal in the hope they can convince Debbie that she has gone too far this time, and that she will have to sit down with Chas. Debbie tells Charity that she knows what she did was wrong and that's the end of it, but later she ominously calls Robbie.


22nd to 26th April 2013
Debbie goes to extreme lengths to get her revenge on Chas
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After Lisa decides to have a family dinner in the hope of making Debbie end her vendetta against her aunt Chas. Debbie reveals her idea to Robbie who is shocked at what she has planned and tells her he doesn't even want to be seen with her.

Debbie puts her plan into action by pretending to call a truce between her and Chas and even offering to give her a lift to the Dingle's for the dinner.

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Chas has no idea what Debbie is about to do, although she suspects something is not quite right.

Debbie drives Chas straight past the Dingle's house and on to a deserted barn, she tells a worried Chas that the only place she is going is to the morgue.

At the barn, Debbie takes Zak's shotgun (which she earlier stole) from the boot of the car and marches Chas into the barn where she gets her aunt to tie herself up.

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Debbie tells Chas that whatever happens to her would be worth it.

Charity and Cain discover from Robbie what Debbie is up to and rush to find their daughter before it's too late.




13th to 17th May 2013
Debbie's constant reliance on Kerry to look after her children puts them in serious danger...

Once again, Debbie takes Jack and Sarah to Andy's so Kerry can babysit. However, she doesn't notice that Kerry has been drinking and should not be looking after her children.

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Debbie has a meeting with a potential new supplier called Kirk, making Robbie feel left out.

Later, Kerry tells Sarah to take Jack upstairs for bed. Soon after, Kerry falls into a drunken sleep on the floor and her lit cigarette sets fire to the carpet causing a serious blaze.

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Sarah tries to wake Kerry, but she can't and heads out to the Woolpack alone to find help.

While all this is going on Debbie is still trying to impress Kirk and secure the deal and ignores the constant calls from Cain who's trying to inform her about the fire.

Later, once back in the village, Cain tells a shocked Debbie what has happened and she says she'll kill Kerry for endangering her children.

The next day, Debbie unbelievably gets Belle to look after Jack and Sarah, Cain finds out and snap,s and tells Debbie he blames her for Moira's miscarriage and he's going to stay at hers.

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Debbie packs the rest of Cain's things and tells him she wants him out of her life once and for all. Charity is shocked by what Cain's doing and he tells her he can't be around Debbie while she's so out of control.

Later, Debbie takes the rest of Cain's belongings up to the farm, and tells him she doesn't want him around her children anymore.

Debbie asks Zak and Lisa if they can look after her kids for a while and tells them not to let Cain see them, Zak however goes against Debbie's wishes and lets him spend some time with them.

20th to 24th May 2013
Debbie pushes more of her friends an family away, just when she may need them...

She finds out that Zak let Cain see Jack and Sarah, after specifically telling him not to. Debbie tells Zak that she won't let him see them either if he does it again. Charity tells her that she's got to stop pushing her family away, before there's no one left.

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Next, she upsets Robbie after initially agreeing to go out on a date with him, only to be stood up in favor of Kirk instead.

The following day, Debbie gets Robbie to look after the children so she can complete the deal for the vodka with Kirk.

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Charity finds out and is convinced Debbie is prostituting herself instead of looking after her kids. However Debbie is secretly wary of Kirk and is only using him to get what she wants.

Later, Kirk turns up with a big bouquet of flowers, Debbie gets worried by his persistance, but hides her concerns and carries on seeing him despite what her friends are telling her.

That evening there's a disturbance and Debbie worries that is could be Kirk.

27th to 31st May 2013
Robbie reveals his sinister side as he begins to stalk Debbie...

Debbie was left shaken at the end of the previous week, when she believed that Kirk caused the disturbance at her house late at night, however it wasn't Kirk, but Robbie. She puts on a brave face causing Robbie to decide he needs to go further in order to intimidate her.

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The following day Jimmy arrives at the office to discover that all of the cheap vodka Debbie's been selling has all been smashed and the office now stinks. Debbie again thinks it's Kirk's doing, but tells Robbie thats probably all he'll do and she no longer needs him to look out for her.

Robbie turns on the charm and persuades Debbie to let him stay at her's in Cain's old room so that she feels safer and not so alone.

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Debbie talks to Andy and tells him he can't be a dad to Jack and Sarah while also bringing up his and Kerry's baby. Elsewhere Robbie lies to Charity that Kirk is back, however when she tells Cain the news he tells her something she wasn't expecting.

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The next day at Debbie's, Robbie gets the wrong signals and makes a move on her, but she knocks him back hard. Just then Charity arrives and Robbie leaves them to talk. Charity tells her that it couldn't have been Kirk that's been stalking her and it hits her that it was Robbie all along.

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Later when Robbie returns, Debbie tells him that she wants to be alone while not letting on she knows what he's been up to.

So, what will Debbie do to get back at him for betraying her?




3rd June to 7th June 2013
After Debbie gets even with Robbie for his stalking, she recieves an unexpected visit...

Now that Debbie knows it was Robbie that was stalking her, she tells Charity that she is going to set him up for a big shock. Later Robbie tells her that he has seen Kirk hanging around again and Debbie plays along with his lie, knowing she will soon have her revenge.

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Her plan is to get Robbie arrested while out on a knock off booze run. She concerned when she sees Adam with him too, but she phones the police anyway.

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After getting arrested and later released, Robbie learns that it was Debbie that was responsible.

Later, back at Debbie's, still angry for what she did, he violently lunges at her, luckily Charity walks in and seperates the pair.

Charity realised that Sarah has seen the whole thing and is appalled by how much violence and danger she has been exposed to recently, but Debbie ignores her opinions and makes her leave.

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It's Sarah's birthday and a party is aranged at the Dingles. but before Debbie leaves for the party, she gets a call from social services, it seems someone has reported her for being a bad mother.

At the party, Debbie is suspicious of everyone there as she tries to work out who reported her, then Cameron arrives and she immedietely lays into him.

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Later she confronts everyone over who reported her as she tries to hold back her emotions. After she leaves, everyone at the party start to ask each over who done it.

When Debbie gets home she discovers who made the call and is sadened by what it means.

The next day, the Dingles help Debbie get her house tidy ready for the visit from social services. Andy realises how little he knows about what Debbie has been up to recently. Debbie gets worried when the social worker wants to talk to Sarah alone.

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After the visit, Cameron has a word with the social worker and puts in a good word for Debbie, but why is he helping her after all the trouble she has caused him and will Debbie's recent actions cause her to lose her children?




10th to 14th June 2013
Debbie gets some reassuring news from an unlikely person.
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Debbie may have pushed everyone who cares about her away with her recent antics, but the last person she expected to be on her side was Cameron.

She finds out that he put in a good word for her with the social worker, potentially saving her the heartache of losing her children.

So, is he helping Debbie because he still cares for her, or is there another reason?

17th to 21st June 2013
Debbie persuades a reluctant Dom to help her.

Debbie's latest visit from the social services prompts her to get rid of the last of the knock off booze she's got stashed away...

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She tells Andy that the visit fromthe social worker went well.

Later, however, she uses a bit of blackmail to enlist the help of Dom to get the last of her dodgy drink shifted once and for all.

But will this be the end of her problems?



25th to 29th June 2013
Debbie's dodgy booze causes her more problems than ever after Belle gets drunk on it...
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Charity is surprised when notices a lot less hostility between Debbie and Cameron when she sees them talking. Later however, Debbie is shocked when she finds out that Charity had cheated on Jai with Declan.

Later, Debbie begins clearing the last of her dodgy vodka she has hidden at the Dingles, however Belle shows up and in order to rid of her Debbie tells he she doesn't want an annoying little girl hanging around her.

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An angry Belle finds one of the boxes of Debbie's vodka stashed at the Dingles and takes some for heself. Later Debbie finds her drunk and tells her to go back to her house to sober up.

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However when Debbie arrives she finds Belle unconscious on her living room floor in a pool of her own vomit. Debbie panics as she can't get her to wake up and calsl an ambulance while sending Sarah to go and get help.

Sarah brings back Cameron who soon realises that it was Debbie's vodka that Belle has been drinking. Once at the hospital Belle is rushed away for treatment as her condition is clearly very serious.

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At the hospital Charity notices how worried Debbie is about Belle's condition, and is also curious about why Cameron is there too. She soon realises that it was Debbie's vodka that caused all of this.

Lisa and Zak however have nothing but praise for Debbie for getting Belle to the hospital, clearly not knowing what really happened and that she was to blame.

Everyone continues to worry about Belle as the doctor tells them that there's the chance of brain damage caused by the vodka, which turned out to be contaminated.

Debbie comes clean and tells her family that it was all her fault.

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Robbie decides to take advantage of the situation Debbie has got herself into by telling Zak and Lisa that it was Debbie that mixed the dangerous vodka herself in the hope of making more money.

Cameron tells Debbie that Robbie has been spreading lies about her to her family and she panics about what to do. A weary Belle gets home from the hospital, then Debbie arrives at the Dingles to a cold reception and feels the wrath of her family, she realises she has burnt her last bridge with them.

Later she goes to Andy's to pick up Jack and Sarah, but he has heard all of the rumors Robbie has been spreading about her and refuses to let her take the kids.

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After pleading at Andy to let her see her children she sees Robbie in the street and in a fit of rage charges over and attacks him. Diane see the pair fighting and pulls them apart, and Debbie tells Robbie she'll kill him for what he's done to her.

Later in the pub, Debbie attempts to talk to Robbie but he ignores her, however Cameron realises how much Robbie has hurt her.

Charity talks to Debbie and tries to get her to face up to what she's done.


At home, completely alone without her children, Debbie finds solace in a bottle of vodka, before heading out to the pub for some stiff drinks.

Chas and Diane worry about Debbie as they see how badly she's coping with her situation. After making a scene, Cameron has to help her leave the pub. Outside, Zak sees her on the street and takes her back to his house where he helps her sober up.

Debbie now has to face up to what she's done and what she's turned into.

1st to 5th July 2013
Debbie goes to extreme lengths to keep her children...

After the events of the previous week, Debbie remains angry that Andy won't let her see the children. She gets even more upset when she discovers that Andy has asked Diane to take them away without her permission. She tells Andy that he will pay for treating her like that.


Charity worries about what to do about Debbie, and becomes suspicous when Cameron sticks up for her by saying that everything she's been doing has been for Jack and Sarah.

Cain notices that Zak seems very troubled and may not be coping with Debbie staying at his. Later, Andy tells him that he might not let Debbie have the children back if she keeps acting that way she has been.


Debbie panics when she overhears Andy discussing getting custody of the children.

She comes up with a plan and gets Zak to let her see Sarah at her prize giving ceremony. She then starts packing clothing into a case - her plan is to run away with Jack and Sarah!

Image 1

Zak suspects Debbie may try somthing, but she keeps her plans to herself.

Cameron realises what she is planning after finding out that she been packing suitcases into her car. He tries to convince her that running away with the kids is the worst thing she could do, however things take an unexpected turn when they end up kissing. Debbie is shocked by what has happened between them and she tells him to leave her alone.

Debbie seizes her chance when she is left alone with the children. She puts them in her car and speeds off before anyone can stop her.

Cameron tells Chas that he can stop her leaving and bring her and the kids back. He catches up with Debbie at the airport just as they are checking in for a flight out of the country. The pair talk and he tries to get her to come back, but not before considering leaving along with her!

Image 1

After successfully persuading Debbie to return to the village, Cameron worries that she might tell Chas about what happened between them.

Later, Cameron pays Debbie a visit, where they end up arguing before they find themselves kissing again and end up sleeping together!

Debbie is alarmed by what has just happened, and she gets him to leave. She worries about the feelings she still has for him and what it could mean.

So, will Chas ever find out that Cameron has cheated yet again?

22nd to 26th July 2013
Tragedy strikes for Gennie after she overhears Cameron making a dark confesssion to Debbie...

Debbie worries what Gennie will do after seeing the way Cameron was with her previously.

Gennie sees Cameron chatting to Debbie once again and is now certain that they are having an affair. She decides to tell Chas, but will she believe her sister?


Chas talks to Debbie and asks her about Cameron, but Debbie lies and tells her that she knows nothing.

Cameron pays a visit to Debbie, but she tells him that they can't ever be together. Cameron is shocked however by what Debbie then confides in him.




Chas doesn't believe what Gennie is trying to tell her and tells her to stop going on about Cameron. She then tries to talk to Debbie about Cameron but she doesn't want to know and ignore her. Chas is taken by surprise when Cameron asks her about what happened between her and Debbie, but she avoids the subject and tells him they should concentrate on the wedding.

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Later, still determined to prove that they are having an affair, Gennie takes a set of keys from the garage and along with a dictaphone she sneaks into Debbie's house in the hope of finding some evidence. However Debbie arrives home followed by Cameron and Gennie quickly hides upstairs out of sight, trapping herself.

Gennie starts recording everything the pair are saying, but is shocked when she hears Cameron make a dark confession to a quite scared Debbie.

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Debbie is stunned by what Cameon has just revealed to her, while an equally surprised Gennie sits hiding out of sight. Cameron tells Debbie everything in the hope she will see how much he loves her. Debbie tries to leave but Cameron stops her, trapping her in her own home and now knowing what he is capable of.

Andy knocks on Debbie's door, but Cameron stops her from calling out and he leaves thinking Debbie is simply not in.

Image 1

The pair decide to go and see Chas so Cameron can tell her what he has just confessed - that is, until they see a scared Gennie running from Debbie's house.

They instantly realise she has heard everything so they chase after her and try to reason with her. After a stand off at the garage Gennie speeds off in her car, Cameron and Debbie follow in her car.

Image 1

Gennie, still new to drving and fearful of Cameron tries to reach for her phone but can't and worries about what to do next. Meanwhile, not far behind Debbie and Cameron continue to persue her and Debbie realises that they have to stop Gennie.

Image 1


Gennie panics and loses control of the car, it leaves the road and tumbles down a ravine landing crumpled upside down.

Debbie tries to call for and ambulance but can't get a signal on her phone, so she rushes back to the roadside to call for help. Meanwhile Gennie remains unconscious in the overturned car with just Cameron standing over her.


At the scene of the crash, a panicking Debbie tries to revive the lifeless Gennie as the police arrive on the scene.

Still in shock, Debbie explains that she was just driving by and she saw the accident, and it looks like they believe her story.

29th July to 2nd August 2013
Gennie's tragic death starts to take it's toll on Debbie...

Debbie is in turmoil after her involement in Gennie's death and Cameron worries that she won't be able to keep the truth about what happened to herself.


Charity, concerned for Debbie, asks Cain to try and help their daughter but Cain refuses.

Later, Debbie and Cameron's secret relationship may have been revealed after Charity and Cain walk in on them together at her house. They jump apart, but how will they explain themselves to Debbie's parents?

Image 1

In the Woolpack, Nikhil is struggling with Molly and hands her to a shocked Debbie telling her he can't look after his own daughter.

Debbie, still overcome with guilt is desperate to tell Nikhil the truth about what happened, but Cameron manages to talk her out of it and instead tell Chas that he and Debbie are now together.

Image 1

Debbie continieus to preasure Cameron into telling Chas about their relationship, but Cameorn panics and tries to persaude Debbie to wait until after Gennie's funeral.

Chas arrives and Debbie tells her that the truth is what's important no matter how painful it could be causing Chas to worry. Is Debbie about to tell her the truth?

Later, the police telk to Debbie once again after a new witness comes forward. Chas urgess Debbie to try and remeber anymore details about what happened.

Cain sees Debbie and Cameron together and becomes suspicious of them, and wonders why Cameron is hanging around Debbie so much.


The police annouce that they are releasing Gennie's body, a relieved Debbie and Cameron assume that it marks the end of their investigation and begin to consider their future together,

Little do they know that Gennie's belongings along with the incriminating dictaphone have been returned to Nikhil, who then presses play!

Later, Cain confides his suspicions about Debbie and Cameron to Charity, but she insists that Debbie would never go back to him. Cain won't let it go and discreetly asks Sarah if Cameron has been around a lot. Cain is shocked when she tells him that he has!

5th to 9th August 2013
Cain gets violent with Cameron when the truth about him and Debbie comes out...

With Gennie's funeral looming just days away, Zak advises Debbie not to let Cameron upset her at the funeral, not knowing that they are secretly together.


Charity arrives at Debbie's to find her clearing out her house, she quizzes Debbie about what she's doing but get nothing. Debbie reveals that she is unsure about going to Gennie's funeral, but Charity insist she must.

Charity suspects that Cameron may be the reason she doesn't want to go and confronts him about it. Later he visits Debbie and reassures her she he's there for her. He tells her that he wants her at the funeral, and that even though he'll be with Chas he will be with her afterwards.

Elsewhere Chas notices that Cameron is present less and less.


Still wondering if Debbie will be at the funeral, Cameron texts her. Diane tells him that he should be paying more attention to Chas, however he can't stop thinking about Debbie and pays her a visit where pleads with her to attend the funeral. Debbie is still doubtful but he insists that they will soon be together.

With the funeral about to start, Chas gets suspicious when she thinks she has seen Cameron at Debbie's. She questions him about where he's been but he makes up an excuse.

Debbie arrives at the church but can't cope with her guilty feelings. Chas notices her strange behaviour and during the eulogy asks Cameron if he still loves her, then she shocks him by causing him of sleeping with Debbie.

Realising his secret is out, Cameron tells Chas that he's been seeing Debbie for some time, he then tells her not to make a scene in front of everyone.

Chas begin to read her eulogy, but is unable to hide her anger and directs it at Cameron. Cain quickly realises there's something wrong.


Cain warns Cameron not to get too comfortable with Debbie, but he doesn't believe that he will follow through with his threats. however Cain is not messing about and hits him over the head and bundles him into his car then speeds off. Debbie panics having witnessed Cain's actions. She worries that her dad will kill cameron and tries to get Charity to tell her where he has taken him, She hints that they might be at the quarry.

Cain genuinely scares Cameron at the top of the cliff when he threatens to push the card over the edge with him in it making it look like suicide. Cameron pleads with Cain to let him go and that he'll never hurt Debbie or Sarah. Cain ignores his pleas and continues his preparations fore killing him.


Meanwhile Debbie desperately drives to the quarry in the hope of stopping her dad, but will she make it in time to save the man she loves?




19th to 23rd August 2013
Debbie and Cameron return from their break to news that a body has been found...

After the terrifying events of the previous week, Debbie and Cameron settle back into their relationship, much to the disappointment of Cain.

Debbie tells him that they are planning a short break to jersey with cameron and her children.


Before leaving for their trip, Cameron visits Chas at the pub to get his passport, he tries to explain his feelings and ends up telling Chas that he was only with her out of pity.


Returning back from their break to Jersey, Debbie worries about seeing Chas in the pub, Cameron tells her that they can't avoid her and that they should go anyway

.Once there, they hear the news of the body that was found at the glamping site and that Declan tried to cover it up.

Cameron is shocked when the police arrive to talk to Declan, they tell him that they've identified the body as Alex! Cameron feels sick after hearing the dark revelation, he panics and leaves, worrying what could happen now that his victim has been found.

9th to 13th September 2013
Debbie finally discovers what Cameron is really like after Gennie's dictaphone comes into her possession...

Debbie feels guilty when she realises how much Chas is suffering, still believing that it was her that killed Carl.


Brenda makes a discovery when she listens to Gennie's dictaphone while going though her belongings. she hears Debbie and Cameron talking about their affair, but overcome with grief is unable to listen to the rest. she decides to give it to Debbie not knowing what else is on the recording.

Debbie plays it for herself, right to the end, hearing everything that happened to Gennie including Cameron killing her at the scene of the crash.


Debbie is unable to think straight following her shocking discovery, she tells Cameron that she going out to pick up the kids and is relieved to get away from her murdeing lover. She heads to the farm and soon realises that Adam has been framed for Alex's murder, it dawns on her that it was Cameron that really killed him.

She listens to the dictaphone again and again and decides that Chas has to hear it too.

Elsewhere, Cameron is back at Debbie's setting the table for diner at which he plans to propose to her.


Debbie tells Chas everything and plays the dictaphone to her, she tries to convince her that Cameron is not who she thinks he is.

Eventually Chas realises that what Debbie is telling her makes sense and listens to the recording once more. Chas gets more upset and starts to blame Debbie for everything that has happened and still can't believe that she knew the truth about Carl's death and didn't tell her.

Chas makes a big decision, she tells Debbie that they must inform the police about Cameron and they set off in her car to report him.

while all of this is going on, Cameron worries as he can't find Debbie anywhere, he leaves her another message trying to find out where she is.


Debbie gets home after her visit to the police, Cameron believes her story when she tells him where she was, and he hides the ring he was going to give her when he proposes.

later on, the police tell Debbie that want to talk to her again, they tell her that they need more evidence against Cameron before they can do anything. Debbie agrees to let them put cameras in her house so they can get the incriminating evidence they need.

Will Debbie be able to handle the pressure she's under, or will Cameron realise something is going on?

16th to 20th September 2013
Debbie's decision to help the police capture Cameron puts her in serious danger when the killer turns on her...

Now knowing that her boyfriend is a serial killer, and having the daunting task of getting him to confess in her police-bugged house, Debbie gets another shock when Cameron proposes to her. Will she be able to say yes convincingly without raising Cameron's suspicions?

The police arrive to set up their cameras and listening equipment, Debbie starts to realise how serious the the situation is.

She beings trying to steer Cameron into talking about his crimes but has little success.


Debbie tries to act normally around cameron, but finds it difficult while still not having any success getting Camoron to confess.

Later, Debbie panics when Cameron suggests they go upstairs, but will she be able to bring herself to sleep with the killer?


Cameron starts to get suspicious of Debbie's behaviour as she continues trying to get him to talk.

Later, Cain and Cameron wind each other up, the subject of Cain kidnapping Cameron comes up and Debbie panics as she doesn't want the secretly listening police to hear about what Cain did.

Cain tries to find out why Debbie is acting so strangely, but is shocked when she tells him everything.

In the Woolpack, away from the microphones and cameras, Cameron finally mentions Carl's murder. Debbie can't believe that the one time he brings it up, they are away from her house.


Debbie finds it increasingly difficult to keep up her act. She talks to Cain and they come up with a plan to get Cameron to confess, they go to the police and explain their idea.

Putting the plan into action, Debbie gets herself fitted with a wire and agrees on a safe word in case things go wrong.


Cameron finally starts talking, giving the police the evidence they need. However, when Debbie expects them to arrive and arrest the killer - nothing happens. Debbie realises she is now completely alone with a murderer and panics about what to do next.

Cameron tells Debbie that the dictaphone recording is fake and he didn't kill Gennie, Debbie starts to crack and Cain tries to get the police to end the situation, however they arrest Cain for getting in their way.

Soon, Cameron confesses to everything and Debbie says the code word and calls out for the police, but before anyone gets a chance to help her, Cameron barricades the doors shut trapping her in the house with him. He makes it clear that he's now in charge and if they try to stop him, he'll kill Debbie!


With the hostage situation over and Cameron in custody, Debbie talks to Brenda about what happened to Gennie and tries to apologise, but she can't forgive Debbie for her part in Gennie's death.

Elsewhere, Cameron can't believe Debbie betrayed him and tells the police he'll admit to anything if they can get a message to Debbie for him.

Later, Andy tells Debbie that he'll look after Jack and Sarah from now on after she let a murderer look after them. Debbie let him have his way as she doesn't have the strength to argue with him after the week's draining events.

14th to 18th October 2013
With the violent storm raging outside, Cameron returns to the village and terrorises the occupants of the Woolpack in a desperate final stand...

During the storm that's hitting the village, Sarah sneaks away without Zak noticing, she heads off to find Andy, but instead bumps into Cameron. He stops her from running and tells her they are both going to look for Debbie.

Panic sets in for Zak and Moira once they hear Andy hasn't seen Sarah. Zak tells Debbie that her daughter is missing, she immediately worries that Cameron is back and has taken her, she calls the police and informs them.


In the barn, Cameron tells Sarah that they are going to play a game, he gets her to close her eyes and start counting until he comes back.

She soon tires of waiting and opens her eyes and she realises Cameron has locked the door to the barn trapping her in there alone.

Cameron discovers Zak's shotgun while looking through his van, he takes it, along with the cartridges and heads off on the next part of his plan.

Elsewhere in the village, Megan is annoyed that Debbie hasn't increased her offer to buy Mulberry Cottage and Declan is angered by the low figure Debbie is offering.


With Sarah still trapped and alone, Debbie remains convinced that Cameron has taken her. Out in the storm, Cameron discretely enters the village and breaks into Debbie's by smashing through one of her windows. He takes some car keys but has to move on quickly as he spots a police officer leaving the pub.


Later, Sarah shows up unharmed much to Andy and Moira's relief, they ask her what happened and are shocked when she tells them Cameron is back. Debbie realises he's come back for her and Andy suggests they stay in the pub for safety.


Chas locks the doors as she's equally as scared as Debbie. Chas goes to change a barrel in the cellar unaware that Cameron is here hiding out of sight.

Marlon comes out of the kitchen and sees Cameron, but before he can do anything Cameron hits him with the end of his gun. Marlon falls into the now flooding cellar, unconscious, Cameron locks the door trapping him there.

Cameron emerges at the bar to the shock of everyone there. he tells Zak and Chas to get away from Debbie as he has come back to get her.


In the woolpack, Cameron demands Debbie comes with him, she shouts at him and says she hates him. The police bang on the door, at which point Cameron forces everyone into a corner and aims his gun. He gets everyone to stay quiet, but Diane can be seen from the window and she starts shouting to the police that Cameron has a gun.

Cameron pull her away from the window and tells his captives to shut up and tells Debbie that they need to be together.


Zak moves closer to Cameron who starts to squeeze the trigger. Chas takes him by surprise and hits him with a chair. A shot is fired and heard across the village.





Everyone is in shock as they realise someone has been shot during the scuffle!

Outside, after the panic caused by the gunshot, Andy charges towards the pub shouting, but as the armed police are arrive they arrest him and thrown him into the police van.


Cameron takes aim at another one of his hostages and pulls the trigger, but his gun is empty. Everyone rushes at him but he manages to take control of the situation again.

The police call, and a confident Cameron sees that his captives relies how serious he is, the police try to talk him round but he hangs up on them.

In the cellar, Marlon remains unconscious in the water as the crack in the wall widens to let even more water in. He wakes up and tries to escape but can't find a way out, he hears Cameron talking to the police and starts to panic as the water begins to rise even faster.

He hears Cameron shouting and decides to smash a crate of glasses in the hope of distracting Cameron. Upon hearing the crashing down in the cellar one of his hostage tries to convince him its the police coming in and he should give himself in. Cameron sends someone to investigate the noise, they return and tell him it's just the cellar flooding.

Events take a turn for the worst and the everyone finds themselves fighting for their lives as Cameron makes his last stand.

Away from the village, Cain is watching TV when he sees details of the siege on the news, he rushes out and heads home.


With the storm nearly over and the flood waters going down, the police finally get access to the pub.

Meanwhile at the hospital the Cameron's gunshot victim is rushed back into surgery with their life still hanging in the balance.